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  1. Oh man I had that same under dash pioneer super tuner when I was young. cool ride.
  2. I put 5,000hrs on a 1568 and 6,000hrs on a versatile with a 504 cummins doing heavy tillage, no problem with either one. Both got sold and replaced with FWA 5488’s.
  3. I’m pretty sure the 666 casting is notched so you can install the square pin centered in the shaft first and then slide the assembly into the casting.
  4. My 1850 loadstar has a 5 and 3. the 3 speed has an under drive to use in soft fields or any time to want to creep along. direct and overdrive that you use to split each gear in the 5 speed. works good but takes a bit of practice to be smooth.
  5. The 88’s were painted with watermelon juice.
  6. I go the the junk yard and buy the filter housing off a 66 series with the round, oring cap so I don’t have to mess with that gaskets on every filter change. usually about 20 bucks if you pull it off yourself.
  7. I’ve never done what you’re wanting to do but I do know that when I had my three speed apart on my 1568 there was just a spacer on each shaft where the extra gear would be in the four speeds. I feel like they left 2nd gear out of the 15’s judging by the huge split between first and second. I always wanted to compare part numbers on all the parts to see what the deal was but never got around to it. My bet is there is more in common than not.
  8. He probably just didn’t want an odd number of tires in his inventory. the rest is BS. around here it’s all pivot circles. The machines go their entire life with one tire going faster then the other and never a problem.
  9. I’ve seen that before also where engine oil gets into the vacuum cavity on those pulse fuel pumps and then they quit pumping enough fuel to run right. Everything looks fine but you take them apart and there is a 1/2 teaspoon of oil in there. Clean it out and all is back to normal.
  10. Hydros are nice but choosing between a gas 656 hydro and a diesel 966 gear drive I would buy that 966 in a heartbeat. I have both and the 966 is better in almost every way. just my 2 cents.
  11. I’ve had belts make that noise before. Try spraying a little WD40 on one belt at a time while it’s running and see if the noise stops.
  12. I’ve been dealing with this problem for many decades. Nothing discourages then from my experience. you either mouse proof the shed or just sell everything before they destroy it. I know that’s a gloomy outlook but that’s been my experience. good luck.
  13. Thanks for sharing that. Learn all you can from them old timers they are a wealth of good advice.
  14. Here’s the steps to put it back together starting from where they installed that throttle shaft. the whole thing looks pretty complicated but maybe once you get started it might not be too bad. I didn’t include all the pages dealing with the actual pump as I figured you are probably not going to be taking that apart. let me know if you need anything else.
  15. Here’s what I have on disassembly to get to that shaft.
  16. Sorry for the delay. Not sure why this didn’t send the first time. Pretty strait forward. Roll the engine over by hand until your flywheel and injection pump marks line up like the first picture. Take the front pump gear inspection plate off and then remove the three bolts off the timing gear. Now you can just take the pump mounting bolts out and pull the pump off. The holes in the gear are slotted to be able to adjust the timing. let me know if you need any more pictures from the RD service manual.
  17. I’ve not done the swap you are trying but I have a 1972 loadstar with a DT466 but mine has the tilt fiberglass hood so I’m not much help.
  18. I have that tractor supply solvent in my parts washer. works good
  19. I can’t help with parts availability but thought these breakdowns from my factory service manual might help.
  20. I just bolted a square steel plate on my M Suspension and then bolted a seat similar to your picture to that plate. Million times better than those worthless pan seats in my opinion.
  21. My Dad and grandpa bought two matching 1066’s in 1974. Got delivered to the farm from the factory and then the dealer did the prep on them in our shop. I have my dads and my cousin has my grandpas. both have been on the same farms since new. added the extra IH decals to dads doors to tell them apart
  22. Better do it while you can. I rode the Collins foundation’s B24 many years ago. Was a ton of money but was the best money I ever spent. my 2 cents.
  23. 65806

    66 cab

    It came from the factory with flat top fenders. ?
  24. still got mine. Bought it when I was in high school. Making a little more power now. ?
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