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  1. Yes,no brainer,very cool neighbor,friend of my parents had one with a snow plow back in the 60's. Buy it don't let it go
  2. Well all I know is pulling better be fun.Just like the dirt track stock car racers,the" money"in it is what you spend not what you get out of it.If it is your relaxation,hobby,family fun time that makes it worth it and by all rights do it. I been to one tractor pull in my life at PA Farm Show in 1976. I live and have multiple friends that pull at a local tract 5 miles away and never been to it.Too each his own but I have zero desire to see any tractor heading down that track and certainly do not want to climb on one when I spend all day on the farm on one.
  3. Seen a fast hitch plow freshly painted JD green once for sale, sickening
  4. Yes I agree cultivated many acres of corn with one as a kid when herbicides didn't work for one reason or another. Just not diesel.
  5. Jacka

    1066 pto

    One of my 1066's is eating pto's so speak.I had this tractor 7 or 8 yrs,was sitting on a dealer's lot for years before, rental and such The PTO went when neighbor borrowed it, slipped,no go. ,no bigge.That was first PTO OH.Not more then a 100 hrs after that went to hook it up to round baler in spring to test RB and it tried but no go.Discs were fried.OH again.I am thinking bad luck or what.Now this year,yesterday baling with a RB that only requires 45hp I baled 120 bales in two days and almost done and pto,slows down and dies .Nothing, unhooked baler,put my test guages on port in field and got 240lbs HOT oil pressure, plus the oil had to be about as warm as it would get considering it was 92 out,this spring b4 I started checked and they were at 265 cold.Specs are 235 I believe ar 150 degrees. Could the A&I discs be bad?This tractor hardest PTO work is this 45 HP baler.I have another 10 that had 6000 plus hrs with many hard pto hours that pto was only pulled because shaft snapped on a bind.I have plenty of pressure to keep clutches engaged but this is getting expensive and time consuming. Any ideas appreciated.
  6. I loved baling with my Hydro70 on my round baler,I did for years.Backing up to tie,forward and reverse never touching the throttle to change gears etc.I changed to using a 1066 one reason it has a deluxe cab and I just take windows and doors off for shade. But main reason is that I have wicked steep,long hills and if th Hydro70 ever shuts off the only way to hold it is the brakes and that ratchet lock doesn't give me much confidence to stay. 1066 has park lock. As you get older you realize death isn't far away,the hills get steeper and the law of averages might just catch up to you.
  7. Can't you just slide them out?The whole hub I mean.
  8. Jacka

    pulling 560

    I had 560 gas,was my dad's from late 70's. I got it in 91 and was my big tractor until I got my first 1066. It was a very good tractor for its age and size. Ran the guts out of it for 6,7 years ,rebuilt the motor and it used a lot less gas.That was the only thing I did to it and it ran just about everyday hauling dairy manure and plowed, planted,baled hay and chopped haylage and corn. So yea it was good for its age,size.Yes ,gear shift, platform was tight but easy on and off swinging drawbar, no fast hitch.Later years was on blower or unloading wagons and easy to to operate pto from ground.All in all guess like al tractors one guy hates them ,next loves them.
  9. Agree 100%,I have NI483,4ft model. VERY easy to work on.Those Germans really knew how to build something that was simple and easy to work on.I had all bottom rolls out for bearing replacement,matter of fact had every roller out at one time or another for bearing replacement or roll repair. It has to be one of the easiest round balers to work on. Just start taking it apart you will see how it comes apart and a owners manual is necessary to get everything back together within specs. Mine sure been a good baler.
  10. Well many years ago I broke a tooth off a gear that was somehow connected to the use of the pto on a 560.I was riding the pto trying to get it started after plugging a V spreader with manure.It had knock in it when using it afterwards.After investigation and talking to a few mechanics I ended up pulling a plate,cover that had a hyd pump I believe bolted to it on the left side of tractor in midsection. The gear I think was on the end of that pump or you were able to get to it. Please excuse me on details because it's been 30 years ago and the tractor is not here anymore. Anyway that was my problem with a knocking, clicking pto.
  11. Gravity or air pressure in tank, just stick a air hose in tank and with rag around ur hand in pressurize it.The 312 are not hard to start ,get her spinning and she will go.put fuel additive in your fuel dirt and water are killers on fuel pumps
  12. Prob needle valve in carb sticking. That be first thing I would look at,running lean.Then check fuel flow screen in sediment bowl and screen in carb where fuel line goes in.Clean needle,seat and jets,all varnish seen and unseen must be removed.
  13. Got two hydros 1026,H70.When I change Hyd filters they are very clean. Screen in suction filter on side of tractor never has a dirt,sludge let alone metal which really you shouldn't have anyway in a Hydro. I took paper cover off the filter today and had to really hunt hard to find and grit, dirt etc.,just very few spects deep in the folds of the filter. I never cut the spin on return filter apart, maybe it traps more dirt I don't know. I am just curious if others have the same good luck with clean conditions of their Hydros. This tractor prob has about 150 or so hours of use since last time of changed filters but two years have gone by.It runs just about everyday but maybe only a few minutes of loader work .Summer it works more loading hay,triming with sycle bar mower and winter pushes snow. I got a 1026 and it's about the same when it comes to clean Hydro filters and oil.I am just curious if all other Hydros are the same way or am I just lucky.
  14. I run duals on one of my tractors just for the same reasons pulling dual rakes on very steep hills. I would rather move out the wheels on it though but for two reasons I don't. One the wedge locks have been in place so long I really don't want to mess with them.Two ,where I store it in winter width is a issue.Just remember your only extending one side of your foot print on a hill and putting stress on the lower outside side clamp on. Your width between inner wheels has not changed and your high side outside dual is doing nothing to help you and really if you hit something with it acts as a lever to push you over. That's why those big wide rear tires on these new 4wds are prone to roll. There have been several manure hauling Mennonites roll their Fendts on farms next to mine.Big wide tires and they think there safe,too dumb to realize inside to inside of tread width is were you get your safety not outside.
  15. Boils down to after being a skeptic on IH hydro tractors ,being raised IH,on Hydro drive combines and gear drive tractors that IH hydro tractors you didn't want to farm with.That came with no practical experience, just brothers, neighbors and every Tom,Dick and Harry that never owned one,drove one but knew it all anyway. But after owning two for many years now my opinion has changed from never owning one to never being WITHOUT ONE. Like other hydro owners,I got nothing bad to say about them.
  16. As far as "moisture not lacking " same here. Roughly a month or so ago we were dry. Was kinda scary for early spring and snow this winter was below normal. But now rain,rain rain.My grass hay which goes south for horses mainly is no kidding bout chest high. It pays to put fertilizer on it and spray for weeds for sure.Now just need some of those 90 degree days with a 10,15 mph breeze. Sooner or later we will get them. But I will never wish the rain away, without it nothing grows,life is bleak, worrisome and stressful.
  17. I also think they are a nice,sleek looking tractor. I always thought they were cool and would have loved to had a new one off the line but was to young for that.I owned only a 3088,no cab but they came I believe without cabs and always looked incomplete. I been looking for a 50 series but not to hard.Should have bought a 5488 2wd bout 6 years back for $9500 but just didn't. But own the next coolest thing,782 Cub Cadet and it is in storage. One thing I will never buy is a red Case when they came out,I could have cried.
  18. I love to have a 140,just think they are a versatile little tractor but really don't have much use for one.If I was produce farmer that would be the ticket. I have a 100 here and it just sits.
  19. Good for her, how old is she and is she married......Maybe trade my other half in.............?????? I never underestimated a woman, spoke to her as a equal in business and pleasure. Many women are my superior anyway,just amazing how much some can get done but same as men.Lazy and hard workers,bad and good etc.etc
  20. Your right,a working seat is amazing compared to a bottomed out one.I just took the time to clean and loosen everything up and they are much nicer. Plus I don't run them through the field 9000 miles a hour like a Fendt mowing hay which helps because you never stay in the seat.
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