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  1. ya don't know how many Micky D drive threw I personally ''re installed '' due to trucks, campers over sized trailer loads Ect. Mike thoe's were the days
  2. cotton balls with peppermint oil works for us on the travel trailer stored in the barn there are mice in the barn but they stay out of the trailer Mike
  3. check your ground on the tail lights if its weak the voltage will find another way to ground also use dialectic grease in the sockets on the tail lights to limit bleed threw had this happen on the 78 F250 ,, flashing lights every were Mike
  4. looking at heated farrowing stalls for next winter build a heat sink out of a foot of sand with cement floor on top should keep the little porkers from piling up and smothering the little ones. heated with wood during the day should stay warm over night. Mike
  5. Mike H


    good reminder of the 21' rule a person can get to you faster than you can stop them Mike
  6. Mike H


    ya doing safety during a bowling pin shoot 45 hard ball came back off the pin and hit me in the left pex broke a pencell on my shirt pocket and layed me out on the floor [at close to 300#] the slug is in my collection in the reloading desk as a reminder that's why I prefer to carry a 45 ACP Mike
  7. Mike H


    range looks great id swap the blue truck end for end so the glass is safe [speaking from experience] Mike flyers happen
  8. you make everything as safe as possible and disaster still strikes our barn got hit last night during the storm [lots of lightening] no fire but 3 feeders got fried and died in the east end of the barn the other 5 are under watch to see if their ok stall was wet [spring thaw] and they were well grounded all the others are ok so far Mike
  9. then there's cold weather issues too takes a lot more juce to run a unit at +-0 degrees than 50 degrees Mike
  10. one thing we use to do to get Ip gen sets going in the cold was to crank it and feed Lp, map gas or acetylene [A LITTLE] onto the intake make sure you lean back wen you do it some times the RPM sensor will kick in and start the gas controls on the engine if it starts spinning enuf. also nice collection of fords stronger 800 kinda partial to them,, lived just south of the Ford assembly plant in Romeo Mi. got a story to tell about a Ford 4000 and a car hauler Mike
  11. before I was sidelined in 2011[and retired]due to injury we had 12 collage boys working as labors at the NPS in Calumet $15.00 Hr starting,, ,turned into full time baby sitting just a few incidents; fall protection so loose he would hit the ground before the rope tighten up. told them don't stick your hands in any were you cant see 1 did it any way and had a bat attached to his hand. starting time is at 07:00 most were on time or dove to be at the back of the truck for morning safety meeting. cell phones were a problem,,, chipping hammer in one hand and cell phone in the other cleaning out loose mortar joints for repointing. in the truck[crew cab] after lunch had one sitting behind me and I could smell pot on his breath. dropped them off at job site and went to office to consult with the park super. had him put the fear of God into this young man. he was going to write his nursing exam the next week if he got busted his career was over,, told the super I didn't want to screw his life up just shake him up. so he finished chewing on him and sent him back to me he turned out to be the best worker after that[ yes sir , no sir,, can I get you some coffee??? Mike
  12. back wen they had engines hooked up to the grid in Cal ,,that caused a shortage of engines to pull cargo made more $ generating power. it was hard to get loads moved off the iron range in Mn. due to lack of equipment. not saying that is going on now. we did liquid 3/18/18 this year because there isn't any regular fertilizer available up here Mike
  13. Mike H

    He has Risen

    Me either Mike
  14. the storm headed north of us got an 1.25'' of rain this morning + snow melt you guys stay safe up there in Canada and Nd. Mike
  15. there is a replacement liner for wood stoves made out of stainless steel that drops in the existing flue. don't know were you can purchase it at. [search on line] Mike
  16. that Super M Ta was a great save Mike
  17. not referring to the structure the cedar decking does not meet the standards [too soft] thats why talking to an structural engineer is important Mike
  18. RTV red has saved my bacon a few times I keep a calk tube of it handy. if I have to go to town the rest of the day is shot [thats how it turns out] Mike
  19. if your going for ATV size transportation or smaller then cedar will be ok if your looking at larger equipment get an Engineer involved. Mike and I am not talking Old binder guy
  20. or there is this unit for serious fence building Mike
  21. their ok if you get the ''gun slinger'' kit with them Mike
  22. kinda like buying clearance turn out gear made out of polyester its just your life personally id go for the best available Mike
  23. BTW check into USCCA. its great for training and also supplies a good lawyer incase you ''break a cap'' on a perp. U.S. Concealed Carry Association | Born to Protect (usconcealedcarry.com) Mike
  24. agree makes sense to hit once with a ''box car' than a smaller round got hit with a 45 ball round bounce back during a bowling pin shoot knocked me down to the floor. Mike I do cary a lcp in 380 with Hp rounds ,, nicknamed ''piglet'' wen my wife ask's
  25. be care full with ball ammo [round nose] they tend to pass threw the target and you can hurt/kill an innocent person beyond the target. Mike
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