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  1. That picture shows the brass fitting. you just have to drill and tap a hole for 1/8” pipe thread that lines up with the hole in the rubber dust cover when installed.
  2. 65806


    Only thing I would add. every time I’ve had a bad sentry the tractor won’t move in any gear. Just sits there with a big red light on the dash.
  3. My plow day wasn’t as fun as yours. It’s a 1066 so I hope it still counts.
  4. The fuel flow with RD pump was tank, primary fuel filter, charge pump, secondary fuel filter, injection pump. The gauge was in the secondary filter. roosa master pump flow was tank, primaryfilter, secondary filter, injection pump. with roosa master there is no pressure to read and that’s why the gauge went away. if an early tractor has the gauge and roosa pump it was probably converted from RD to roosa with a kit IH made and the gauge was just left unhooked.
  5. What I remember was the original caps only had one set of tabs so if the tank had pressure on it from setting in the sun and you just spun the cap off it could possibly blow the cap out of your hand and cause severe death or injury. This usually only happened to the dumb people but in the lawyer happy world they just decided to give out free caps with dual tabs.
  6. Wait until summer to shovel it. ?
  7. I’ve had my M with F-11 for real close to 50 years. Will have to pry it from my cold dead hands. it’s never failed to do what I ask of it.
  8. Every time he inquires about your timeframe just add another year to your estimate.
  9. Are you sure you are TDC of compression stroke and not exhaust stroke?
  10. I invented the self draining checking account.
  11. I’m waiting for him to sell the Chevelle with a D361.
  12. I didn’t realize Oprah done her own shopping.
  13. Been a while since I did one of these but can’t you take the roll pin and square block off and just slip the whole thing off the splines and get it out where you can get it up in a press?
  14. I switched my 48 M to 12 volt in the early 70’s using original 6 volt starter. No problem in 50 years.
  15. 65806


    I will respectfully disagree. Looking at his diagram he has 3 running lines on his load. to move the load 1’ he needs to winch up 3’ of cable effectively tripling the winch capacity.
  16. 65806


    If your winch pulls 10k you will have 30k pull on your rig. the snatch blocks will need to be rated for 20k each. left tree will see 10k pull. Right tree will see 20k pull.
  17. I just got two complete sets for 66 series from them. 1/2 price of dealer and better quality.
  18. 90% of Fords sold in the last 10 years are still on the road.... the other 10% made it home.
  19. That red regulator is not the pressure relief valve for the tank itself. the red regulator is there to lower the pressure on the line to your house. the screened vent is there to bleed off pressure on the back side of the regulator diaphragm. The red valve has failed and letting gas on the wrong side of the diaphragm and venting that gas. you can shut off the main tank valve and it will quit venting once the line to your house bleeds down. That will get you safe through the night anyways. good luck
  20. I use my steam cleaner/ pressure washer and I have some 45° and 90° elbows I put on the tip to get all around the sides and underside of top of tank. Blast all that junk out then I put a small 1” hose adapted to the outlet of shop vac to the fill hole of tank and blow air into the tank for a day. It’s always done a good job and it only costs your labor.
  21. I did a similar swap years ago in my 1850 loadstar but mine was a tilt hood and I had a donor truck for all the parts needed. I will try to get you a few pictures tonight.
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