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  1. I found some on Steiner. Thank yall for the help. Glad I didn't bolt all that together. It just didn't seem right to me.
  2. So is there supposed to be a seal between the "connector" and the turbo and the "elbow"? If so, what seals do I need? The old turbo set up was all rusted together and I could not find any seals. It just looks like there might be something that would seal in those tracks. Thanks a lot....
  3. So my question, since everything is a huge pile of rust is...... The Elbow Sleeve and the Elbow rings...... how do all of those fit into the equation? I saw a remnant of a ring, between the turbo and the Elbow....so I guess that fits between them, but I am not sure about the Elbow sleeve.... I need a manual. I've bought a new elbow and manifold (front) is there any seal between the front and rear manifolds? I cant see anything, nor has my search come up with anything.
  4. Got the tin off and the tanks off. Found the exhaust leak. Turbo was about to rot into itself. I think I am going to have to buy some new exhaust manifolds and the elbow. Have a 3LM to go on it.
  5. Yeah, the hood metal is coming off next. Im gonna find it.
  6. I hit him up first! He's trying to get out of those style pumps. He did my injectors for my 560. Does great work! and FVP was WAY CRAZY MONEY. yikes.
  7. Where can I send a Ambec 100 pump to that can rebuild and turn the fuel up? Not going Hot farm, but would like to eeek a few more horses out of it...I picked up a 3LM turbo.... And I gotta find the exhaust leak, I thought the tractor caught fire today with it blowing smoke out from under the hood. 😂
  8. So they came outta Kansas. And if anyone is interested, they can own them. This thing needs to go on a diet.
  9. She is honest. I think it will be a good one. low hours, second owner.
  10. So I have bought a few new toys, er... I mean farm tools. :). Got an 856 for hay baler use, but my fun project is going to be a 1466 I picked up a few weeks ago. Looking forward to the biggest addition I've ever had. I'm sure I will have lots of questions as I get into it. It will be a puller after I shed some weight. It has a ton of wheel weight and pretty neat saddle tanks.
  11. So I need to pull this wheel on my new to me 856, as the shaft wiggles and I am trying to tighten everything up. I see threads, but is there splines under those, or does this wheel screw off the shaft? I assume it's splined under there but don't want to try to pull it, and it be threaded. Thanks in advance for your input.
  12. that might be the easiest. and thanks for those fabulous pics. and i will absolutely come visit.
  13. That makes sense, looking at the "floor board" and those plates that look removable. The fenders also have the bolt holes , I assume for the mounting for ROPS. Any clue where I might find a ROPS unit?
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