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  1. The bearings were worn and I replaced them. I did not think that this could be the problem but it fixed it. Thanks for the input.
  2. It is a later model with the Cummins engine.
  3. Mine are all there and very little play. I saw that on a 1688 once and know exactly what you are referring to. thanks
  4. No, I have not but I am not the original owner. I assume that this is on the rotor side (driven) and not the drive on top of the tower? Also, If I completely remove rotor belt should I be able to detect some play? I also have the rotor tool compressing the driven side to remove all tension.
  5. I have a wobble in the variable speed front sheave that drives the rotor. It shakes the electric motor that adjusts speed. I have loosened the rotor belt and removed the pto and chopper belts but still can not find anything loose. Any ideas on what to look for or are there any common wear points?
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