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  1. we are dry here in the Keweenaw only thing keeping the hay going is the heavy morning dew 1 day of rain in the last 45 days and it only soaked in 2'' dry under that we had weather in the area but it bypassed us. going to start chopping in a couple of weeks for winter feed
  2. contactor points??? ww granger on line would have them or something that would work https://www.grainger.com/
  3. gota train them deliveries at the shop man door I had the same issue with ups till I told them
  4. We purchased the Stihl Combi 130 last year and its been great so far just 2 attachments, pole saw and 12'' hedge trimmer the pole saw has extensions so if you need extra length just add it most orchard pruning their not needed,, makes a nice clean cut the hedge trimmer is used to keep electric fence lines cleared of grass and weeds. it is a bit on the heavy side but worth the $
  5. I don't think its a crab apple might be a thorn apple tree our crabapple trees don't have thorns on the branches
  6. my son built a water cart on a trailer for watering the pigs 65 gallons + a gas pump to fill the 55 gallon watering tanks it pulls around nicely with the SS12 should work nicely with a side by side
  7. this is how we put up chop for winter feed for the pigs a lot easier to handle for me and easier for them to eat but with a trailer behind the chopper
  8. smokers and bar-b-q's
  9. we run the DeWalt 20v here on the farm the impact driver gets the most use putting up pallets for pig pens back in the day wen we had a restaurant repair business everything was Milwaukee power tools [could rite off the cost] only complaint is the battery's is the price and durability [DeWalt] the best deal is buy 2 battery's and get a power tool charger and bag thrown in free [Fathers Day sale]
  10. this is were we are at the ''Copper Island'' https://weather.com/weather/radar/interactive/l/2c8e5a0c69de538aa72c5a8e6ece9ec6fc6f82fc1eeaf1a2b3a5aec72b50639d
  11. Ya skeeters are bad here too not unusual to find a camp fire smoldering with drag marks in the dirt from skeeters dragging their victims into the woods then there are the ''snow snakes'' in the winter so its not a good place to move to for invaders
  12. one thing with the conversion kit it covers a lot of issues with wear n tear on the tractor points need to be right on the money were as the magnet and switch clearance can vary
  13. had fly ash on the wife's Mustang [black soft top]
  14. thought we were not allowed to talk polyticks
  15. finally got threw the wet season here today,, standing water every were the next 10 days looks great so hopefully i can get on pastures to reseed for this summer
  16. if your running a ground stake have you drove it down an inch or so to break the oxidation on the stake? I had a weird one last year, after every rain storm I would get a fault on one fiberglass stake. the sensor would point at the stake and nothing would show to cause a fault. I replaced the stake and problem solved. it must have had a void in it and water would short the fence out we use fence wire for the larger pigs and Polly Fence for the weaners
  17. stay away from TSC chargers ''junk'' had 2 pigs just walk threw the wire yesterday https://www.speedritechargers.com is used on the rest of the farm and you can get a remote to shut it down in the field [[really handy]]
  18. Mike H

    The Amish

    they are like any body else ''money talks BS walks'' use to trade with a saw mill down in Gladwin Mi. Abe was slow to talk till the cash was pulled out of my pocket then we get down to business about board feet of oak use to get 14-16'' wide boards with out pin knots [clear]
  19. my condolences for your brother in law we are under a winter storm warning till tomorrow am last night they were talking 2-3 feet of snow south of Baraga to Marquette might as well be raising ducks this year for all the water we have running the M with the deck on the back to get to the barn to feed the pigs pastures are too wet to get them out gota give the cover a chance to grow out so it doesn't get trampeled
  20. no this is normal here gota hit 300'' +to win
  21. 261.5 for this snow season in the Keweenaw about average for us hopefully no fires this year https://www.pasty.com/snow/
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