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  1. The backer ring is a thin rubber washer that goes in the oring grove and takes up a little space and it makes your oring just a little tighter.
  2. 65806


    Your going to have to update to windows 10 eventually. Might as well do it now. resistance is futile.
  3. I just use whatever the neighbors have.
  4. I run mine at 175 and then have a regulator that I quick connect inline if I want lower pressure for any reason. its nice having the high psi for blowing things off and the impact guns actually have some power. Done it like this forever and never hurt anything.
  5. Early 90’s... unhook the corn cultivator.... drive 35 miles to town for tractor pulls... take 3rd... grab a burger at the drive in on the way home! A simple plan.
  6. Here’s my fridge. Samsung with IH conversation kit.
  7. Be good to rig up some kinda draft control Incase your girls too heavy.
  8. In my experience when you start these up cold the much larger hitch pump will pull so hard to try to get it’s oil through the filter that it will un-prime the MCV pump. dirty filter, weak MCV pump and cold thick oil all add up to this condition.
  9. 65806

    Carb help

    Put a new rubber cap on there. looks like some vapor coming out from a crack in old cap. Pretty normal to see a little fog in that port for a short while after shutting off the engine. That is just a vacuum port that your not using in your application. Could go to a brake booster or pvc valve if used on a different truck. just my 2 cents
  10. They did make some fast hitch prongs that would clamp to a diamond tool bar like you have. I also have a vague image in my head of some fast hitch prongs that would bolt to those brackets with the slotted hole that you have but been decades since I’ve seen those.
  11. Welcome aboard! The ignition and sender studs should be insulated from the cluster metal housing. ignition is the 12 volt power wire coming from the key switch. sender is the wire to the sender unit in the top of fuel tank. you don’t need the negative if the bracket grounds the cluster to the dash but if the light doesn’t work you can run a grounding wire to that negative terminal. clear as mud? good luck
  12. I have a stack of older 100’s. if I keep them long enough they might be worth a hundred bucks.
  13. 65806

    Sorry Ford guys

    In 1968 the fastest/quickest cars at the drag strip were the hemi cuda / dart
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