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  1. That solenoid is a nightnare to replace, make sure it isn't still clicking/ working before you replace because there could be another issue. I speak from an unpleasant experience where my solenoid was good and it was actually my fuse panel that melted. I test them first now.
  2. I'm just wondering if the motor out of a 1996 pickup is too new to work in a 706 without too much trouble. Is there anything different from a 1996 compared to a late 80s dodge Cummins (electronics, pump ect.) The reason I ask is because my old farm truck is clapped out in all areas except for that beautiful motor and I would like to do a 706 Cummins swap and I was wondering if this motor is too new. It is my understanding that I need an adapter, flywheel, clutch, and throttle linkage from Leaman's along with a maxxum exhaust manifold and thermostat housing and a radiator with the ports on the
  3. J-Mech, is it possible for you to respond to a person's question without being and ass and a know it all. I mean seriously you don't impress anybody and you hijack every thread with your useless arguments that steer away from the topic and in which you are typically in the wrong but are too proud and full off your endless wisdom to admit it. You aren't the only person on this forum and get this, SOMEBODY MAY BE MORE KNOWEDGEABLE THAN YOU.
  4. We do all our spraying with a 3288 set wide and it works well just looks goofy. Set it wide, be safe, and don't look back.
  5. Not so long ago you were looking at tractors and couldn't make up your mind everybody advised you to go with something big enough that you could grow into. You acted like a 5088 or a 7120 was a 620 quad track.
  6. I've had my gehl 3510 skid loader for years. It recently stared having a lot of engine problems, it all started when it started running poorly and smoking (like it was constantly flooding). My mechanic rebuilt the carburetor and it ran great, but it started making oil. I took it back to him and he replaced the mechanical fuel pump with an electronic one, still gas in oil. I'm suspecting it is running too rich, but It's putting A Lot of gas in the oil and I don't think that much gas could slip past the rings. Any ideas? This is a ford vsg-411 engine with a zenith carburetor.
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