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    UD-14A water pump

    Thank you redwood for the FB Smith, perhaps you might be able to tell me if this engine was designed for what appears to be low rpms? I was expecting this grader to rawr, but seems to be a very high idle, starts and idles. I take the throttle cable off the injector pump and max out the throw on the pump and it seems like a low rpm engine. Thanks for help on the water pump, if hector wans to sell his used one I would be interested. Thanks
  2. Seaknights00

    UD-14A water pump

    I have a Gallion 104 grader with a UD-14 engine. Water pump is leaking and don't know where a guy migh get one and the P/N# if anyone knows, please help. I can't find anywhere that sells parts for this motor. Almost as if it was never made. If there's anyone knowledgeable on this engine and would let me email them so more questions I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  3. Seaknights00

    Hydro 100 hydro problems

    I was pulling a grain drill and cultipack in my hydro 100 when on a turn I lost all movement. I have rear hydraulics, brakes, pto, but no real movement from steering. I am assuming the hydro went out? It felt strong to me prior to my drilling, but perhaps It was it's time. My question is there an easy way to diagnose and or replace the hydro myself or is it an IH dealer mechanic type job? Assuming I will need some test gauges. thanks, Andrew