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  1. that's enuf for now,,,enjoy Mike RIP CW
  2. a fitting tribute to CW ill go dig some more up Mike
  3. http://www.baragacountyhistoricalmuseum.com/photohistory/picture_alberta_1930s_2.JPG this is were most of the wood used in the model T was milled [and other wood car parts] Mike
  4. ya know Mike there is a saying here in the states ''its all pork around a pigs rear end'' so true,,thats were the hams are Mike
  5. some one an church this Am said we are going to get hit again on wed-thurs 30'' of snow,, I call BS. although wen our son was at Michigan Tech. the got 1 storm of 45-50'' was plowing threw the soft snow with the F250 and was coming up on to the hood. Mike friday is 4/1/22
  6. ayup,,most all of our weels are in the 150,000.+ [except the 2000 Mustang 90,000.] the 77 F 150 needs a engine rebuild and minor body work + paint the 78 F250 is mechanically sound but needs major body work to put paint on 97 wrangler needs both frame rails replaced [barely enuf metal to weld to] and electrical issues but I would feel ok to go to Wi. or Mn. with any of them Mike
  7. I haven't even been able to start the orchard pruning yet this year fluffy snow is really hard to snow shoe on[in] still sink up to the knees. hopefully the wet snow Tuesday had pack it down so it can be done. Mike
  8. we get gail force winds off the Big Lake [40-70 mph] usually in short durations UPPCo has been keeping the lines clear so that helps was out only for 6 hrs this time Mike
  9. stack it up like we do. after the first of the year snow plowing is tough because of no place to push it. still have 2-3' on the fields. too deep for ''frost seeding'' Mike
  10. just checked pastynet and we are at 300.5 '' of snow fall to date guess we won't be in a drought this year [and hopefully no forest fires too] thats 25' of snow fall. Mike
  11. were you around wen that C130 went down south of Brown City [think 1974] blew an engine over North Branch,,, only made it that far A fellow student at the vo tech center said engine parts landed on their farm in North Branch Mike
  12. she don't look in too bad of shape the rubber is the big issue on the letter series [cost more than the machine] as far as operation they are real easy as long as you work her right don't try to steer setting still,, ,tractor moving only takes 1/3 of the effort Mike
  13. Snowdog — Official YouTube channel - YouTube there's a antique club up here and a few members have the Bollens price,,,no clue Mike
  14. a friend from high school was on the runway crew [heavy equipment operator] till he got into a head on accident on 81 by caro Mi. [1977] never was the same ,,we were going to start a construction business but he never could remember how to operate equipment. Mike
  15. its now Saywer international airport with domestic flights A local pilot was telling me that its hard to land a little plane there dept perception gets thrown off due to how big the runway is compared to CMX in Houghton said he was ready to touch down and was still 50-60' off the cement guess it makes for a ''bouncy '' landing Mike
  16. had a B52 coming back from a scramble back in 1980 up in pine top Az. was flying down the fairway of the golf course at tree top level copilot gave us a wave as they passed by the house we were working on dang rivets looked like they were about 2'' in diameter think they were going to Luke AFB in the valley Mike
  17. not Shure what happened wen it was posted it talked about crop rotation and herbicide use and effects to following crops. had charts to use Mike
  18. excellent idea^^^^^^ if that does not work PM me your address and ill send you one [a good thing to have] a few years ago i purchased a tool box full of taps and I have extra 1/4'' pipe taps Mike
  19. walked out to the M today and got it started couple of roll overs and away she goes couldn't move but it was really nice to hear her come to life
  20. My Dad had some good ones,, wen you do a job, ,do it to the best you can because some day you will drive by the job site and either smile or hang your head in shame depending on the quality of work you did. your working conditions are only as good as you make them. that there wood is fragile ,,, KEEP YOUR HAMMER OFF OF IT !!! remember Thies numbers 6,8,10 weather you use them in '' or hundreds of feet your corner of the project will always be square [90 degrees] Bob Hamilton gone but not forgotten Mike
  21. http://weedscience.ca.uky.edu/files/rotation_and_replanting_guide.pd here is what duck duck go came up with first I heard of it too Mike
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