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  1. Welcome with those side lights by the fuel tank I'm pretty sure that should have clamshell fenders instead of flat tops but I could be wrong.
  2. We have a super M that we bought new and we switched to an 8 volt battery. It works good. Not as good as 12v but better than 6v. Uses all stock parts, just need to adjust regulator. Discharges a little at idle but has worked for 65 years. That being said 8v batteries are getting hard to find and ain't cheap. If it needs a battery now might be good time to go to 12v. If you want factory look get a 12v generator and regulator off 560 or 656 and your good or if factory look isn't an issue for you than go with alternator.
  3. Are you cracking fuel lines at pump or injectors? i would loosen all fuel lines at injectors just enough to get a little fuel out and then crank it with throttle off and wide open to see if that changes fuel spray to let you know that's working.
  4. My M takes about that long to show pressure on the gauge. Been that way for the 40 years I've owned it.
  5. Nice looking M i have a 48 M. Best tractor I've ever had.
  6. All the talk about slow cookin' this vice is making me hungry.
  7. Welcome aboard. Are you planning on powering anything with it when your done ? neat little cart your building. Would be cool if you built linkage to tie the steering together on both axles. Don't see that very often.
  8. My grandpa used to write all over our equipment too. Saves paper I guess
  9. Awesome. Looks kike a nice strait tractor.
  10. Huge project but it turned out super nice!
  11. We took the 806 to a small local show this weekend. Had a lot of fun. Unfortunately the pics I took didn't store for some stupid reason. They had an M&W dyno there and we hooked to it. Pulled 105hp. Was very happy with that at this altitude without a turbo. The RD pump made it smoke like crazy and the crowd liked that. Dad had a great day playing with his old 806.
  12. Tony im wondering if the alloy they used to make your pistons does not have the same thermal expansion properties as originals. Would be interesting to take one of the old originals and one of the aftermarkets and heat them to 1,000° and see if the new ones expand more. The clearances IH used for their OEM parts may not be sufficient for these aftermarket pistons. Gotta be disappointing to see all those shavings in a new engine but I guess at least you found the problem and can move forward. Good luck Dennis
  13. Very sorry for your loss. I'm glad you are keeping your dads tractors. You can tell by their condition that he took good care of them. 50+ years of use on a dairy and not a scratch on them!
  14. Welcome great story and tractor. Thanks for sharing.
  15. It's a beautiful pickup. Take it to some shows. I'm sure it will get the respect it deserves. If the show is full of a**holes go back home, get the 1468 and plow em under.
  16. I posted that reply before Tony had pics uploaded. I agree that the bearings are no good.
  17. The pictures look worse than I expected. Must have been dirt lodged in an oil passage and went through the bearings. Sorry this ones giving you so much heartburn.
  18. With it having good compression it kind of rules out valves/pistons.
  19. Boy I really wish I could come over and hear it. Did you put vacuum gauge on it? Maybe it has a vacuum leak on intake gasket by that #5 cylinder causing it to run lean and pre ignite. That could cause noise and miss and get worse the harder it's pulled.
  20. In my experience bearings shine up pretty quick. If they are smooth and even it might be normal. As far as the miss. Could you just have an exhaust gasket leak causing your noise?
  21. Terrible news. There is a guy on general forum that has dirt in both his super M and C that he can't explain. Wonder if there is any connection? Maybe they had a run of contaminated oil?
  22. Glad that link worked out. My uncle finally got around to installing his. I helped and was very happy with the quality
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