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  1. Ya the last load of oak I bought was .50 a bf off the mill from the Amish ill defiantly check the boards out for issues they were stored and dried inside Mike
  2. I have an older neighbor that has several stacks of wood air dried for 20+ years looking for a fair price per board foot. its rough cut 1'' boards consisting of oak ,pine and cedar 100'' boards haven't checked if its flat sawn or quarter sawn any idea what a fair price ,would be helpful Mike
  3. a lot more, but cheaper than a crew getting Zapped and passing Mike
  4. they make a rubber boot to cover the connection plug the 2 halves together and you can submerge the connection in water with no problem we used them working for BECHTELL POWER Corp. building power plants new crate of power cords com in the apprentice electricians would cut the ends off the journeyman would install new HUBBLE twist lock ends with boots. Mike
  5. we let our crew have the winter off and don' use lights to encourage laying with the bread delivery every week it helps in the feed bill warm porage for breakfast helps them too [bread in warm water[ Mike
  6. I don't trust molded cord ends seen too many fail and start all sorts of problems I install HUBBLE ends on #12 or larger cords I do have a couple of #18 cords for running small tools for immediate use but that's all Mike
  7. our gun club president almost got into a head on about a mile from our farm white out conditions on the road, fortunately both truck only lost their mirrors took both of them right off the side of the trucks Mike
  8. 0 here in the Keweenaw with lake effect snow 12'' of fresh snow with 8-12'' on the way but its a fluffy lite snow Mike
  9. got 2 1978 F250 4x4 bough new off the lot wen I was dating my wife 1977 F150 seen it going threw the parking lot [with the for sale sign in the back window] wile my wife was in shopping do I chase it down or wait for wife ???? waited for her and told her about the truck she said its at the bar in the next town and lets check it out ended up buying it and working on restoring it soon Mike
  10. up here in the Keweenaw we have a saying ''don't eat yellow snow, don't drink yellow beer'' I like 1 with a meal or its too hot to work Mike
  11. we are way behind on snow fall Keweenaw Snow Report and U.P. Weather 2022-2023 Snowfall - 117" season to date Note: You are now viewing one of the earliest U.P. pages to appear on the World Wide Web (scroll to the bottom) Current Keweenaw Gas Prices - updated daily by 8am Town Station Price Baraga Pines 3.13 Houghton Walmart 3.49 Hancock Holiday 3.44 Calumet Co-op 3.38 Laurium Marathon 3.49 Updates courtesy of Gas Buddy Pasty Central originates from The Hut in Calumet. Visit our other U.P. sponsors who help to keep this service coming your way. Live Web Cams: Houghton Bridge Cam and Sunset Bay Cam The Snow Thermometer is on US 41 north of Mohawk, MI: PastyNET Lac LaBelle Lodge The Jam Lady Yarns and Threads The snow depth indicator is maintained by the Keweenaw County Road Commission. Birdseye Creations Superior Properties Mount Bohemia Vollwerth's Catch today's Pasty Cam 117'' is real low for us hope it will be a low fire season this year Mike
  12. still its tough to loose people from the 60s and 70s makes you think a lot on how short life is Mike
  13. on my 20v Dewalt chargers have a battery temp sensor that lets you know if the battery is too hot or too cold to charge no problems so far more concerned about this lap top i am using now dang thing has a hand warmer on the left side[cooling fan exhaust] gets really hot and I don't leave it plugged in wen not in use Mike
  14. as long as you have 80% you will be fine what jeeper said does happen to older tank installs if the tank is totally empty new install's are required to be anchored did the installers get a permit or was it done ''under cover''[no permit] before it was backfield it should have been looked at Mike
  15. also how full is the tank.... cant read the gauge in your picture
  16. wen installed was there anchor straps installed around the tank and screw anchors put in to the ground? Mike
  17. one of the other members here said to cut the Rustoleum with acetone tried it on a small project and it worked out great no runs on the metal really nice finish Mike
  18. the only issue is the main timbers are a little rough and should have been replaced to be used we had to chain it in place so the foot ball team would not roll it down hill and in to the woods Mike
  19. I worked on this one restoring it Mike
  20. Its snowmobile season here in the Keweenaw, come up and enjoy the snow. just remember in a trail crash the tree always win so far before the new year there has been 3 fatal crashes in the western UP the latest a 13 yr old girl in southern Houghton Co. on Saturday again come up the trails are great, snow pack on the lower level of the lift bridge for snowmobile traffic Mike
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