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  1. Thanks. The closest IH dealer is around an hour from me. From that number I did cross it to two Timken seals, neither of which can be had local in under three days apparently. Oh well. Thanks for the help. I at least know what to order from caseih though.
  2. I have a 130 with bad seal on the pump. It's out and I know there's two seals for it. Mine is a Cessna pump with 1"OD and 9/16"ID seal. I've ordered two online now and despite expressly saying they're 1" both were too big. Does anyone have a simple cross reference to timken or something so I can run to parts store and get it together this weekend? I would like to get it back together and use. Listed part numbers assuming correct are 384504R94, 596548R91, 71131019, 80063285, H548511, H582916, H141861, H569400, H89540, V4017. Thanks in advance. The tractor is the one I learned to drive on
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