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  1. most up here run goose neck trailers our equipment trailer is 5Th wheel at 21,000# so most wont be able to use it Mike
  2. Ya last night on the news it was reported that the law waited 1 Hr to enter the school and that was wen the Border Patrol arrived on scene every day its a different story Mike
  3. He's got bigger problems than getting shot again. don't think My Lord would be too happy with him. Mike
  4. if it was 40 minutes the death count would have been every one in the building. Mike
  5. As for ''asalt weapons'' it can be anything from a gun to a end wrench [metric of course] its not the object its the intent of use of the object. Mike
  6. not shure were this info came from might have got mixed in from another mass shooting A Border Patrol Agent went in and stopped the perp without back up [solo] is what I heard . Mike
  7. semi auto AR ,, no hand gun the Border Patrol Agent who stopped the perp was wearing a ball cap it has a 1''x4'' cut in it from a round going by Mike
  8. were at in Mn. was he located? Mike
  9. nice looking team of hay burners Mike
  10. we had clear skies last night was neat to see the e clips also many stars and shooting stars too didn't see much satellite traffic which was strange Mike
  11. my uncle Mike was run over by a Cat road grader starting it with the pony motor he pulled threw but his head looked like a foot ball lived to 82 yrs old Mike
  12. found a couple of his songs Rest in Peace Mickey Mike
  13. picked up an atlas lathe [think 42''] a few years ago great for making small parts needed on the farm was able to turn the face plate of our 185 lo boy made a lot of difference in the clutch rebuild. Mike
  14. run off from snow melt is starting to ease still lots of wet spots got the frost seeding in on 2 of the pastures finishing up the sprayer so I can get the fertilizer applied just before green up hope this helps with the hay crop this year last years crop was poor Mike
  15. ya Mike ,,, a little bit of ''Red Paint'' will make it all better Mike
  16. ya don't know how many Micky D drive threw I personally ''re installed '' due to trucks, campers over sized trailer loads Ect. Mike thoe's were the days
  17. cotton balls with peppermint oil works for us on the travel trailer stored in the barn there are mice in the barn but they stay out of the trailer Mike
  18. check your ground on the tail lights if its weak the voltage will find another way to ground also use dialectic grease in the sockets on the tail lights to limit bleed threw had this happen on the 78 F250 ,, flashing lights every were Mike
  19. looking at heated farrowing stalls for next winter build a heat sink out of a foot of sand with cement floor on top should keep the little porkers from piling up and smothering the little ones. heated with wood during the day should stay warm over night. Mike
  20. Mike H


    good reminder of the 21' rule a person can get to you faster than you can stop them Mike
  21. Mike H


    ya doing safety during a bowling pin shoot 45 hard ball came back off the pin and hit me in the left pex broke a pencell on my shirt pocket and layed me out on the floor [at close to 300#] the slug is in my collection in the reloading desk as a reminder that's why I prefer to carry a 45 ACP Mike
  22. Mike H


    range looks great id swap the blue truck end for end so the glass is safe [speaking from experience] Mike flyers happen
  23. you make everything as safe as possible and disaster still strikes our barn got hit last night during the storm [lots of lightening] no fire but 3 feeders got fried and died in the east end of the barn the other 5 are under watch to see if their ok stall was wet [spring thaw] and they were well grounded all the others are ok so far Mike
  24. then there's cold weather issues too takes a lot more juce to run a unit at +-0 degrees than 50 degrees Mike
  25. one thing we use to do to get Ip gen sets going in the cold was to crank it and feed Lp, map gas or acetylene [A LITTLE] onto the intake make sure you lean back wen you do it some times the RPM sensor will kick in and start the gas controls on the engine if it starts spinning enuf. also nice collection of fords stronger 800 kinda partial to them,, lived just south of the Ford assembly plant in Romeo Mi. got a story to tell about a Ford 4000 and a car hauler Mike
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