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  1. Distributor for 460 Farmall

    Well, that gives me something to go off of. I wonder if the centrifugal advance is close enough.
  2. 460

    I really don't notice the 221 using much fuel doing light jobs.
  3. Distributor for 460 Farmall

    I just finished swapping in a used motor, but my original distributor has a rediculous amount of play in the shaft. The motor I swapped in had a distributor in much better condition, but it's a little larger in diameter and has a larger cap. How do I figure out what it belongs to? I'd like to upgrade to electronic ignition. It has a tag with prestolite 68830C91 stamped on it.
  4. Another "Should it be Spared From the Smelter" question.

    The next question is, how do I find someone who needs a motor core? I don't want to pull the motor, only to have it sit in the corner of the shop for years.
  5. Is an M&W overdrive in a junk M worth anything?

    Fred, I actually have a couple wheel centers from an H that I am using for a table base in the shop. Kinda nice to only have one leg in the middle.
  6. Another "Should it be Spared From the Smelter" question.

    1967806 send me a PM. I also have a 73 loadstar that's going to the scrap yard this week.
  7. Been sitting for 13 years. Dad let it sit with water in the fuel system over winter. Ran good before that. Only would start towing it and wouldn't run below 1200 rpm or so. Body and frame are rusted bad. Basically, is there salvage value in the motor as a rebuildable core? Or am I going to get just as much $ taking it to the crusher?
  8. Is an M&W overdrive in a junk M worth anything?

    So, maybe I need to do some artsy stuff like that with the tinwork an sell one piece at a time. Then take the heavy parts to the crusher.
  9. Farmall 560 oil pressure

    Guy I bought the used motor from very willingly gave a refund and took the motor back. It is his problem now. Thanks all for the help.
  10. Looking for

    Perhaps he has Two already, and this number would make 3 consecutive serial numbers.
  11. Farmall 560 oil pressure

    Rearmost cam bearing spun out and slid back until it hit the pressed plug in the back. So, I found the smoking gun, but it's not looking like an easy fix.
  12. Farmall 560 oil pressure

    I think I found the culprit. I caught mom as she was walking past the shop and had her help me do the air test. The rearmost camshaft bushing is not in place. I can stick a feeler gauge in about 1/2 an inch where the bearing is. It looks like time to split her again.
  13. Farmall 560 oil pressure

    Clearance checks out at 0.003 with the plastigage. So, unless the rear seal pieces interfered with the cap seating, I don't see how it could be the problem.
  14. Farmall 560 oil pressure

    Mains were stamped 0.020. Rods were stamped 0.030. Replaced with the same. I guess I should get some plastigage tomorrow and check clearances. I have connected 3 different gauges, each with its own tube. I pulled the pan to check for anything that looked wrong. When I pulled the drain plug on the filter housing, I noticed a steady stream of oil coming from around the rearmost main bearing. It appeared as though the main oil gallery was draining there, since I opened up a way for air to enter. Shouldn't the oil from the gallery drain from all 4 main bearings simultaneously?
  15. Farmall 560 oil pressure

    I took the filter base off, and it is the correct gasket. Also, everything in the regulator appears to function fine.