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  1. sorry I couldn't resist https://youtu.be/0gKUKOGqpHQ Mike
  2. also have an assortment of tops to go with them Mike
  3. only thing not mentioned is the wiring got 2 TJ 97 and both have wiring issues 1 has ''frame cancer real bad its running the winter up here then getting parted out but they are a blast to drive Mike
  4. Mike H

    New Skins

    they look a lot better than the ones iam running on the front of the M Mike
  5. pm sent LOL ya beat me to it ^^^ Mike
  6. aint nothing better than setting on a log in your favorate trout streame and cracking open a can of spam for a snack Mike
  7. I did find that fourm gota dig threw it Mike
  8. looking for mecanical info on a case terra loader 2 wheel drive checked on line and only found 1 u tube posting on the machine Mike
  9. the worst of it went south along US 2 still have green grass as of 11;00 eastern this am Mike the big lake kept us warm
  10. 7-12'' starting tonight still gota replace the throw out bearing on the 185 Mike
  11. http://www.keweenawreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/2022-10-14-MSP-HolidayGasFireCrash-768x576.jpeg Mike
  12. A bad accident happened late Thursday night south of us One Killed, One Hurt in Crash and Fire at L’Anse Holiday Gas Station 3 days ago Featured, Local News, News Comments Offon One Killed, One Hurt in Crash and Fire at L’Anse Holiday Gas Station 14,510 Views Updated 1:00 PM Friday: The man killed in the Thursday night crash and fire at the Holiday gas station in L’Anse has been identified as 43-year-old Allan Dantes, Jr. The announcement was made Friday morning by the American Rally Association. Dantes was a rally competitor, and was scheduled to take part in the Lake Superior Performance Rally this weekend. He was also a member of the L’Anse Area Schools Board of Education, and was running for Baraga County Commission in District Five. Updated 10:30 AM Friday: One person was killed, and one other hospitalized as a semi truck crashed into the Holiday Gas Station in L’Anse late Thursday night. State police officials say the truck veered into the pumps around 11:00. A 43-year-old Baraga man, who was pumping gas at the time, was taken to Baraga County Memorial Hospital, where he died. A station employee was taken to BCMH for treatment of injuries. Their condition is not known. A customer in the store and a trainee riding as a passenger in the truck were not hurt. http://www.keweenawreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/2022-10-14-MSP-HolidayGasFireCrash-1024x769.jpeg The resulting fire heavily damaged the facility and a number of surrounding vehicles. The semi driver, a 22-year-old man from Illinois, is being held at the Baraga County jail on a charge of Operating While Intoxicated Causing Death. The investigation continues, with assistance from MSP Accident Investigators and the MSP Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division. US-41 was closed while firefighters battled the blaze. http://www.keweenawreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/2022-10-14-Holiday-Fire-LAnse-Pro-Sports-Extra.jpg The Baraga County Sheriff’s Department, the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community Tribal Police, the Baraga Village Police Department and the L’Anse Police Department assisted at the scene. Firefighters from L’Anse, Baraga, Houghton, Arvon Township, Aura and Pelkie fought the fire, and Bay Ambulance provided EMS services. It was the second serious fire in Baraga County in a little over a week. Carla’s Restaurant north of the village of Baraga was destroyed early last Friday morning. http://www.keweenawreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/281226085_1736463956725359_4687157318095108287_n.jpg http://www.keweenawreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/306320780_5506549229421793_8123905717206089715_n.jpg Mike
  13. weather service sez up to 6'' Monday with 25-35 MPH wind looks like its pig moving day tomorrow Mike
  14. ya its that time of the year gota replace the throw out bearing on the 185 and do the fall tune up/oil change put the blower back on ect Mike
  15. Rick it wasn't any better on ''full screen'' before coffee took a few views Mike
  16. I made cast lead wheel weights for the SS 12 out of bunt cake pans they wedged into the rim real well and are still in place after 10 years as for the skid steer they make clamp on weights that fit between the hub and drive housing on the axle Mike
  17. then there is the school closing for 2'' of snow heck here we get 4-6'' just going shopping for food in an hour Mike
  18. reminds me of the drill for a bomb blast hide under your desk,, ,don't look out at the bright lite Mike
  19. don't know if this will help I use a 6' bed liner to haul day old bread from the front of the farm to the barn usually its a full pickup load of about 3-400 # of bread pull it with the 1972 SS 12 sears tractor it makes her snort a little bit but it gets the job done Mike
  20. wow its not an injection? Mike
  21. roofers and ridge runners do have 1 leg shorter than the other so they think its ''flat ground'' Mike
  22. welp got to the farm [long day, ,elderly help]but ya cant be rude to the guy ,,just make sure their no accidents. mag is throwing spark [I used my tester LOL] so tomorrow is un loading day [all down hill from there] ill post pics soon as she is un chained and on the ground [got chains and straps every were] Mike thank you every body that posted
  23. kinda like grabbing the electric fence to see if its on Mike
  24. I hope nothing else got fried its a Allis Chalmers C with a 7 or 8 foot sickle bar it ran wen he brought it home to restore He put a lot of work into it cleaning it up and painting its ending up here on the farm in trade for pork would be great for cutting Hay ,, save me time and back pain switching attachments on the M Mike
  25. gota 6 volt FB mag that's dead in the water the owner put a 12 volt battery in the tractor and tried to start it so what could have been damage in the mag? completely totaled?,, coil?,, points/ condenser? I was not there wen he did it so don't know how long he tried to start it Any thoughts Mike
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