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  1. wd 9 injector pump

    Is this the seal you are looking for? I replaced all the seals in mine this spring. I either located the PN from the original seal (I believe it was a Chicago Rawhide seal) or I measured the I.D. & O.D. & thickness and ordered one at carquest. If you are looking for the seal at the primary pump end, then the info DirtBoyz provided will help you out. I believe they sell the primary pump seal kit ($125) which would have the seal you need.
  2. Old hour counter

    A small business in my hometown makes decals for vehicles and puts logos on shirts. I gave them the dimensions and font to design them on their computer. Had them printed in under a hour!
  3. Old hour counter

    If the tractor has the correct timing cover, and the drive gear unit, then it will bolt right up. Here is a picture of it installed on my MD.
  4. Old hour counter

    They are fun to restore! I just cleaned one up for my MD, I bought it at RPRU this year for $5. Works great! Mine is a Stewart Warner.