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  1. wen we process a hog, vacume packing is recomended to the customer we do our best to take care of the sharp bones so no holes happen as long as the meat isn't knocked around in the freezer it will hold. Mike
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ just goes to show you that 4hd [hoof drive] can slip into the ditch. Mike
  3. snowmageddon,,, the news tends to hype it up a lot. its a lot like farming ,,plan your week around the weather,,out side on good days,,inside on bad days Mike
  4. are you shoveling by hand or using equipment I usually wait for a break in the snow fall then fire up the IH with a blower. take it easy if by hand,,do a little at a time and rest often. dont want to hear that ya blew a gaskett shoveling snow. Mike we are 110'' short of snow this year
  5. Ya so far researching the head is sensitive to over heating. Mike its in northern Wi.
  6. anyone have any info on the Case 1030 [I know its not RED] seen one for sale on line , the price seems reasonable . Mike
  7. nothing compares to hooking a fresh lake run steelhead on a fly rod Mike
  8. go commercial like Dellfield I think its made in Mi. for our processing room we got several units for free just had to haul them away. some need minor repair [temp switches ect.] many restaurants going under and the equipment you can get cheap. Mike
  9. primers are back ordered 6-12 months at this time supplier said to get your supplies ordered for late spring/summer,,, that was in late september. Mike
  10. We picked up a GEHL blower last week it has a drive unit to operate a live bottom chopper wagon to feed it pictures to come later. Mike
  11. built a small loft over the farrowing pen this summer. spaced the 2x6 deck boards 2'' for the air flow put some cut clover up there about a foot deep and let it dry had to turn it twice but the finished hay is awesome the leaves were still attached to the stems and no mold. adding the duct and blower under the floor this winter wen time permits Mike
  12. Hmmmmm,,guess ill be using the pitch fork for now Mike
  13. How much horse power does it take to operate one of thoes stackers. Mike
  14. Thats a extra large mink, a fisher is twice that size. we have fisher up here in the Keweenaw. Another good reason to have steel siding on the chicken coop. Mike
  15. http://www.galenfrysinger.com/michigan_quincy_mine_hoist_house.htm this is one of the local steam tuggers for the mines. Mike
  16. propane you can controll the expansion by holding the pressure [100# or less] steam not so much Mike neat pictures guys.
  17. A good anvil up here runs about 3-4.00 dollars a pound if you can find one currently using a chunk of plow share off of one of the county's under belly plows high carbon steel 3/4'' thick, will due for now Mike
  18. Dang ,,,,, now I am gona have nightmares Mike PS this is a awesome thread Gary.
  19. I would use one of the power units to run my Hobart Bros. welder head [300 amp DC] the 16 hp vanguard does ok with 3/32 rod ,,struggles with 1/8'' Mike
  20. My wife and I were having early morning coffee at the time of the quake [had no idea it was going on] the hanging basket started swinging in the kitchen the Keweenaw rift was wiggling enuf to keep the basket going for almost 8 hrs Mike
  21. lots of good info on this thread Mike
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