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  1. Two Harbors is a nice area our son lives over by gilbert Mn. if we are hauling any equipment we go the back way on 61 to avoide the big hills. [and threw the woods] Mike
  2. as far as snow removal goes a good front mounted blower is worth its weight does not have to be a large farm tractor to do the job we run a 185 loboy with a 5' blower and run a 16hp pony motor for the blower avrage snow fall here is 300'' a snow season Mike
  3. maybe we can ask the management to pin this at the top of page 1 with the other 2 Mike
  4. some body yelled ''MAY DAY,MAY DAY'' ? Mike
  5. Hit B2 and seeif ya can crank em out of there Mike
  6. We got most of the pigs out on pasture. fun to watch them stretch out and run,eat then take a nap in the sun. the littles are still learning the electric fence routiene. get poked,,run threw the fence,figure out they are on the wrong side of the fence,,run threw again. Mike
  7. I didn't think you were that old. Mike
  8. Mike H

    Animal theft

    Amish need a un marked horse to do a drive by? Mike its a crazy world out there
  9. Personally if I run into a ''problem'' member I just put them on ignore [or ignorant ] they dont have anything good to say so why waste space. Mike
  10. We are doing a case study to see who keels over first [the haves vs the have nots] Mike
  11. A friend of ours use to work in the local grave yard he would dig down about a foot and re fill the trench with 22A crushed lime stone then tamp it down and water it reset the head stone Mike
  12. customers say the same thing about our pork . Mike
  13. the guys I talk to are avid reloaders/shooters and are still saying stuff not available most have stopped shooting paper and are waiting for supplies. Mike
  14. We are selling eggs for 3.50 a dozen free range. sold 18 dozen today the 36 hens are working overtime for some reason [24-30 a day] Mike
  15. 2'' this AM ,,almost gone. plenty of moisture this spring need the sun to warm up the soil and get things started Rhubarb up about 4'' ,, budds on everything pigs itchen to get out on pasture[tired of the barn] farrowing starting on about 5/15 Mike
  16. or a long arm,syrenge,and fish tank hose Mike
  17. see now if ya had a pig [sow] and 1 boar you could have 22 pigs a year. Mike 1/2 of them wont touch a pig
  18. not to be critical ,,,just pointers shorten the 2'' shaft so the plate is almost touching the pillow block bearing. the joint above the swivel caster looks too weak could fail [ vertical tube] how thick is the wall of the tube ? great idea for the gear reducer to turn the motor Mike
  19. remember one of my mentors going down town port huron with his jetstar 88 [olds] with a 400 rockett [4bbl] use to blow the doors off of the kids cars by the time they got to 16th street Mike
  20. shooter was a former employee 4 of the victms were indian [ dot not feather] getting real crazy out there had a local gal go bat s--t crazy in hubbell with a hand gun this week state trooper tried to get her to settle down till she pointed the gun at him she is in critical condition so far Mike
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