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  1. Bob D.

    Surprise on tractor year

    Bitty, I appreciate the info. I did check the casting numbers on the block, and according to the code, it is a 1948.
  2. Bob D.

    Surprise on tractor year

    After buying my Super A last November (2016), I was told it was a '53. After doing some research, I decided to pull the seat assembly in order to try to find the serial number. The seat assembly was not factory installed, and did not have the leaf springs. It had the mono shock set up. Imagine my surprise after pulling the seat assembly, my Super A is a 1948, according to the serial number database at Restoration Supply Tractor Parts. I thought the serial number plate was missing, but, it was covered by the mono shock bracket.
  3. Bob D.

    Farmall Super A

    cgage: After checking the lights I discovered they had been painted red. They were originally white. They don't have lense covers. They are 6 volt sealed beam GE lights. Thank you for your help. I've now got a starting point. I've given up on trying to find the connectors. Any idea on how to check the bulbs to see if they work? There is no discoloration to any of the bulbs.
  4. Bob D.

    Farmall Super A

    Thanks cgage and 664CDN, your information will help me. I appreciate all of you that have responded to my post. It sure is nice to know all of you are so willing to help. Hopefully some day I can return the favor. Thanks again.
  5. Bob D.

    Farmall Super A

    Thanks GT&T and Matt for your help. Spent the better part of the morning at a tractor salvage yard looking for the light connections, only to find none of the tractors had them. I suspected the lights were probably not original, since I haven't seen any of the connectors online or any parts magazines. I appreciate the information you both provided, and I'll follow up. I did receive my first copy of RED POWER magazine, and am anxious to read it. Thanks again.
  6. Bob D.

    Farmall Super A

    I just bought a 1953 Farmall Super A, and this is the first tractor I've bought. That makes me the FNG to tractor collecting, and I need all the help I can get! The serial number plate is missing, so, I can only rely on what the seller told me. I have a few questions, and hope one of the Super A experts on the forum can help me. I've discovered locating implements is difficult if not impossible to find. I'm looking for someone who may have the dimensions and plans for a belly blade and assembly, hopefully with pictures. I also need the dimensions and plans for a 3 point hitch. I have a friend of mine who is a machinist, and he's volunteered to fabricate these for me. And, I need to know if anyone can tell me where to buy the light connectors that plug into the headlights and rear light. Can't find any after market connectors on the internet or locally. Any help anyone can give me is greatly appreciated.