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  1. Nice looking tractor you got there. Our super M has belly pump and battery under gas tank.
  2. Fill it with diesel, hook electric motor to PTO and let it spin for a few day. Might get things loosened up? Never tried it but it could work.
  3. Looking great. Hopfully all these troubles are in your rear view mirror.
  4. Thanks for sharing that memory. They did used to have a fire out the stack when pulled hard that's for sure.
  5. All that talk about syrup puts me in the mood for pancakes.
  6. Thanks Tony I will call them when I get ready to coat it. The place I store this tractor has low door opening so the pipe is short to clear door. I think I can get a little taller pipe once I get front tire decisions made so I will probably be buying a new pipe and getting that one coated.
  7. Larry Thanks for the advice. I am probably going to just send it to jet-hot as I'm sure that will work.
  8. I had a good idea for your 806LP tee off a line at outlet of fuel tank, run hose up to right fender and mount a BBQ grill where factory radio goes. Than in parades you can be flipping fresh burgers while all the diesel guys are eating burritos reheated on their exhaust manifold. ?
  9. I searched for Cermikote but couldn't come up with anything. Jet-hot coats pipes flat black. I emailed them for quote. If you have a better source could you let me know a contact otherwise I will probably try jet-hot as I've heard decent feedback about them Thanks, Dennis
  10. I'm sure anything can happen but hooking to the weight bracket area like your doing would not worry me at all. Them tractors spent thousands of hours bouncing across rough fields with 1,000 lbs hanging on that bracket.
  11. 10.00-16 on 8" rims probably going to go to 11L-15 on 10" rims
  12. Thanks for the input Tony- I also like the black pipe but I think the paint will burn off under load. Will see. Might need to get it coated. IH Crazy- I really like the rear firestones too. I had them mounted tubeless as they are designed to be. First rear bias tractor tires ive ever run without tubes. Hope it will be ok since I got new rims as well. Time will tell. Rainman- I plan to get that red paint off those axles. Had it painted before I realized I forgot to mask them off. I agree the rear cast dished out is a better look but I need the tires in narrow to get it on my low deck trailer so I'm stuck dished in.
  13. That's for the kind words and input. The tires look better in pics than real life. I'm going to take an 11L-15 off one of our 1066's and hold it up there to see if that would look better. Will be same width but about 3" shorter so I think that will be pretty good setup. i thought the white on the rims was good match to the 901 white I painted tractor but it's not so I am pretty sure I'm going to be painting some red the next warm days I get. As far as all the mechanical stuff I did I'm very happy with the results. Going back to RD pump costs a bunch of time and money but the motor sounds and runs totally different than with the tired roosa master. The shift linkage rebuild made it shift like new. The steering still seems stiff even after new MCV pump and valve rebuild but the hytran is always cold so I will see how it works this summer. Front end rebuild was worth it. Goes strait down the road with hands off the wheel. Dad drove it around today with all the tin back on. Smiling from ear to ear. Priceless.
  14. pretty much got it done. ran out of new hood bolts so I put old ones in and will change out when I get some more. I'm happy with how it turned out except I don't like the front tires. too tall so I am looking into some shorter ones and then paint the rims red at that time. let me know what you like/dislike. I like other points of view.
  15. Here is one on Craigslist if you want to check it out https://fortcollins.craigslist.org/grd/6016239302.html
  16. Boy that's a tough deal. That truck looked beautiful. PPG have anything else to say besides "ain't our fault"? I mean they sell you the expensive paint they should know what is compatible
  17. I used some rust killing stuff that I bought at napa in Alaska. It was used on barges to stop it from rusting under the new paint. Cant for the life of me remember the name but your local napa can probably find it. Seems like it was a cleaner than wash it and than a primer. Worked good on a piece of equipment we had that kept rusting under new paint reguardless of how good we sanded it. Sorrymy memorry isn't very good.
  18. I thought about rubber washers. You have any trouble with the rubber squeezing out from under bolt?
  19. Never heard of sealer before welding either. Maybe after welding but not before. Doesn't seem like any type of sealer would hold up to heat of welding. What size are your tires on 806? I ended up with 10.00-16 and they look too tall. From pics yours look just right.
  20. Little update on progress. We had a week of record breaking heat so I managed to get everything painted except shifter levers and I can do that inside. Going to let everything dry for a while so I don't mess it up assembling. Took radiator in to get soldered as I had pin hole in top tank. Been looking for new hood bolts. All the usual vendors want $5 a piece, seems like a lot to me. I ordered some zinc plated non serrated from fastenall and hoping they will match factory bolts 25 cents a piece. Sorry no new pics but in a couple weeks should have it all finished up and will have pics then. I really appreciate all the interest and support everyone's been giving me. Dads been enjoying this a lot. He remembers how it looked the day it was delivered new. Been a fun project.
  21. Ya I was kidding around about it being a smta. Lots of work changing all those seals but it will be nice to not have it leaking all over.
  22. I see it used to be a super MTA until you sanded off the decals. Also noticed a small crank on steering support. I think one of ours had that hooked to radiator shutters but was removed long ago so I might be wrong.
  23. That's sweet! out of all the tractors I have or had my '48 M is my favorite. It never fails to do the work I ask of it and very rare that it needs anything besides routine maintenance. Keep up the good work
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