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  1. after having starlink for a wile did you have any issues with buffering our current provider has buffering issues to the point of locking up the feed
  2. only had 1 this year getting into feed it got flattened on the road weasels are a problem here [getting the baby chicks] wolves are starting to be a big problem with the pigs
  3. how big of Bank loan does it take to fill it
  4. think id be a little bit too big for that cab
  5. pig processing in full swing the pictures wont load
  6. Had a rim fail on the AC c wile cutting hay the rim was corroded at one of the friction points only dropped maybe 10-12'' that was a thrill I don't ever want to happen again BTW nice replacement there
  7. Houghton/Keweenaw county road commission has several of them they are out in the heavy snow fall to open the roads they also run them in the July 4 parades that is a nice rig
  8. remember what??? what did I go to the shop for Hey there it is what I needed 3 days ago and it goes down hill from there
  9. Winter has started here in the Keweenaw. 8'' of snow out of the first storm this week. pig processing started last week [1 down and many to go] grumpy got his wings and went to ''freezer camp' ' got a nice scar on my left leg just below the knee were he got me wile charging out of the pen for feeding time deep enuf to bleed but not needing stitches
  10. Mike H


    ya don't know the half of it ever sense 01/20/21 my federal work comp has been a disaster we are 2.5 years behind on medical reimbursement's ask for help from them and you get the run a round and more messed up from 2011 to 01/20/21 it worked great
  11. ya they are calling for flurries next Monday here Grumpy is going to ''freezer camp'' in the morning so processing season starts 3 tractors broke down [all ign. trouble] parts here tomorrow
  12. cooking oil and then dish soap back wen I contracted for Pizza Hut I would use the pan oil that they cooked the pizza with to remove tar then dish soap to clean up just think what it does to your insides
  13. some thing to add to this thread wen you change to PerTronix ign. system change the plug wires to carbon center wires I am on my third change out[second set failed] the copper wire has a RF static issue that kills the sensor according to the engineer at PerTronix got 2 wire sets coming from Yesterdays tractors
  14. looks like the mechanics place down the road dead everything around the shop
  15. that's what I like about this thread lots of pictures
  16. 1911 in 45 Acp hit them once and knock them down
  17. lite on rain this summer so the apples are on the small side the bee's did their job [lots of apples] going to winter them over in the basement last years bees were weak and did not make it out in the shop
  18. the pertronix system works great in cold weather on the 185 lowboy [snow tractor] on the M something failed and it quit. haven't had time to look at it if the bushing is worn on the distributor points will fail but the pertronix system is more forgiving
  19. Mike H


    A friend use to work at the local cemetery maintaining the head stones he would use 22A limestone to make a base for the head stones teased him one time,, he was packing the 22A with a hand tamper ''Scott why are you hitting the ground like that. He replied got one trying to get away''
  20. I noticed the 3 IH's still have their hubs in the shipping position [belly out] had to do that to the M [cherry] to move it from Mn. to the Keweenaw other wise it would not fit on the equipment trailer [6'-6'' wide]
  21. here is another FordSon
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