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  1. we use a home made unit built out of a cress core hot hold box smoke with maple wood chunks
  2. here is a on line group that will have good info pm inbound
  3. was trying to post a picture it did not cooperate with my computer
  4. had our first fatality this season the fella was on one of the trails out by Gay Mi. he was wearing a smart watch witch detected a critical roll over accident it sent a message to 911 and gave the location and then died the search and rescue team, Keweenaw Sheriff Dept. and the state police went out looking for him . no were to be found finally they did catch up with him at the Gay bar ,, he did dump the sled but was not hurt . the watch malfunctioned in the accident good practice run for the teams all the trails are closed till we get new snow
  5. Thank you Gary for sharing the Montana history with us and congrats on the 1000 pages
  6. update for the Keweenaw 54'' of new snow fall sense the first of the year 12'' of snow before the first that melted [green Christmas]
  7. remember it well met my wife in the middle of the storm in Flint Mi.
  8. we pulled a 1600 Oliver out of the bush, dragged it home into the shop number 2 was stuck because of the exhaust valve was open for 10+ years pulled the head and soaked number 2 cylinder down over night next day figured out witch way the crank was positioned for the downward turn next put a break bar on the harmonic balancer bolt with a 10' piece of pipe the pipe was used as a indicator to see if there was any movement got on top of it with a 2# sledge and a oak block of timber to wack on it took a couple of days to get it freed up,, finally it let go no scoring on the cylinder wall so we cleaned it up re assembled the motor and started it up,, ran it for an hour ,,did a pressure test and the cylinder was about 10# lower than the other 5 still running great to this day
  9. Mike H


    low and slow for rendering. too hot it will scorch and have a funny taste. our hogs run really lean so the back fat goes into the grind for making sausage and bacon [ground] the leaf lard goes into the wife and gets rendered and poured into jelly jars and she seals it hot. as for other uses lubercant and snow seal on boots [just gota keep the dog from chewing on the boots] also works great for dried cracked hands. I know after butchering my sore hands feel better and look cleaner.
  10. Mike H


    that reminds me got 12# to slice up today and wrap
  11. weather update; snow fall of 7-16'' and wind gust of 50+ mph the IH is all set just have to add more bedding for the pigs and get the snow shoes into the house
  12. we use 1 1/2 pipe it jumps over the bumps and grass better even put one on the McGee blower so I don't pick up rocks makes it nice for building the snow pack base in the drive and out to the barn
  13. this afternoon I made up 20# of sweet Italian sausage 12# of bacon 6# of breakfast sausage letting it set till Monday then finish grind the sausage pack the bacon into breadstick pans to form cook for 2 hrs at 175 degrees then into the smoker for maple smoked finish
  14. here is the brine calculator http://diggingdogfarm.com/page2.html
  15. https://www.owensbbq.com/sausage-seasonings-jerky-mixes.html just started using their products with ground pork the ground bacon is fantastic,,, our customers love it
  16. any more I tell them to call the tow company don't need more issues with my rig
  17. goes back to the old adage ''friends don't let friends buy a Glock'' S&W & Colt here
  18. no snow or ice for ice fishing here in Da Keweenaw may not happen till February,, looking at working some dirt if it dries out a bit
  19. Ya it looks like a green Christmas here in the Keweenaw rain Sunday ,Monday ,Tuesday last year we got snowed in on Christmas Day wife has a picture of me on snow shoes going to the IH 185 to dig us out the snow was higher than the F 150 on the farm any ways all of you have a Merry Christmas take a moment to remember what its all about my lord Jesus coming for all of us
  20. we purchased a Harman pellet boiler for the mine house up in Calumet it was a duplex house, poor insulation and it heated the house fine wen we moved to the farm it was installed here set the water temp at 120 and it will drive is out of the house 4 bags a week usage
  21. the picture of the farm wife on the A reminds me of grandpa working for Bell Telephone during WW2 and growing corn/ cultivating in the evening sure would like to find his A
  22. good idea with the trim job on the cylinder it will help keep everything in line it need reinforcement so the cap doesn't pop off again cut a washer out of 1/4'' flat stock a 1/4'' larger than the cap the center hole needs to be at least a 1/2'' larger than the rod so there is no rubbing of the rod cut 4 pieces 1/4 x 1'' that will be about 1 1/2 longer than the input line that retracts the cylinder from the washer make a saddle clamp the size of the tube and fasten the 1/4 x 1'' pieces to it and the washer then clamp it tight to the tube and that should get you by
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