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  1. I use them all the time for survey points in asphalt, pretty handy!
  2. Was running my 1566 for awhile today and wasn't getting fuel. Changed the filters which helped for a little bit but then starving for fuel. Took the line off going into the filter from the tank and blew into it and that seemed to solve my problem for now, enough to get it back in the shed at least. Is there anyway to clean the tank out or should I just get a new one? This tractor hasn't worked hard for a few years but has been started every couple months and gotten up to operating temp. Thank you
  3. Hi everyone. Wondering if anyone knows if I'm missing a piece on my 8360 haybine where the auger pushes the hay to the rollers? The dealer says there is not supposed to be a center piece under the auger but it seems like some hay would bypass the rollers with it like this. Any help is appreciated!
  4. Just out of curiosity would a dual speed pto from an 826 fit into a 1566? I'm thinking not but not sure.
  5. I did just pull with it since I bought it about 8 years ago. But now I'm running a few more acres so I'm putting the cast centers back on with some 20.8x38s with about 60% tread left. Debating on using rim guard fluid or a couple sets of wheel weights. Will either be pulling a 9 shank chisel plow or the soil finisher this spring.
  6. Here's my 1566 BS. Never struggled finding the right gear when pulling it. Going to put it back in the field this spring. I to am curious on how many were made.
  7. Hey everyone. I might be going to look at a White 5100 8 row planter this weekend. Looks to be in good shape but this would be my first planter so I'm looking for any advice on things to look for. Are parts for these planters still easy to come by? Thanks!
  8. Trying winter wheat for the first time in south central WI. Planted it Oct. 19 and it is still not up. We have had temps anywhere from 4° to 50° and a few accumulating snows since it was put in. It has germinated but not sprouted. Wondering if anyone with more experience with the crop knows if it will come up in the spring and be a decent crop?
  9. Crapp Farms. Sold for 17.6 million on Monday. I think the feedlot, hog setup and other buildings are included in that figure.
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