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  1. Trying winter wheat for the first time in south central WI. Planted it Oct. 19 and it is still not up. We have had temps anywhere from 4° to 50° and a few accumulating snows since it was put in. It has germinated but not sprouted. Wondering if anyone with more experience with the crop knows if it will come up in the spring and be a decent crop?
  2. Hey guys. I am studying for my part 107 commercial drone test, taking it this Friday. Seems like there is quite a few people interested in aviation on this forum. Just wondered if anyone else has taken the test and might have any pointers? Some pretty good YouTube videos out there and the FAA has a good study guide I have been looking through as well as a practice test app on my phone. Thanks!
  3. The shape of Nebraska! Pretty cool :-)
  4. I broke my ankle a month ago, clutch foot of course 😞 . I'm wondering if there is a way to reduce the clutch pedal hydraulic pressure on my 3588?
  5. Hey everyone. I'm thinking about growing wheat for the first time this summer. The field was corn last year. Just looking for any pointers on fertility and weed control. Also I am planning on planting it as early as possible like we do with oats. Is my thinking right here? Thank you.
  6. Yes we do have outlets, a creek and neighbors have tile.
  7. Just looking for some advice here. Last 2 years have been above average moisture in SC WI and most of our ground is pretty low. Our home farm has clay but is higher up a hill and usually grows respectable yielding corn and beans. I run the farm next door and my beans did alright last year and my corn did ok I guess this year given all the moisture, 133 BPA. Going lower into the marsh my parents have 60 acres with about 40 tillable. Last year the corn only went 90 BPA but was planted late. This spring we fixed the waterway that had washed out badly and added tile (not the whole field, about 300' either side of the waterway). We were really hoping for better yielding corn on that piece this year but it only went 52 BPA. Last 2 springs have been extremely wet and this growing season has been wet all the way through. Soil fertility is good and weed control is satisfactory. Are we just missing something or would a different crop be better suited to this low ground? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated! Thanks
  8. With all of the rain in our area lately getting corn chopped in a timely manner has been difficult. The neighbor called me today and asked if I would be on 'pull out duty' for the silage trucks. I said of course! Great excuse to spend the day in a near new 340. Ended up pulling 3 trucks out and attempting another that the 340 couldn't get. Had to call in the 4wd Ford that was packing the bunker silo. Neighbor I was helping hires all of his cropping and fieldwork custom done so he can focus all of his time on his very well managed 400 cow dairy herd. How is everyone else doing with silage?
  9. Bought a 12' Miller offset. Anyone know what model it might be?
  10. I pull a 21 foot standard disk with the 3588 already but I've always heard offset disks pull much harder. Looking to break up corn stalks in the fall with it mostly.
  11. Looking for advice on offset disks. I might be in the market for one in a few months here. What brands are best? How big of an offset disk can a 3588 handle? Thank you in advance.
  12. Crapp Farms. Sold for 17.6 million on Monday. I think the feedlot, hog setup and other buildings are included in that figure.
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