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  1. you can really dress her up for snow removal the 185 is our primary snow mover on the farm Mike PS we are in for 2-3 FEET by Saturday night here in the Keweenaw
  2. Ya we are predicted to get clobbered here in the Keweenaw last info was 3-4 FEET of snow [lake effect] Thursday afternoon into Saturday high winds and cold extra treats for the pigs are in order Mike
  3. about $1,000. to $1,500. an acre average if it touches water $1,500. a foot frontage for a buildable lot we are about 20 minutes from the Gay Bar to the west right on the snowmobile that runs from Lake Linden to Dreamland restaurant & Bar Mike
  4. I see the dang gremlins got in the tractor shed again [put everything on the ceiling Mike
  5. talk to our son yesterday he said they got 20'' in Virginia Mn. spent 8 hrs clearing snow at the St Louis Co. search and rescue north office so they could go out on calls Mike
  6. OT we were in the same dilemma as you are now Here in the Keweenaw there are hundreds of miles of off road trails price and use fullness were the deciding factors we went with a 1997 jeep Wrangler for winter and off road driving about 1/2 the cost and a better ride + we have a hard top and 2 types of canvas tops for summer Mike
  7. Wife and I were out in the Bozeman area in 2008 spent 6 weeks out there in a camper on the Madison river at the Red Mountain camp ground by Norris Mt. looked at land prices then was $20,000.00 an acre for grass land the tallest things there was me and the fence post decided to move to the Keweenaw instead ya know a hundred million tree cant be a bad thing Mike
  8. I get the same issue in the fall cracks around the nails goes away wen I start processing pork so try some lard on the sore spots and let it soak in Mike
  9. we missed the brunt of it got some freezing rain and a little snow high winds flipped a empty short box trailer over on the Big Mac it was laying against the suspension cables out on the center span got the IH finished for now [till something else happens] Mike
  10. still ahead of the storm 36 degrees and high wind the weather gessers are at odds on snow fall amounts Mike
  11. thank you that's what we needed to know next we need to order the package Mike
  12. another question; can you use star link for cell service AT&T is killing us with charges [and I have a dumb flip phone] getting charged $72.00 a month for each phone [2 phones] for data we don't travel much so we would be on the farm 80% of the time Mike
  13. we are getting it Thursday up to 12'' of wet snow still have to make a few repairs on the IH then let her rip Mike
  14. don't know what size crawler it is but that ol boy is rolling a amazing strait line plowing Mike
  15. if you un hook the line at one end and run a metal fish tape inside of the pipe you should be able to locate it with a metal detector or with a Pinger & sensor Mike
  16. QUESTION ??? how does this system handle cloud cover right now we are in a ground blizzard / lake effect snow the other company's don't work in bad weather Mike nothing showing up on radar as far as snow right now
  17. Mike H


    at least the mice cant get in and make a mess I cant complain wife only let me have a ''dumb phone'' that way if one of the pig's chew on it its only $25.00 to replace Mike
  18. we set up our hot water supply with 2 50 gallon tanks the primary tank [LP] heats the water a lot hotter than you would want wash hands or shower with it supplies the secondary tank [electric] the dish washer and washing machine dishes and clothes come a lot cleaner the secondary tank supplies shower and sinks the electric is shut off so the primary tank is doing all the work and the tank acts as a buffer so no one will get burned Mike
  19. sorry I couldn't resist https://youtu.be/0gKUKOGqpHQ Mike
  20. also have an assortment of tops to go with them Mike
  21. only thing not mentioned is the wiring got 2 TJ 97 and both have wiring issues 1 has ''frame cancer real bad its running the winter up here then getting parted out but they are a blast to drive Mike
  22. Mike H

    New Skins

    they look a lot better than the ones iam running on the front of the M Mike
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