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  1. The only V configuration diesels I ever ran were Detroits and they were in Euclid haulage trucks and Terex loaders .The Eucs had 12v91 naturally aspirated and the 72 81 Terexs had 12v91 twin turbo charged monsters in them. They seemed to last even with the constant abrasive dust,had plenty of power in the trucks for non turbo and always started. I drove the same size truck ,model with a Cummins and it didn't seem to have as much power but they were way quieter too The Terex's with the 12v91 twin turbos were just plain powerful, sounded great,whistled, no smoke and just dug.
  2. I know I never ran one,never had to deal with the motor that was in them but man to a kid in the 70's going to your IH dealer every chance you had with dad to get parts (which was little compared to JD,had to jab just me) to see the brochures with 14,1568 on front was just awesome and dreams started.
  3. I seen 4166 years ago locally that had a blade installed for a custom chopper guy when pits became popular.Also a neighbor had a 4166 that was very nice, she'd kept that the father bought,died and son sold the farm I don't know if tractor was sold or just moved.
  4. Fast hitch too ,very nice.
  5. Loaded,unloaded,worked in squeeze shutes and head gates tons cattle,crazy and docile.The rule of thumb seems to be for me if you give them enough room to turn they will,keep them going around a turn so they can't really see whats in front, keep the sides solid so they can't spook and give them light to go toward.This knowledge was implanted in me from helping work beef cows, feeders at a very young age from my dad,brothers and really great livestock haulers and jockeys. I am just very thankful of what others taught me,I just wanted to say that out loud.
  6. Well being a kid back in the sixties, the old guys or my old uncles would talk about their M's like they could pull Mount Everest down.
  7. I live in dairy farm country which turned into big dairies,Mennonite dairies and small beef farms.There are least 3 or 4 custom chopper guys within 20 miles of me that fight for business,complete with mowers, self propelled choppers,trucks,packing tractors. If your not chopping corn and just sudex I would forget the chopper and just make balage The beef and dairy guys love their wrapped hay,sudex .Most beef guys don't bother chopping haylage even when they have a chopper. The small dairy guys wrap more and more of that every year.Big squares and rounds.If your in a hot climate it will be rough trying to keep a pile from spoiling unless you feed it real fast and then it still will be a fight everyday.
  8. I don't know about your 1086 but 150 range seems normal to me .I got a 1066 that I am 2nd owner bought it from the original owner and it's got 152 with the original factory seal on it.It was dynoed at IH dealer years back .I got another 10 that's 149 but it was over hauled and pump redone so factory hp setting is unknown. I had a 1086 and it was no stronger than any 1066 I had. I was told by a old IH mechanic that IH understated HP and set HP higher at the factory so they would out perform competitors. He said a good 10 would be 145 150 and 14 185 from factory. I wouldn't be afraid of a 200 hp 10 or 14 to last in the field.
  9. Jacka


    I know calling is rough,lotsa times you don't know what to say,the person your talking to can be shell shocked and never even remember you called .I had several friends, fellow workers that on the last year or two had loved ones die either by suicide, natural death.I found years ago writing a letter or note is a good way to communicate how you feel.It gives you a way to think out your thoughts, from nice moments you remembered if you had a personal relationship with the deceased and or the one you want to comfort. It also makes a lasting impression on the grieving person,couple or family that you took the time to write. They can also share the letter with spouses or family if they so wish.It gives much comfort that way because you communicated with more then just the one on the phone and they don't have to repeat what you said.
  10. One of the most sought after "collector " tractors but after you own one and still have the right kind,size of equipment to pull behind it is one handiest,go to,most pleasurable tractors to run . I know they made roughly 2450 1026's,I just wonder how many are still out there,not scrapped.Must be quite a few because they still come up for sale.
  11. I use ear plugs or muffs whether I am mowing the lawn on a compact diesel tractor,skid loader,dozer,tractors,chain saw no matter what I do. I don't like the noise anymore at all,mufflers on everything too.The noise actually makes my head buzz and ears hurt a little.I can hear EVERY noise that a machine makes from normal operating sounds to knives hitting a guard on mowers,drive chains running dry on the round baler,scraping noises in disks or drills.The hydro whine is annoying also of my IH Hdyro tractors. I never wore any protection when I was younger up into my 40's.I don't know how I could stand the noise from crazy loud plowing,chopping with tractors without cabs.
  12. Jacka

    Old papers

    64hp MTA,now that be something for a 8 year old to run back in the 60's when it still was the "big tractor".
  13. I drive tandem Mack dump trucks for the state, plowing snow, hauling stone .6 sp Allisons no power, shift like a Euclid and the newer they get less power. But I don't know if the state just orders them that way or not. I worked for a large feed company before, they had Pete's with multiple speed autos,13 or 18 speed can't remember but they were great. I hauled over weight 100,000lb permitted loads of hog,chicken feed up and down steep grades of the mountains of Pa.They would shift ,lock up just like a manual, if you were at a red light next to me you would think the guy in the truck was the best in the world shifting but it was a auto.
  14. Yes,tell me where he is I will buy it.
  15. I got a "neighbor" and some old guy told me once just because someone lives next door doesn't make him a neighbor. But anyhoo, this guy from the start thought he owned more ground then he did.He started by dumping cat litter in my pasture field,told him about that,then throwing garbage,tree limbs in hay field,then he built a roadway bordering my fence built a pole barn with lean too on it that poles are set on it a foot over my ground,had the guts to ask if he was bothering me I said no but your building a road ans a building on my ground. He didn't believe me until showed him property pins.I should of at that time told him to remove his road but like a good neighbor said as long as you know I own the ground leave it.Big mistake his trespassing continued, his arrogance, attitude gets old.He even had a surveyor tell him he was on my ground He removed pins.I had a lawyer right him a letter telling him of my rights.I told him I am putting up a new line fence for my pasture, he asked me why do I have to put a line fence on the line.I said that's where a line fence goes and hence the name.I had a surveyor tell me that in his experience the guy with a acre of ground thinks he owns more than he does and the farmer who owns hundreds or thousands knows where the property lines are within a few feet and corners are spot on. I would establish a boundaries with him asap because better sooner than later. Don't let it go like I did.
  16. I am not saying you don't need more power and your chopper isn't set right but I first would look at chopper. I had different brands of pull type choppers.Gehl JD,Massey, Hesston,NH.Two models of JD'S, Two Gehl.But hardest to pull was a old JD and a new Gehl. Easiest was a Hesston, same tractor same crops. Also sometimes crop is just too much for machines
  17. Jacka


    Sooooo,it looks like everyone should own one ,just like a skidloader or UTV
  18. Jacka


    Is the color the only thing that is different?There isn't a industrial model for yellow verse blue model for ag is there. Both would work the same in the field?
  19. Jacka


    This is a township owned mowing tractor.
  20. Jacka


    What's one worth, yellow model with 2400 hrs(they say)
  21. Jacka


    Gear, hydro,or power shift,100hp or so and what brand motor Perkins,Cummins?
  22. Jacka


    I found one of these for sale.I am wondering if they are good,can still get parts and our reliable. I have a steep hill farm but most usage would be for winter snow plowing maybe some round baling. I know it's a Versatile and never heard a whole lot of bad on the Versatile tractors mostly good.They are very few in my area. I know on here most guys hold them in high regard.,I just don't know if the NH9030 was a good model or not.
  23. My very first tractor I bought to farm with.Dad had all the row crop and big tractors .This was the first utility one on dad's farm then it was my best,newest tractor on my small dairy farm when I started out, only other one was a M.That little tractor mowed hay,pulled a baler,square and round (IH241),pulled a one row chopper, sat on the blower when it had to ,pulled a 3 14" trailer plow,disced,planted corn,wheat and alfalfa. Pulled a little manure spreader and then toward the end of its life on my farm and Dunham loader mounted on it.Pound for pound would pull its guts out and work.Rebuilt the motor once due to a head gasket issue and scored some pistons and one clutch. Tough,fuel efficient little tractor. Wish I never sold it.
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