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  1. 3088 auction

    Just outside of Albany Wi
  2. 3088 auction

    I was all over the place lol. Orange stocking hat, black bibs and a brown coat.
  3. 3088 auction

    I was at that auction too. 3088 looked nice except for the dinky front tires. I thought the 5130 was a steal at 10,000, no cab but seemed alright.
  4. Machinery Jockeys

    Have a friend that bought a 1086 with 6500 +/- hours about a year ago. Paid good money for it, TA and clutch were new and tractor ran and looked good. I went 6 hours round trip to pick it up. Not a month later the hydraulic pump went out. Now the clutch and PTO are out. Clutch was said to be new but apparently hadn't been installed right and leaked oil onto the clutch discs or wasn't new at all. Moral of the story is that most of the time you don't know what you might get when buying used equipment but dishonesty from the seller is the worst imo. Anyone else have jockey horror stories?
  5. Big money in tomatoes?

    He can just work around it I think, must just be seeing if reroute would fly.
  6. Big money in tomatoes?

    I doubt the gas company will move the pipeline, they have no vested interest in this guys plan.
  7. Big money in tomatoes?

    The site is located in Southwestern Wisconsin.
  8. Big money in tomatoes?

    I've been working on surveying a 100 acre woods for a client of ours this week. He plans to remove all of the trees, level the site, add a rail spur to an existing railroad and build a 75 acre building to grow hydroponic tomatoes. On top of all of that there is a high pressure natural gas pipeline that cuts right through the middle of the property. Client is in talks with gas company to reroute pipeline around his land, big money to move I would assume! Is there really that much money in tomatoes?
  9. Pasquali tractor

    My uncle has one without a loader. Not sure where it came from but he seems to like it on his hobby farm.
  10. who all grinds feed still?

    We still run a Farmhand identical to that one, even has a sheller. During the winter we grind with ear corn and oats with it along with our Gehl 65. The 2 batches get us through the week feeding cows.
  11. Land rent contracts

    Thank you for the advice and knowledge everyone. I went ahead and told him I would rent it for 3 years.
  12. Land rent contracts

    Rented some land this year for the first time and really enjoyed it. My landlord wanted me to sign a 3 year lease at a fixed rate this spring but I refused and only signed for this year. I'm wondering what you guys do? If I sign a multiple year lease but the rate is not flexible I know some years I will make money and some years I may not. I know farming is a big risk, but is a non flexible landlord worth the risk? Thanks for any advice.
  13. Mulboard plow vs. chisel plow

    Update: I was able to borrow a 6-18" moldboard plow with an on-land hitch from a friend of mine. All he asks is that I replace 2 cover boards that it was previously missing and put a coat of plow paint on it after I get done using it, pretty good deal. I got started on the drier parts of the filed this past weekend and the plow was working great, burying everything. More rain in the forecast so I'll have to wait to get into the lower ground, tried Sunday night and buried the 2+2 to just above the drawbar. Luckily my neighbor was able to bring his 315 Magnum over and pull me out with ease.