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  1. 1206 Wire Harness Question

    My guess would be that's when they switched from using generators to using alternators. Would have to look in parts book and see what serial number break they have for a generator and see if it matches up with that harness serial number break.
  2. 1066 puller clutch advice needed

    perfect. I will pass the info onto my cousin. Thanks for the advice.
  3. 706 leaking oil at pedestal

    You can take the 4 radiator side bolts out and lift the radiator up enough to remove foam piece and get to those banjo bolts without draining coolant or removing hoses. There is enough flex in hoses.
  4. Welcome if that was my project I would pull the cab off the tractor to do the interior. Only takes an hour to pull it and then all that fender interior become pretty easy to do. Good luck and nice looking tractor
  5. My cousin got a sweet deal on a 1971 1066 and wants to go pulling. It needs a new clutch anyways and while it's split he wants to put a better/safer flywheel in it. Any recomedations on brand of clutch & flywheel from you guys would be appreciated. He plans to turn up the pump and maybe bigger injectors but will probably run in the class with single turbo. Hot farm or whatever that class is called. TIA
  6. 1586 help

    I wouldn't tear anything else apart just yet. The delayed oil pressure is pretty common and is not an issue. I would run at least two full tanks of fuel through it with a good load on it. Then change filters again and see where you stand. My guess is poor fuel quality and I bet it clears itself up with use.
  7. DV-550 Injection Pump

    That in tank pump was only used to prime the system after servicing. You might have dirty filter, bad fuel line or air getting in system somewhere.
  8. harmonic balancer

    woops sorry
  9. Fleetstar 2000

    I had a 1970 fleetstar 2000 with a 270 Cummins mounted on slant and a 10 speed. Super reliable and good power. Motor is the same as any 855 for the most part. Valve covers and oil pan are different because of the slanted mounts.
  10. Loadstar carburetor general advice needed

    I'm not sure about those IH kits. You should be able to get the list number off the choke tower and go to napa or a parts place like that and get a kit for cheap.
  11. Fordson F Tractor project

    I always heard it kept small pieces of sand and junk leftover from casting from contaminating your oil.
  12. Lost 706 D

    That is a late model versatile with the versatile made axles instead of the early Clark axles. 1970-71 year I would think.
  13. 706 Diesel Electrical Problem

    Step by step test with good volt meter. Always ground meter on a good clean area on the frame separate from the bolt your battery is grounded to! 1-Turn your lights on to eliminate battery surface charge. 2- starting at the battery that's grounded to frame. put meter on both battery posts, not cables. Should be close to 6v. If not it's bad battery 3- hook meter to good clean frame ground and positive battery post not cable. Should be close to 6v. If not you have bad ground connection or bad ground cable 4- meter to good clean frame ground and check second battery negative post not cable. Should be close to 6v. If not you have bad connection or cable connecting the two battery's. 5- hook meter to posts not cables on second battery. Should have close to 6v. If not it's a bad battery. 6- hook meter to good clean frame ground. Other meter wire to starter lug that battery cable connects to. Should have close to 12v. If not you have bad connection or cable from battery to starter. If you do all these steps in order you will easily and always find your problem without wasting a lot of time guessing. Good luck
  14. Loadstar carburetor general advice needed

    Best practice is to put a power valve in that stays closed at idle vacuum. To accomplish this you need to understand that the last two numbers in the power valve part number is the vacuum that it opens so in your example of 125-65 that power valve will open at 6.5 inches of vacuum. This would be a good one to start with. After you get it running and timing and idle set put a vacuum gauge on it. As long as it pulls over 6.5 on the gauge then that valve will stay closed until a load on the engine pulls the vacuum down and then it will open which is what you want. As far as putting a single stage in where a dual stage normally would go I think it's fine. If you could send me a photo of that dual stage valve and both sides of metering block it might jog my memory if there is anything else you need to do. To answer your question. No, dual stage power valves are not the norm on 2300 carbs.