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  1. My first IH! 560D

    Yesterday was the first day our with all the changes that had been made over the winter. There was a "tune and pull" that started at 12, and then my "home track" had a pull that was starting at 4. It was a rain date and they fell on the same date. So, I did the tune and pull and then we went to the other pull about 5. With the tire change (front and rears) otherwise, nothing spectacular. It pulled amazing. I was dumbfounded at how I was pulling 250+ feet now, where last year with the new, but smaller tires and rims, would spin out at 140ish. The John Deere I pulled against last June that I posted about….I out pulled him by 100 feet. I just cannot believe the difference in how that 560 pulls with a tire change. My pulling buddy told me it would pull like a different tractor. I was really excited yesterday because I won two out of three classes I pulled. The one class I didn't win had some weird sputter (50') early on, and it powered out at 150. It was odd, never did that before. Then, pulled the 7200 stock class next, and was at 295' running like a train. I think my 560 likes heavier weight. I pulled the 6200, 6700 & 7200. She seems to really shine in the 7200 class. My buddy pulls a gas 560 with wheel weight and is pulling the 7-8K classes. He does really well up there too. Yesterday was a loooooong day. Slung weight all day from 9 am, and parked the tractor in the shed at 2200 last night. So lessons learned for the new puller. 1) Tires matter. I spent a year with brand spanking new tires that were worthless to pull with, except to hold air. Lesson learned. 2) Ive pulled for a year now, and I'm learning how to read the track a bit better, and pick lines. 3) Having a good mentor helps. I have a neighbor who is really good, and helpful.
  2. My first IH! 560D

    Thanks so much!!!! These things are always a great project
  3. My first IH! 560D

    So, the front wheel project I don't think I had mentioned yet... A friend, another 560 owner turned me onto some smaller 14" wheels he had gotten for his wide front 560. They were Kubota wheels and orange. After much ado, and wire wheeling, I got the orange off and did a two tone paint job to match the fronts. I also put itty bitty 14.00x4.00 tires on the front. Looks a little like a pro fuel dragster, but maybe it will help. These are also the 16.9 x 38 tires vs. the 15.9's I had on there. And the chrome stack. That adds 15 hp the store said. Kinda like that aluminum plate on the back (kidding) Previously, my hitch was wound all the way up at 20 inches. this allowed my hitch height to be more adjustable. She's gonna pull like a different tractor this year... Next big expense will be some paint and a pump rebuild from Injpumped.
  4. My first IH! 560D

    Thanks. I think the attention to detail helps. As is clear with your build. I feel it makes it look a bit "cleaner". I think I am going to get a real air cleaner. Im not fond of the race car air cleaner look. I had a set of steel wheels that were given to me, but I didn't like the "non-stock" look. Purest, sort of I guess. (as I rip all the PTO out and slap wheelie bars on it) Ha!
  5. My first IH! 560D

    I appreciate that. You are correct....messing around in the barn with the old girl is as much fun , if not more than pulling.
  6. My first IH! 560D

    Before and after. I could have spent a bit more time on them, but I figured they looked good enough.
  7. My first IH! 560D

    So, I found some 16" wide rims. Had them sandblasted and powdercoated. Also found a deal on some 16.9x38 cut tires. While I had it all up on blocks, I re-did the cast wheels. Ground out all the rough casting and painted them. We shall see how this is going to run this year. I had a tremendous hard time getting power to the ground last year.
  8. 450 Diesel project

    that is really neat! Thanks for sharing!
  9. My first IH! 560D

    Another project I worked on during a rainy day. Pretty easy. It looks pretty good and you cant see the little spots from 3 feet away. Best looking part of the tractor except the seat. Well, and the driver
  10. My first IH! 560D

    I agree. Im afraid it may be a bit before she gets new clothes since Im changing the entire set up. Few more pics. My nephew will drive it around in 1st. He started on my redbelly… LOVES this tractor. Plus it keeps him out of video games and makes him want to go to pulls and shows with me. And a pic of me pulling at the Dixie Classic Fair in Winston. Which was fun. I about had a full pull, and would have, had I not fell into a hole a Super 99 dug out in the previous class.
  11. My first IH! 560D

    So, its been awhile since I have posted. Thought I would take a few minutes and do a "year in review" with the new-to-me 560. I picked her up last New Years (really, New Years) in Iowa. Got her home to NC after quite the road trip. She fired right up after sitting for several years and I got right into the mechanicals. Currently, with the help of the fine folks in this thread, she runs really well. I did some plowing to make sure the clutch and everything was ok, at the suggestion of my pulling buddy. I did some horse trading and pulled the trigger on a nice, like new , F250 with the V10 and a DEAL on a nice 20' gooseneck which I have been refurbishing all summer with new deck, wheels and tires and lights. I was borrowing a truck and trailer to be able to go to pulls, which sucked. My pal was great, but his truck was being used for farm work when I had somewhere I wanted to go pull. Im able to do my own thing now. I pulled a lot this season to learn the basics. of how to weigh, when to weigh, hooking up the sled, etc. I did all this with no intention of winning anything, but just to learn the craft, so to speak. I learned that my brand spanking new tires are not the best to pull, especially on the hard, red clay here in the south. I learned that I have a lot of power I cant get to the ground. I learned I have one of the top five ugliest tractors at my local pull. So the plan from here after pulling this summer is this: I am selling the brand spanking new tires. ugh. I was trying to find some 16.9's, but I have a free set of 18.4s that are old and hard and worn well. I watched a 560 diesel pull at one of the local pulls from VA. He pulled through the 8-9,000 classes and was wearing it out. So I may start pulling heavier classes. (currently pulling 6200,6700,7200) I only have 1300 lbs of weight right now. I am thinking of finding 1K of the rear wheel weights and use the suitcase weights I currently have for moving weight around. (maybe put fluid in the rear tires? ) I also picked up some 15" Kubota wheels and some smaller tires for the front wheels. Going from a 6.00 x 16 tire/wheel to a 4.00X15 tire/wheel combo. I hope it doesn't look ridiculous like a Farmall dragster. But that should get the front end down. Ive got a lot of stuff to do before spring. And I want to paint her. That would give me 15 hp at least. What do yall think?
  12. My first IH! 560D

    So, I went to my first "serious" pull where it "counted" a week or so ago. I pulled against several different tractors, and placed last, of course. Again, I'm trying to learn sort of what I expected. Anyhow. I tried pulling in two separate gears, 1st and 2nd. Seemed like second got me a little farther... I was running 7 lbs of air in both my rears. Relatively damp Carolina red clay track. I pulled against a JD in several of the classes. He has been pulling for a long time, some antique tractor pulling club stickers on his tractor and super nice looking. To step back a little bit: We put the new tires on my tractor, Firestone SATII in 15.9 X 38's. The older ones were about dry rotted off of it. they were also 15.9. So, I didn't power out, but just began spinning out around 150-160 feet. The JD would haul it on down to 170-175 ish. He was running an 18" tire on his rear. I wonder if that would be my issue. I still had plenty of power. Just no traction. Only put one weight on the front (100 lbs) and the rest hanging on the rear until some of the 7K classes then as much as 300 on the front. Front end never came off the ground. I ran in the 6300, 6700 7300 and 7700 classes. All in all, I had a good time. it was a lot of fun. Really exciting to hook to that sled for the first time "for real" instead of being in the stands and just watching.
  13. Generator question 560D

    It was the only thing we had changed. Hindsight... That was a no brainer .... In the middle of the cussing and jumping off.... You don't think clearly.
  14. Generator question 560D

    OK, sorry, my bad….they are in Parallel. I got mixed up, they were correctly wired, I just got my terminology backward. It is fixed. My work schedule on the ambulance has ben nuts, I have ZERO free time anymore. So, Apparently my buddy wired it just like the wiring came off the old one. He didn't read and trace the wiring with the new install... Had I known that, its what I would have done to begin with. The VR that I bought new, was different than the posts on the older one that was on the tractor. So, his quote was "I wired it JUST like it was taken off, I swear". Yes, you did…but… lol. I took it pulling yesterday. It spins great, fires right up (as it should with that much battery) It isn't draining the battery, and it would spin right up every time I went to start it. Its a great big sigh of relief. I cant tell you which wires he had mixed up, but it works fine now. I "re- polarized" it and it doesnt get a bit hot. Now I just have to get my traction issue figured out. I don't think the genny had anything to do with that I appreciate all of you chiming in. And all of you guys through the thread were spot on. Thats why I love this forum.
  15. Generator question 560D

    Im pretty sure the voltage regulator is wired correctly now. So that hopefully is ok. Now, I didnt re-polarize the VR after I rewired it. THAT might be an issue. The batteries are definitely wired in series. It was hard to turn over before, now it spins well. That was the reason for the second battery. I also really appreciate your input. Ill check all of that stuff over the next few nights. I wonder if not repolarizing that VR would cause it to heat up when its turned off.