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  1. 2017 Roundup: What are you bringing?

    @oneharvester Yes, Bud Youle will be a part of our panel discussion on the design and evolution of the International 2+2. The presentation will be on Thursday from 1 pm to 1:45 pm. It is currently titled on the RPRU schedule of events as “Untold Stories of Machine Development at IH” with Gerry Salzman and Lee Klancher.
  2. 2017 Roundup: What are you bringing?

    We are bringing our friends Bud Youle, Paul Nystuen, Bill Schubert, and Gerry Salzman to RPRU. These tractor experts have inside stories you don’t want to miss! For our 4X4 fans, Jim Allen, author of the Scout book, will be at our booth. We are also bringing our cool new book, Red 4WD Tractors. This will be the first time the book is available anywhere. For more information click here: This photograph shows the experimental tractor, Big Jack, with engineers Paul Nystuen (left) and Jerry Joubert (right). P.S. We wanted to show a sneak peak of some of the cool content in Red 4WD Tractors
  3. Red 4WD and Steiger Tractors Wanted for Upcoming Book

    @Farmerboy72 We are glad you were able to use the coupon! @Alan Dinan You are very welcome. We were happy to re-open the coupon for you all! @IHKIWI So good to hear from you Heath! Glad you got to use coupon.
  4. Red 4WD and Steiger Tractors Wanted for Upcoming Book

    @Farmerboy72 The promo code has expired, but we are going to reactivate the coupon for 48 hours just for you all here on Red Power magazine. The promo code "RED4WD" will be good for the next 48 hours and will expire at 9:00 am central on May 11th.
  5. Red 4WD and Steiger Tractors Wanted for Upcoming Book

    Good Afternoon Everyone, We want to let you all know that Red 4WD Tractors is now available for pre-order. We also want to extend this coupon code "RED4WD" which will get you $10 off of your Red 4WD Tractors, bringing the price down to $45. Want an inside look at the cover shoot for 4WD Tractors? Check out the video and get more details about this incredible book: If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me at Sincerely, Mary Octane Press
  6. Red 4WD and Steiger Tractors Wanted for Upcoming Book

    Good Morning Everyone, I work with Lee Klancher and we are still looking for photographs of the 9210 and the 9310 for our upcoming book, Red 4WD Tractors. If you have any images which you are willing to share, please comment below. Cheers,