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  1. I’m waiting for him to sell the Chevelle with a D361.
  2. I didn’t realize Oprah done her own shopping.
  3. Been a while since I did one of these but can’t you take the roll pin and square block off and just slip the whole thing off the splines and get it out where you can get it up in a press?
  4. I switched my 48 M to 12 volt in the early 70’s using original 6 volt starter. No problem in 50 years.
  5. 65806


    I will respectfully disagree. Looking at his diagram he has 3 running lines on his load. to move the load 1’ he needs to winch up 3’ of cable effectively tripling the winch capacity.
  6. 65806


    If your winch pulls 10k you will have 30k pull on your rig. the snatch blocks will need to be rated for 20k each. left tree will see 10k pull. Right tree will see 20k pull.
  7. I just got two complete sets for 66 series from them. 1/2 price of dealer and better quality.
  8. Here is a picture of an accessory drive on a V470 in a versatile 145. not sure if that would give you enough room or if that part could be found for a decent price.
  9. I like Having those Extensions on. Makes it way easier to get off and on the tractor
  10. My opinion fix everything that needs work. You get that 806 back in good shape and it will last you the rest of your life.
  11. Welcome aboard! The ignition and sender studs should be insulated from the cluster metal housing. ignition is the 12 volt power wire coming from the key switch. sender is the wire to the sender unit in the top of fuel tank. you don’t need the negative if the bracket grounds the cluster to the dash but if the light doesn’t work you can run a grounding wire to that negative terminal. clear as mud? good luck
  12. Previous owners maybe put a fan and shroud from a 1206. It’s wider and uses different side panels
  13. Cool that you’re going to keep your grandpa’ 806 running. here are the parts breakdown for the RD. In including the table of contents so if you need a few other pages I can get them. 70 page book so I’m not posting the entire thing. I would recommend getting a manual. They are pretty sensitive to dirt so be sure things are super clean when going back together. good luck.
  14. I agree with above. that is an original 6 volt coil. It will work with a resistor but a new coil with internal resistor would be best and save that 6v coil for a project that is all original. the coil is wired wrong for negative ground. im assuming the alternator is negative ground. go from battery to switch to + side of coil. Negative - side of coil to points.
  15. Well that tractor was originally 6 volt positive ground so the factory wiring schematic will be wrong now that it’s 12 volt negative ground
  16. The coil should have a tag of molded letters saying it’s internal resistor. If not I would assume that it doesn’t have it. Yes the mopar resistor will work fine.
  17. Positive post of battery to push pull switch then to positive of the coil. Did they install a coil with internal resistor? If not you should install a ballast resister in the wire from switch to coil.
  18. Cool tractor! you will be glad you are getting rid of that fluid.
  19. I would guess that all 706’s would have drilled and threaded holes in rear and bottom of housing to mount any of the drawbars from any year 706/806. But agree that pictures would be good.
  20. I put 10.00 x 16 on mine to get it to set level with 18.4x38 rears. Im not happy with the looks. To me they look too tall. I wish I would have went with 18.4x34 rears and 9.5Lx15 fronts. Most all new front rims are painted white and you will end up painting them anyways if you want them red. That being said if your old rims are structurally sound I would sand blast and paint your current rims and buy some new 9.5L x 15. Heres a pic of mine for comparison
  21. Looks like someone took good care of it most of its life. Great find.
  22. Square headed bolt and a vice grip. Grind head of bolt to fit plug. Clamp vice grip on bolt and it will turn them plugs out if they are not crazy tight
  23. Very nice looking M you got there. Looks like it still has the radiator shutters on it. It looks to me like it’s been repainted because the ends of the axles are red.
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