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  1. Here is a picture or 2.As you see two light angle irons were used to bolt it too.Not in anyway close to OEM but serves the purpose and cools great.The one is picture of it loaded after I pushed it on with one of my 1066s.The owner was thrilled that someone liked it,wanted to save it and restore it eventually.It took me about 7 years of hunting off and on since I first discovered it untill I found who owned it and bought it.
  2. I don't know where you live but I have never seen pasture aeration up here and sub soiling is non existent.A local dealer had Aerator for rent or sale and I don't think it ever moved.I know the real cold winters with moisture in the ground do wonders for compaction and we always have our best crops after them.The ground just falls apart following a real cold winter. This winter was warm and dry and it's telling. I guess if you lived where it's cold and dry or warm down south is where its needed.
  3. Yes true hero and what a BROTHER. I don't know if it was their dog or a strange dog but it be dead for sure and I love my dogs.
  4. Is the original gold paint decals on it.If it runs,ta works ,clutch works and you can run it it's worth at least 4 without it being highly advertised as a original gold demo
  5. Doesn't seem that bad to me.I got hills that steep and steeper.I mow some down at a angle so your not running directly on the side. It is a pain though.I got one 15 acre field that every bale gets carried to the bottom in the baler to a acre flat spot. It sure is nice to bale that flat spot ,just drive along stop and kick the bale out wherever you are.It takes a ton more time with all the running al hills.
  6. Well I could take a picture of the oil cooler for you if you want. The cooler was ordered if I remember right through my radiator shop.He just got the biggest one that would fit and he said I would never have a problem and it would cool better than a junkyard one and probably better than a OEM if you could even buy one.If can it wait until this weekend would work better for me.I am baling hay and tractor is in another barn. Let me know.
  7. Mine was missing a oil cooler along with many other parts ,mostly sheet metal, air intake, grill ect.I got one from internet. Measured it to fit and absolutely no problems cooling. I even plumbed in a temp guage. I couldn't find new one and they wanted crazy money for the only one I found and it might leaked. Drug addicts,alcoholics and bums stripped what they could for money but she is here,has a home and is a pleasure to run.She still is missing some clothes, haven't found anything close by but she works just the same. I know the perfect people would want her perfect before she runs but I like her with the scars.She has two other hydro family members here along with the usual gear drives.
  8. Sometimes kids just want to try something new and their careers pull them away too. Mine all left, closest is 3 hrs away, other two if you drove are days away in Montana and Washington.
  9. Jacka

    IH 8370

    Not that the owner manual nor observation. It is basically lines running back to a double acting cylinder
  10. Just the hood is worth big money let alone .The grill is nice ,badges. Hydro Oil cooler is unavailable ,at least it was when I had to put mine back together. If it was closer I would have bought it be nice to have two 1026.I am wondering if the serial numbers would match for the Golden Demonstrators time period?
  11. I have a center pivot IH8370 mower conditioner. I owned I bet for 20 plus years.I always run it on the same 1066.I was mowing with it yesterday and it wouldn't stay put on the hills or even the flat ground. It would wobble and drift wherever untill it ran against stops or was on flat ground. I constantly had to keep pushing it up hill or have it stay where I wanted. Is it the cylinder or ends.I wouldn't think it be the tractor would it.The tractor is fine with hydraulics and lift never drifts down.I also switched outlets,hose positions with no difference. I got it mowed and just wanted to get done yesterday so I dealt with it.I want to figure it out though before 2nd cutting. Side bar,1st was less than half what normally I get.
  12. I pull mine on barn bridge lose about a half gallon at most ,all goes in a pan.
  13. I pull mine on barn bridge lose about a half gallon at most ,all goes in a pan.
  14. Congratulations, sounds like a great opportunity. Your English is fine.You speak and write it better that a lot of dumb,lazy Americans. My daughter spent a summer in Australia before cell phones as or internet calling as study abroad program in college. She loved it.
  15. I was watching it,being a 1000 miles away the trucking would kill me though.
  16. We had a 656 with fast hitch. We never used the stationary drawbar. The fast hitch drawbar with the extension plate was on it exclusively.We baled baled hay,mowed hay,pulled wagons drills and always used the fast hitch. Never had a problem with the pto or anything.
  17. Jacka

    Dual 3600

    I got a duall 3100 came off a H186,on H70 now will.problay mount it on my H100
  18. My dad would get off every round to make sure the four row 56 was planting and we planted 250 acres a year that way
  19. I love fast hitch,wish IH would have allowed it to be used by all brands of tractors. I don't have a tractor with fast hitch anymore but want to get one here fir the farm.300 on up to 706 work good for garden, mowing and stuff .
  20. Yes,Sundays never went well for field work for me. Just something always went bad.I remember as a kid and teenager Dad NEVER did field work on Sunday. It was always rest .I always knew I get a break to ride my motorcycle, bicycle, hang with my girlfriend and friends. Horseshoes and badminton. Sunday dinner. It never made a difference to dad If we had hay laying it waited till Monday.Hay on wagons waiting to be unloaded,waited till Monday. Grain waited to be combined. I hated to do it when I farmed on my own,did it few times always went bad.I now just hang out and maybe mow lawns,screw around and wait until Monday.
  21. Yeah I know.I know that I couldn't travel abroad but fortunately I don't want too. Nothing personal nor did I take offense to you but kinda funny how after all the restrictions,killing our economy, destroying people's lives ,scaring people now it's business as usual. I also am not playing down the serious of covid.I know people that died from it but the restrictions were overboard. I also think China is at fault and should be punished.
  22. I am not vaccinated at all for covid and its never even mentioned anymore. They can stick that vaccine.
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