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    International 1965 Cub.
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    1971/1973 International 1066 DT466.
  1. 466 over rev

    Alrighty, thanks!
  2. 466 over rev

    Alright, when I am at a stoplight and want to start off easy I start in high 3 at 1,200 RPM, it dies down a lot, I go full throttle and about 2,000 RPM I clutch in to go to High 4, and it revs all the way into the black part, and the MPH Tac comes down into the white! Also if I go from a high idle to full throttle under no load it does this, but will eventually govern back after about 2 1/2 seconds, not sure why. This is on a 1971 or 1973 International 1066 with the DT466 engine, and a rotary pump. This only seems to happen when it is at an operating temperature, I am running 15-40. If the engine is 'warm' or 'cold' than it won't do any of this, and I can start from idle in High 4.... The fuel is only turned up about 1 turn, It has somewhere around 4,480 hours and runs great, accept for governing. I feel like it could be an issue with governor spring or something with the weights slipping. Anybody got a solution for this, and what it could possibly cost to rebuild myself or have a shop rebuild it?
  3. What do you wish you hadn't sold.......

    Super M. Tricycle setup. Mechanical pull back bucket and mechanical release.
  4. DT466 1066 Twin Turbo?

    So what setup should I use/do? How should go about doing this? Sorry for late reply, didn't get notified.
  5. DT466 1066 Twin Turbo?

    Alright, So I have a DT466 in my International 1066. (1971) So it won't have any electrical junk all over it, like egrs n stuff. I had saw a video of a Dt360 with twin turbos. I was wondering what type of turbo setup I should do for this Dt466. I need to keep my fuel efficiency, and need to get just a bit more power, safely and reliably. I do need to replace that turbo anyways. I need to be able to run FULL LOAD at FULL THROTTLE for more than 8 hours with a new setup, and not have any issues. Thanks!