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  1. +1 been swamped with repairs Happy birthday Mike
  2. A different bunch was walking down a park road and I decided I needed to drive through some buffalo sh*t as a souvenier (I'd rather have that as a memory, than haven shaken the hand of a movie 'star', or a state or federal level politician.) Isn't it the same thing? Mike
  3. you can buy your own test kit to figure out were you are at we don't have any source of fertilizer or lime up here so everything is shipped in started out with Ph of 5.5 and n/p/k of 0/0/0 ya it was a abused farm our biggest issue is wild berries but with the Ph up to 6.5 as of last year they are thinning out here are 2 sources that are helping us out an d they don't care how big or small you are green cover.com agritecint.com hope this helps Mike
  4. I have a gun that did not shoot factory very well shoots reloaded cast lead fine after I found the right combination of components Mike
  5. also rope only has a limited distance of use much shorter than wire power drops off quickly use wire for your main run and rope for your pastures Mike
  6. we had a few fiberglass poles that would short to ground on our 10 joul fence system probably have several spots that are grounding out as for plastic wire we don't use it with the pigs except fencing for the wieners too many ground outs on the fence and that draws the power down metal wire is easy to use ,, load it on to extension cord spools and go run fence Mike
  7. we are down sizing for winter this year had 93 going into winter last year and lost 64 of them to covid infection stroke ,seizures ,blood clots not counting the miscarriage's in the sows locked the farm down ,,, no visitors ,,, bio secure have a nice list of buyers for this years feeders thank the Lord for a good growing season of pasture to cut the feed cost Mike
  8. any more communications across the board is poor no matter what the subject and a lot of times it ends up in a battle lost customers , friendship ends in a fight ect. not saying the shop is ripping you off just should have talked to you before doing the work. Mike
  9. been using tap magic lately asked the kid to get me a small can and ended up with 4 pint size bottles works better than kroyal on bolts and stuck shafts Mike
  10. Man the pigs would have a blast in the back yard Mike
  11. S&W Shield in 45 ACP + laser red dot is my go to [Freedom] also Ruger LCP in 380 [Piglet] [[ we name our conceal carry firearms] the Ruger is a very small back up carry the S&W has a draw back with the grip,, its very abrasive against the skin for deep concealment +1 mags gets the pinky finger on the grip for Big Hands as for ammo I haven't found any that wont cycle the reason for the names is so my wife and I can communicate on the carry in use. Mike
  12. acetone works great for any tagging. Mike
  13. Mike H

    Rain anyone?

    got .25 this am most of the rain went south or over the Big lake the last 3 weeks My barley supplier has the same thing in Rhinelander Wi. lots of rain all around his farm but none on the farm this rain will help get the 2nd cutting going glad I applied fertilizer this spring. Mike
  14. Mike H

    Rain anyone?

    dry here the storms are splitting and going over the big lake and Wi. all the first cutting is down and drying nice going to chop tonight and tomorrow after church and Monday should get it all in before the rain Tuesday. if there is moisture in the future should get a second cutting Mike
  15. ya know ive been told to give a beer to a sow wen she is ready to farrow shes got her work cut out for her ,,,dont need to be buzzed on top of it Mike
  16. ours don't like them now dandelions they will dig them out and eat them Mike
  17. this is who I use for seed mix https://greencover.com/ we have a short growing season and I used their early start release this spring on a pasture that was bare from the pigs worked great, had standing water from the thaw and the seed did awesome got the little piglets on now. https://greencover.com/shop/early-start-release-broadcast/ I am working a fella named Colton ,, he is in sales check them out Mike
  18. part 2; second rim and tire was going great till the hole for the valve stem was a little too big and the lock didn't hold. disappeared into the rim 1.5 hrs later fishing it out, got it aired up and moved out to the M put it on tomorrow AM [too tired tonight] the tires were take off's from the previous owner ,, put tubes in and they will work fine a little big but no cost just tubes $75.00 ea. Mike
  19. been a few years but changing drive tires on the M blew 1 out Saturday chopping hay [it was well beyond service life] don't remember struggling so much slipping the beads on to the rim [back 40 years ago] Mike
  20. the thread is probably gona get nuked but here goes; had neck fusion in 2011 and had to use opioids and mussel relaxers to sleep some times in my lazy boy because the bed hurt too much got a mattress topper and 2 pillows which helped on the med use [down to a minimum now ] usually get 4-6 hrs strait, get up and walk around the house and then back for 2-4 hrs more now for the bad part www.mypillow.com check it out Mike
  21. no we chop dried Hay and blow it into hay stacks & hay mow the pigs can handle the short cut hay better than the long stuff tried fermenting Hay and ended up with 2 piles of spoiled Hay Mike
  22. A 444 came up for sale locally , nice looking tractor has a IH loader ,small cab , snow bucket, dirt bucket , forks , counter weight and loaded tires priced at $ 3,000.00 the draw back is it needs an engine swap or a sleeve & piston looked at parts and it came up to $1,000.00 for everything doing the work my self thinking $2,000.00 might be fair what say you Mike
  23. we are at a pause on making loose hay blew a back tire on cherry this afternoon [IH--M] ended up rolling it off the rim limping it back to the shop so its wrestling tires week next week the chopper is working great,, got about 7 ton put up of first cutting if the weather holds it looks like a second cutting this year getting a good rain every 4-5 days Mike
  24. nice truck see if you can get frame rail patch kits I gota do our 1997 jeep on both sides in the back really fun wen the back axle starts floating hit the gas and the back end goes one way hit the breaks and it goes the other Mike
  25. thats why my farm shop has a metal lathe if I need a special tool for a project I can make it like a punch for rivets [had a really good mentor] as for sharpening stones,,havent found any up here yet [still looking] I use a dewalt cordless grinder and a 4 1/2'' cutting wheel I run the M at 1/2 power in second gear and it does a fine job cutting Mike
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