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  1. In the order of what I did. I first removed the filter cover on the filter closer to the front, didn’t think I needed to loosen the check valve plug for the front one but the oil wouldn’t stop, so I loosened the plug but didn’t take it out. Oil still wouldn’t stop, removed plug completely, same result. Haven’t touched the rear filter yet. Mainly want to know if I screwed something up. Also wondering if all this oil is coming from this valve that came out.
  2. What is the purpose of this valve? Looks like I’m going to have to pull the filter housing and fix it so that I can properly service the filters in the future?
  3. Made an attempt to service the hydraulic filters on my 5488. Removed check valve plug as instructed however 10 gallons of oil later and the flow would not stop. I pulled the filter out and behind it I found a piece not listed in the filter diagram in the manual. Replaced the filter cap to stop the oil for now. The picture below shows this piece that looks like a valve out of a cylinder head. Can anyone tell me what this valve goes to and if it is causing my problem?
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