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  1. MD pto rod

    Can someone tell me the correct rod and placement for the pto on an MD? I have two different rods and don't know which to use.
  2. New to me 856D

    856's are amazing tractors. Our turbo is a half Air Research half M&W and has more power than our 1256 and smokes at an idle. Over 10,000 hours and no problems.
  3. Give and take word game

    breaker bar
  4. 1206 serial number/emblem change

    Does anyone know what serial number they changed the 1206 emblem from the decal to the gold emblem?
  5. OLD ERTL 1206

    JB weld it back
  6. Advertising slogans

    Ford makes it, International shakes it
  7. Look at what somebody did to this 7140 Magnum

    That's the best John Deere tractor that's ever been built then.
  8. 1066 Wheatland????

    Has anybody ever heard of a 1066 wheatland? Saw one on TractorHouse and didn't know if it was some sort of custom or if they came from the factory that way.
  9. Looking for parts

    Are the H and M one the same?
  10. Looking for parts

    I've already looked there and in others too. Found nothing.
  11. Looking for parts

    Does anybody know what bolts would be used on an MD for the grill? Also looking for the cap the covers the filler plug for the hydraulics? Any info would be greatly appreciated as I am restoring for an FFA project and would like to be as original and accurate as possible.
  12. international hydro 85

    Tractordata shows nothing for the Hydro 85 serial number and production wise.
  13. m oil rear end question thanks

    When I went to the CIH dealership they told me that CNH is replacing 80-90 with 85-140. Haven't used it yet but might be something to think of.
  14. Pickup tires?

    I run Fierce Attitude on my truck. Its a great tire for offroad. Didn't howl when I put them on.