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  1. I've had my gehl 3510 skid loader for years. It recently stared having a lot of engine problems, it all started when it started running poorly and smoking (like it was constantly flooding). My mechanic rebuilt the carburetor and it ran great, but it started making oil. I took it back to him and he replaced the mechanical fuel pump with an electronic one, still gas in oil. I'm suspecting it is running too rich, but It's putting A Lot of gas in the oil and I don't think that much gas could slip past the rings. Any ideas? This is a ford vsg-411 engine with a zenith carburetor.
  2. Man alive I had no idea how scarce parts are for early mfwd parts for These tractors. Just about everything has been updated to different style, and even some of those updated parts have been discontinued. My 5488 went to the mechanic for a hub seal, which turned into a complete tear down of both sides to discover that the right side drive shaft that runs from the front dif to the hub was very worn. New ones are NLA so we're resorting to have a machine shop build it back up. How do you find parts to rebuild these Mike?
  3. Mike, are you comfortable sharing how much the full blown restoration on a 5488 mfwd from you would set a guy back?
  4. The green light comes on so does that tell me that the switch is getting power from dif lock?
  5. I am pretty sure some were like the magnum clutches and some were the opposite I don't know for sure which mine is
  6. I have had my 5488 for almost a year and pulling wagons this fall I realized that the mfwd doesn't disengage at all. I am aware that there was a serial number break between spring engage and hydraulic disengage and vise versa. The only idea I have is that it is hydraulic applied and spring disengaged and my spring is broke. Any other ideas?
  7. Well I got the steering slop fixed up in my M that I acquired and posted about a while back. I got her all back together and went to change the oil for the first time and i had antifreeze galore in the oil. So the question is do I have a blown head gasket, cracked head, or cracked block? It always starts with a puff of white smoke. Is it worth a try to put a can of bars leak in?
  8. Not every guy I talk to knows what he's talking about.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. My main concern now is somebody told me led lights draw less watts but more amps than regular lights and it will be hard on my alternator. I was always under the impression that led lights were easier on the electrical system. Please shed some light on this before I spend all of my allowance on these things.
  10. Are the headlights too bright for road travel in terms of blinding people?
  11. I want to switch my 5088 to led lights. Larsen lights are much cheaper than tiger lights or Mike Links. So I'm wondering do you get what you pay for or are they just plain a better buy. The kit for 370 bucks sure beats 600 bucks to buy each individual light.
  12. i think I can get a coupler from Steiner. The gear box is full of thick grease instead of heavy oil. I am having serious thoughts of rebuilding everything right rather than a band-aid fix even if it means spending 800 bucks. What should go back into the box when done 90wt, corn head grease, similar grease to what's in already?
  13. Front tires do match and have same pressure. I have some decent front and back movement of sector gear. How can I tell if worm and sector are bad if they look pretty good? When I drive It down the road I just can't put my finger on one particular thing I think I have wear in a lot of places. How much does gears and bushings set a guy back if he wants to do the job right and how much work does it involve?
  14. Tractor is narrow front. What is the coupler and are parts available?
  15. I had a farmall m given to me and the front end shimmys horrible going down the road. It is equipped with charlynn power steering. So I took off the sheet metal and worm gear cover, replaced muffler and breather and steered some. There is a lot of forward and back movement of the half moon gear and shaft but the worm gear seems alright as far as I can tell. So next I take it down the road with everything exposed and there is a lot of shaft movement back to the steering motor when it gets to wobbling. So do I need to tear into the vertical shaft and bushing or is there wear somewhere else? I heard sometimes wheel bearings can play a role, what about tire pressure/spacing?
  16. Can you add to this please. What was wrong and why is there mo more 784?
  17. If everything checks out and I need a new radio can anybody suggest a good reliable radio that can be installed without too many modifications? I don't need many bells and whistles just a radio that picks up the stations and plays me music.
  18. I dumped a lot of money in the air conditioning when I got it, what does that have to do with the radio? The radio sorta worked when I drove it home. Sometimes if I find just the right spot in the field it comes in crystal clear while there is nothing anywhere else.
  19. RedPower5488


    The radio in the 5488 I picked up hardly pulls any Chanells in. It only picks up certain stations that i would guess put out a stronger signal. certain stations will come in a bit better if I get out and touch the antenna but not all of them. However, my favorite station that has a kinda weak signal to start with since it's small won't even come in enough to hear mumbling through the static. Is this a bad antenna/connection to antenna or is it the radio itself. Radio is a Jensen bass boost.
  20. According to my dealer the variable speed clylinder drive belt is NLA, however a quick Google search shows one on eBay from a place called Qpower belts. The belt isn't broke, but it slips too much and won't keep the speed up in swathed oats/wheat. Would this be the way to go, or is there somewhere else I should look?
  21. Believe it or not that is my neighbor Shawn leytem's rig.
  22. Roomy enough for a small child in the back window or a very small dog but that's about it.
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