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  1. T/TD-6 grill nameplate

    Do you know by chance jeffs number or how to get a hold of him. I have 2 td6 and both need the emblem
  2. Td6 pto

    Mine has it too but was told it was for mounting a winch on the back.
  3. Td6 540 pto

    I have a 540 pto that I bought for my td6 but it's missing some parts. Was wandering if anyone would some laying around or know where to find them. I need parts 19 through 28 and 43 and 44 and 1. If anyone would have information on where to find them. I have tried Zimmerman tractor that is where I found the pto but didn't have it all. I also checked smith in California and general gear in Idaho.
  4. Td-6 flywheel ring gear

    I got the flywheel out by grinding the corners of the bell housing. It wasn't too bad of a job. I also have had both steering clutches out and replaced all the fiber discs with the bi metallic ones.
  5. Td-6 flywheel ring gear

    The flywheel will not come out through the top. Unless you cut the casting.
  6. Is it possible to remove the flywheel without pulling the motor on a td6. I am currently replacing both steering clutches and have the back tore apart. Is it possible that if I take the top plate off the transmission I would be able to pull the flywheel off. The ring gear has a bad spot in it. The next question is can I flip the ring gear or is there a place to buy a new one. Thanks.