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  1. Got it running today but noticed the carb is leaking like crazy. Also had the wires wrong on the distributor, and the muffler was packed full of mice nesting. Little more work and it’ll be road ready. Thanks for the help guys
  2. I assume you adjust by rotating the distributor? Can’t get it to turn
  3. Has great compression
  4. It was running when it was last parked. I cleaned the points and they seem to be working fine
  5. I have not. How do you?
  6. Trying to start a 66 800A with the 196 engine that’s been sitting for 10 years. Pretty much new everything: plugs, wires fluids, etc. When I try to get it to start it doesn’t even try to fire, but I do get backfire through the carb. Only thing I can think of is the wires not being correctly placed on the distributor. If someone has that pattern please let me know or if you have any other advice on how to get it going that’d be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Trying to find this piece for a Holley 1904 carb on my Scout. The threads on mine are welded and need to move them. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Those look right. Any idea what they weigh?
  9. Anyone have an idea where I can find some front weights for a 350U? Looking to add some weight and haven’t had any luck finding some. Closer to SW Iowa the better. Thanks
  10. I get that but I’m just trying to see if these things actually have value or if they’re just scrap metal. I can tell that you didn’t even read my post cause I said I can’t find anything of the internet about them and that’s why I asked here. If you got an issue with it keep your thoughts to yourself and off your keyboard
  11. They might be. I couldn’t remember if it’s 30 or 35
  12. Just driving down the road today and saw a guy had a 35 gallon IH Hy-Tran barrel by his barn. Stopped and gave him $20 for it. What are these things worth? Can’t seem to find anything on the internet. Any info would be appreciated. Will upload some pictures when I get home.
  13. farmallmd

    IH Fridge

    Bought a 1954 refrigerator today. She needs some tlc which doesn’t bother me at all. Where’s a good place to find parts for them? Any help is appreciated!
  14. That's my dad and yes he does own it
  15. Got 7800 here in Iowa. Has a factory Coleman FWA.
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