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    Anything that I can fix. I have to be working on something if I am not then I am thinking about working on something.

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  1. Have a line on a flatbelt pulley and the gearbox. What else is needed to add it to my 1942 b farmall?
  2. Ok folks getting ready to split the tractor. Looking for opinions,pros and cons. I have to replace the pistons and sleeves. Looking for opinions on where to get kits and domed or stock style flat top pistons. Thanks, Jeremy
  3. Thanks for the encouragement fellows. I just hate seeing something that could possibly be saved getting junked. I know I'll have way more money in it then what I could have bought a tractor for or could ever get out of it if it was sold. I really have no use for it. It's just something to tinker with.
  4. This got dropped off at the house a couple of weeks ago. They were going to scrap it. The ol' girl is in really rough shape brakes stuck, engine stuck,coolant came pouring out of cyl.#2. I think more coolant came out of the oil pan than the radiator. No starter or generator,hood rusted so thin my coffee cup made it bow. I think I am going to save her(my wife thinks I am bat crap crazy). What do you folks think? Is she right?
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