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  1. been a few years but changing drive tires on the M blew 1 out Saturday chopping hay [it was well beyond service life] don't remember struggling so much slipping the beads on to the rim [back 40 years ago] Mike
  2. the thread is probably gona get nuked but here goes; had neck fusion in 2011 and had to use opioids and mussel relaxers to sleep some times in my lazy boy because the bed hurt too much got a mattress topper and 2 pillows which helped on the med use [down to a minimum now ] usually get 4-6 hrs strait, get up and walk around the house and then back for 2-4 hrs more now for the bad part www.mypillow.com check it out Mike
  3. no we chop dried Hay and blow it into hay stacks & hay mow the pigs can handle the short cut hay better than the long stuff tried fermenting Hay and ended up with 2 piles of spoiled Hay Mike
  4. A 444 came up for sale locally , nice looking tractor has a IH loader ,small cab , snow bucket, dirt bucket , forks , counter weight and loaded tires priced at $ 3,000.00 the draw back is it needs an engine swap or a sleeve & piston looked at parts and it came up to $1,000.00 for everything doing the work my self thinking $2,000.00 might be fair what say you Mike
  5. we are at a pause on making loose hay blew a back tire on cherry this afternoon [IH--M] ended up rolling it off the rim limping it back to the shop so its wrestling tires week next week the chopper is working great,, got about 7 ton put up of first cutting if the weather holds it looks like a second cutting this year getting a good rain every 4-5 days Mike
  6. nice truck see if you can get frame rail patch kits I gota do our 1997 jeep on both sides in the back really fun wen the back axle starts floating hit the gas and the back end goes one way hit the breaks and it goes the other Mike
  7. thats why my farm shop has a metal lathe if I need a special tool for a project I can make it like a punch for rivets [had a really good mentor] as for sharpening stones,,havent found any up here yet [still looking] I use a dewalt cordless grinder and a 4 1/2'' cutting wheel I run the M at 1/2 power in second gear and it does a fine job cutting Mike
  8. 3000# @ 285 degrees does a great job of cleaning metal striped the 1978 F250 to bare metal in no time flat Mike
  9. the Hp is the same the difference is the wattage is split up on 3 lines[3 phase] were the wattage is split up between 2 lines [single phase] wattage = volts X amps so single phase requires more amperage per line than 3 phase does Mike
  10. OK why would you be ''black balled'' your just like any other here on the forum as for the grow room it makes up for the 24 hrs of summer up there LOL we have them all over the Keweenaw best rule of thumb is take your power load and double it it will buffer your start up [well pump,, compressor,, ] and any other heavy load starts. Mike
  11. with your -30 temps you would be wise to run a shore line to the gen set for a block heater and battery tender to have her ready to go as for noise find a 1800 rpm unit [much quieter ] fuel; Lp will give you lots of grief at that temp we ran equipment at U of M in Ann Arbor for football games the November game was the hardest to get the Lp to flow till all the ovens got going [ 6 / 120,000. BTU ovens] Mike
  12. Mike H

    Axes Anyone?

    funny you mentioned axe's check this out https://www.uppermichiganssource.com/2022/07/02/copper-axe-opens-business-downtown-calumet/ just opened this week in Calumet Mi. 6 throwing lanes to work out your anger/stress or what ever Mike
  13. any body see any 185 low boy's Mike
  14. a big question I have is on pickups size of truck to size of trailer we see many massive 5th wheel trailers being pulled with 1/2-3/4 ton trucks up here in the Keweenaw I know the 5th wheel hitch is rated in maximum # but what about the truck Mike
  15. could have fired ours up this am power co had to replace a main pole at a jct. shut the power off for 4 hrs figure we could coast for up to 10 hrs then need to fire up the well pump to water the pigs. Mike
  16. that first picture of the McCormick combine brings back memories of wheat harvest time thank you Todd Mike
  17. we have a huge collection of cast cookware several Dutch ovens pans ect, the one that gets the most use is the wok purchased in mackinaw city Mi. deep fry ,stir fry , popcorn are the most things made another unit is the lodge barbecue we bought in Murray Ky. many years ago did buy 1 glazed Dutch oven , the finish didn't hold up to every day use the large Dutch oven can cook a 16-20# turkey , 180 servings of German goulash [kids graduation party] Mike
  18. that's going to mess with the water supply the rest of the summer loosing the snow all at once what kinda shape is the Madison river in spent 5 weeks near Norris a few years ago awesome river for fly fishing Mike
  19. not nearly dirty enough Mike
  20. reminds me of the fathers day flood here in the Keweenaw 2018 not near the size of this run off but shocking still the same Mike
  21. got a 10Kw Dayton Lp. that we salvaged from U of M [the BIG HOUSE] the timing belt failed and took out the exhaust rockers repaired and runs great been out of service for a few years so currently opening up the covers and checking her out its nice having 3 phase available in the shop for bench testing, ,,set up in delta need to locate a parts supplier ,, don't know if the other shop is in business ,, been 20+ years Mike
  22. last words with Dad place; Murray Ky. nursing home walked into his room ,, he woke up and said ''your here'' I said ; ''Ya don't tell any body , I snuck into town..'' we both smiled and that was it. He passed that night. still miss him every day Mike
  23. Mike H


    starting to dry up here the Hay fields looks great pigs are out on pasture Had a unexpected farrowing last Tuesday a small gilt had 4 little boars [more bacon] Ya life is good Mike
  24. most up here run goose neck trailers our equipment trailer is 5Th wheel at 21,000# so most wont be able to use it Mike
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