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  1. 986 FWA swap to 1586

    The drop box on the 15s run a different gear ratio because of the different transmission. Tire size will need to be changed according to what the tractor already has on it. Is this an Elwood or Coleman?
  2. Stupid question about 88 series seats...

    Yes I am asking if it came with certain cab options or during a certain amount of time during production.
  3. 7130 vs 7120?

    7120- standard dual pto, more solid rear end than the 7110 7130-not as likely to have dual pto, heavier rear end, bigger brakes 7140-same rear end as 7130, inter-cooled motor. This is what I can think of off the top of my head.
  4. 3088 auction

    Man if that was mine those little cookie cutter front tires would be the first thing to go.
  5. Stupid question about 88 series seats...

    Did all hydraulic seats use that style of seat or not?
  6. I am curious about what all tractors used the seat with the armrest that would fold down flat with the seat. The reason I ask is I have ridden countless hours as a little boy on that armrest in my dad's 5088. It has the hydraulic seat and I can honestly say that is the smoothest riding tractor I have ever driven. For some reason air ride seats just aren't my thing and I have taken a liking to that solid hydraulic seat. So to the point was there a certain cab configuration or serial number break when those seats were used? That armrest has really come in handy over the years for when you have a rider.
  7. FARMALL Plant vs Racine

    From what I have picked up over the years is that tenneco didn't really own FARMALL, just the tooling. And farmall was pretty antiquated and inefficient facility by that time. But no doubt it was sad that FARMALL had to shut down. Besides, we all know how bad case wanted IH to be dead during the merger that is why things were decaled CASEINTERNATIONAL
  8. Greasing MFWD

    I have recently bought a 5488 MFWD and from reading past threads I want to know where and how to grease the front axle pivot. I DO NOT want an expensive repair bill because I never bothered to grease it.
  9. Differences 5288 vs. 5488

    5488 also has one more disk in the clutch pack I believe
  10. Tractor hours

    I have a 684 with a 2250 loader with 800 original hours.
  11. Super c won’t turn over.

    My guess is that your starter needs work. If the shop didn't load test it than that means nothing. There is a guy in Maquoketa, Iowa that rebuilds starters and he does a fine job. He has done starters for me off of a SM, SC, 200, 460, and an old Owatonna wind rower, problems ranging from your type of problem to broken springs and all for about $40.
  12. MFWD Axles

    This was just out of plain curiosity I don't have any reason to attempt this.
  13. MFWD Axles

    I remember an old thread on this forum but can't seem to find it so I thought I'd start a new one. So it a pretty known fact that the Dana axle and the magnum axles are just about the same. But what are the differences regarding turning radius and the guts? And what would stop a person from retroing a magnum axle to fit a 5x88? Gear ratios? Front bolster? Just kinda wonder why this hasn't been done before.
  14. IH 15 series

    It was their way of putting 160+ hp into a 130 hp driveline. Bigger gears for more horsepower. I really don't understand why IH made the mistake of not building strong enough transmissions and rear ends for their tractors so many times. But then again a lot of people tended to nail their tires to the ground with weights and fluid and turn the screw trying to make a bigger tractor out of a stock tractor and then get pissy and say "What the H*LL" when the rear ends go out.
  15. New c with carb trouble

    The steering wheel is also bigger on a super c, also a super c has a water pump.