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  1. Cool tractor! you will be glad you are getting rid of that fluid.
  2. Take her old position and keep arguing.
  3. Henry’s makes some stuff that looks like white shaving cream. Goes on super easy and then dries to a rubbery consistency. I’ve used it to seal up roofs on steel shipping containers with good results.
  4. is your truck a tandem rear axle? Thats the same place my power divider is on my 72 loadstar. Cable goes to a vacuum switch that locks in both axles.
  5. It’s been a few years but I got one from case-IH dealer.
  6. 65806

    Quick tac duals?

    Next time you are taking them off mark out a notch on the spacer and torch it out so that you can put a crowbar between spacer and inside rim bead area. Then next time you need to remove them you can pry from the inside with a crowbar and they will come right off. Make the notch just deep enough to get the bar in.
  7. We used to set our 1066 front out to 88” to use on beet digger with 22” rows.
  8. The term “armchair comfort seat” is used in this video to describe the pan seat. The armchairs in the 30’s must have really sucked.
  9. not going to work. If you wire it normal for a positive ground it will try to read negative 12 volts. If you wire it like it’s negative ground it will read correct but the housing will short out to wherever you mount it and smoke your wiring. Only way to make it work would be to wire it like normal negative ground and insulate the housing but that’s a bad day waiting to happen. You can use an amp gauge instead. They don’t care about polarity. If it reads backwards just reverse the two wires . Good luck.
  10. 65806

    Battery Covers

    The aftermarket covers are welded at the wrong angle and are junk. I smashed mine with a sledge and threw them away they were so aggravating. I bought a set from CIH. They are welded correct and work good but they should be gold plated for the price they charge. I agree with the other guys, if it’s a working tractor the covers are just in the way. You can grind the spot welds on your covers and remove the angle iron piece and just use it and throw the cover part away. Be a little more secure than a bungee.
  11. Am I the only one to notice that the inside of his tractor is nicer then the outside of mine?
  12. My 2 cents. With both pumps sucking oil through the same tube and filter if you have any significant restrictions in filter or any air sucking past tube oring/filter cover what can happen is the hitch pump will pull all the oil and starve the mcv pump. The faster the rpm the more oil needs to flow through filter and the more the way bigger hitch pump will tend to starve the mcv. I’ve seen a fairly clean filter cause enough restriction that when I pulled the 5/8” plug on mcv to bleed it there was a vacuum at that plug. With the poor condition of oil you drained out I would say you are in for a few filter changes until you get all the junk cleaned out of the system. Good luck.
  13. Should be fine putting 12v to the magnet. You will have some voltage drop with long wires. They need to be adjusted up nice and close. If the brakes have sucked forever is there any chance the brakes were put on the wrong side? Kinda easy to do if they put the axle in backwards when they built it. I’m pretty sure there is a left and right to those but my old a$$ brain ain’t what it used to be. Good luck.
  14. IH came out with the best cure for the 3 speed 15’s. They called it 5488
  15. Exactly and that’s why the three speeds didn’t have a good gear for a lot of jobs. Lots of overlap also. low 3rd and direct was almost exactly the same gear as high 1st TA. I knew a guy that put the larger percentage reduction TA gears from an early 1466 in a 15 and that helped because then it slowed down high 2nd TA enough to do light work.
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