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  1. 65806

    Knock knock

    I had a John Deere one time had a bad fuel injector that made the motor sound for all the world like it had a rod knocking. might pay to crack all the fuel lines one at a time to see if it quits knocking before you pull it all apart. just a thought. good luck
  2. 65806

    Which will win

    Which one made the noise? did the one with cast wheels slip on the rim and make the noise?
  3. Electric vehicle charging station?
  4. 65806

    Simple question

    Where’s my money?
  5. 65806

    Loadstar newbie

    They made a lighter duty 13 speed that was available in an 1850 loadstar. Almost never see one.
  6. 65806

    What is it?

    You learn the coolest stuff on this site.
  7. Does it have an electric solenoid screwed in the bottom of float bowl? I looks like the part that plugs off the jet if the low oil pressure solenoid trips.
  8. 65806


    I hauled water to drilling rigs in the late 80’s with an autocar. it had thick steel tread plate fenders and butterfly hood. 350 cummins, 13 speed, Hendrickson pad rear suspension. drove it through the worst road conditions imaginable and I never broke anything. tough old truck.
  9. Be careful if you still have your cultivator hooked up. Be best if it creeps down overnight to just unhook it while your figuring out the problem. they can go up or down fast without any warning.
  10. The 806 frame is too long to mount the F11 the way it’s designed to mount to the rear axles. You will need to fab up something to move the loader a good foot forward or it will hit the front of the tractor.
  11. I think they have that extended hood so that there wasn’t so much engine pushed back in to the cab. My 1970 fleet star with a cummins had a big doghouse in the cab. Took up a lot of room. that grill looks to me to be the same as a pay star.
  12. Here is a picture of an accessory drive on a V470 in a versatile 145. not sure if that would give you enough room or if that part could be found for a decent price.
  13. Those gauge circuit boards had issues with solder failing. I’ve had good luck pulling the gauge cluster out, taking the circuit board off and resoldering it. if you look really close at every solder joint on the back of the board you will see one or two pins that look black or have cracked solder. Just hit them with a solder gun and a little bit of new solder. I’ve probably done about 20 like this with good results. good luck
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