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  1. Thanks for the info! I appreciate it! I got it all sealed up yesterday. Sliding it back together this morning.
  2. I have a 5240 in the shop for a hydraulic oil leak coming between the block and flywheel back plate. I have the tractor split (wasn't very fun to get to the bolts/nuts. I'm going to reseal the block to flywheel plate and install a new rear crank seal tomorrow. Does anyone know the flywheel and torque limit bolt specs? thanks!
  3. I'm not sure of the hours it has. It been run hard though. They were side dressing corn when this all occurred. When i drained oil out, it was really dark with a burnt clutch smell. They said the smoked the PTO clutch last fall, so i was going to pull it and check the clutches. They also thought that the T/A wasn't acting right, so I'm going to check pressures. Basically a lot going on with this tractor.
  4. I went and looked at a 1486 with some transmission issues. The tractor would get stuck in high range and could not move the lever out. It also needs a clutch so maybe that will solve that issue. Do these tractors have differential issues? I jacked up the rear of the tractor and spun one wheel and expected the other wheel to turn the opposite direction, but no movement. Also had a lot of filings in the filter screen and in the speed trans when i drained a little out.
  5. 18* BTDC on number 1. There are timing marks on the crank pulley,, but the pulley can slip due to wear. Best bet would be to go off the flywheel markings.
  6. I routed the line from the charge pump to the filter base to a bucket, had a good amount of oil. I installed a hose from the tee fitting on aux pump to a bucket, i had about 5 gallon in 20 seconds.
  7. I have a 5488 in the shop. The Hitch will not raise and no hydraulics to the remotes. Steering, brakes, and transmission all work like normal. Oil and filters are clean. Any common problems to look for first? Haven't messed with a hydraulic system on one of these tractors so looking for advise. Thank you!
  8. Pete, I backed off each screw a little at a time to to get the shaft to spin with a punch in the center position. Any other position the shaft locks up. Im not sure how far i backed them off. Yes i did fill the case with hy-tran.
  9. Tractor came in the shop with the PTO slipping. Not much adjustment left on the adjustment screws, so I removed the cover and inspected the bands. Bands did not have much brake material left and oil was burnt. I replaced the bands and adjusted. I have never been around this set up before... Is it normal for the PTO shaft spin with the tractor running and the lever centered in the quadrant? IF you apply the brake it will stop turning, but the planetary is noisy. I'm sure i have the bands adjusted correctly, as it wasn't very difficult. With the tractor off, lever centered, i could spin the PTO
  10. Does anybody have a fix for leaking oil pump to cooler tube o-rings besides replacing expensive parts? I changed the o-rings several times have have not been successful. Sealant didnt help either. Looks like where the o-ring seals is worn. I was going to try a speedi sleeve, but not sure if that will work. Thanks
  11. I have a 806 in my shop with the 361 engine. It came in with water in the crankcase. I found #5 cylinder line with a hole through it and the block. going to have to spend quite a bit of money on this engine for rebuild. Just wondering if it was possible to put a d407 or dt407 in place of the 361. I found a used running engine out of a 1456 for 4500$. Didn't know if anyone has done a swap like this before. Thank you!
  12. Just completed an inframe overhaul on a 1086. I'm trying to determine what valve lash to use. I have the early serial number block, but I'm not so sure the cam shaft has been replaced before i overhauled it. >126953 says to use .020 I and .025 E. <126954 says to use .025I and .025E. Is there anyway to tell if it has the later cam shaft?
  13. Installing a new head gasket on a 407T. Anything special i need to do to the head gasket or clean and dry? First time on a 407 and want to make sure i get it right. Also is there a updated head torque or sequence or just follow the IT manual? Will the head need to be re torqued after a warm up and cool down? Thank you
  14. Blown gasket in the MCV?
  15. Yes I did, same results when driving.
  16. Lube in t/a- 15psi, middle-15psi, dd-15psi bottom plug in t/a 210psi, middle-210psi, dd-210 psi. Port where dump valve is located with hy-capacity tool installed t/a-240psi, middle- 50 psi, dd- 240psi
  17. fordfx413

    1456 T/A

    1456 T/A high side slow to engage. Also in high 3rd gear about 1500 rpms the high side of T/A doesn’t feel like it’s shifting at all. Also struggles to make it up hills in high side of TA. I’m assuming it’s slipping. I put a gauge on the bottom of the MCV and have 210psi. Also have a gauge at the dump valve port and have 240 psi. Lube pressure around 15 psi. Low side pulls fine. Hydraulic filter changed, all other functions work fine. It was supposed to of had a new clutch and T/A about 1-2 years ago, but who knows. Any thoughts?
  18. Thanks Pete. I’ll check it out tomorrow.
  19. Pete, where do I check power steering pressure? Pilot valve?
  20. Torqued bolts to 20 ft lbs? Not sure if that’s right and I didn’t really use a sequence, is there one? New springs and gasket was flat if I remember correctly. Also a weird part is that I can’t find the part that blew. It was large enough that it should of stayed in the galley and not pass through any ports. Makes me wonder if it was even there... about 1” long chunk.
  21. Pete, I found a blown gasket between the valve and plate. Blew between oil cooler galley and pressure galley from regular valve to relief valve. It was a brand new gasket from the red store. Plate and valve are clean. What would cause it to blow within minutes of operation?
  22. I finally got back to the 826 Farmall. Problem is when you first start the tractor you have about 15 PSI of lube pressure. When you start to steer the tractor the lube oil will drop, if you turn the wheel back a little ways the lube will increase. You can also hear the engine bog down when steering left or right, if you turn the wheel back a little ways the engine will recover. Eventually you lose lube pressure and it will not come back. I have the T/A isolator tool installed and also a T/A pressure test tool installed. Pressure on the bottom port of MCV when this problem is occurring is arou
  23. Ups It to Spencer Diesel, Spencer, IA Great people to deal with and a lot of knowledge.
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