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  1. 65806

    1466 brake housing came loose

    Definitely your issue. Once that falls apart then your differential sends power to that side and tractor won’t move.
  2. 65806

    1466 brake housing came loose

    So that brake has two separate castings. The outside piece that is a few inches thick and has all the brake disks in it and the inside piece that is the brake piston and also the bull pinion shaft bearing retainer. If that bearing retainer has sheared its bolts or they worked loose that is probably your issue. Your going to have to be pretty lucky to not have at least a few broken parts. Everything above is based on my worthless memory so if it’s all wrong I will apologize in advance. Good luck.
  3. Like I said, I only know what our three have. Our two 1066’s were trucked from the factory strait to our farm. Dealer sent mechanic out for pre delivery setup. 1974 red deluxe cabs, no AC, flat side panels. 1973 1466, white deluxe cab, no AC, louvered side panels. all bought new so I know for sure it’s all original. I think they just used whatever was laying around. Rear cab mounts are same thing. They made hinged mounts and non hinged on those deluxe cabs. One 1066 has hinged, one had solid. And I know those are what it left the factory with also.
  4. I will only comment on what I know for sure to be true on tractors we bought new and still have. 1973 1466 has louvered side panels. Two 1974 1066’s smooth side panels. All three came without water filters and they had a kit from IH to add it on which we did in about 1975.
  5. 65806

    Loadstar 1600 brakes dragging

    Wheel bearing going out? Can cause drum to tilt a little and drag a brake. Just a thought.
  6. You have a pic of carb? if it’s a Holley 2 barrel they had 2 different designs on float bowl vents. Yours should have no vent in top of float bowl itself and is vented through a vertical tube into the clean air side and fumes sucked into intake air. If someone put an older carb with vent out top of float bowl to dirty side of air cleaner then that can cause your issue because the restriction of the air cleaner will cause it to run rich. Whereas the one vented into the clean side will not cause a rich condition reguardless of any air cleaner restriction. Not sure this is your issue but in 50 years who knows what carb has been installed.
  7. 65806

    706 T/A help needed

    X2 on bad spag
  8. 65806

    706 Project Finishing

    That turned out great!
  9. 65806

    Farmall M

    Very nice looking M you got there. Looks like it still has the radiator shutters on it. It looks to me like it’s been repainted because the ends of the axles are red.
  10. 65806

    I have a question about a Farmall 1206

    The serial number plate is going to say if it’s a 1206 or 1256. Paint, fenders and wheels could have all been changed in 50 years of normal use but serial number plates usually don’t.
  11. 65806

    IH TD-6 cylinder head cost?

    I would post this on the IH construction equipment area of this site Lots of knowledge there that might not see your post here.
  12. 65806

    2355 loader on 1066 chatters when lowered

    If you can lower the loader with engine off there is no check in loader or tractor. If engine needs to be running to lower the loader there is a check in either the loader or on the tractor itself.
  13. 65806

    I think I wired this wrong.

    Hydro-Electric power. Zero emmisions.
  14. 65806

    806 losing hydraulic pressure when hot.

    Did you change that relief to the 2,400 lb as stated earlier? If not I would absolutely do that first. My 806 couldn’t lift anything when warm and the only thing it needed was that higher relief.
  15. 65806

    Farmall M

    Well mine has a Swartz wide front but I see quite a few with narrow front and a loader. I have no first had experience with that combination.