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  1. Benski

    186 hydro

    I need a little help with isolating external components on my 186 transmission, I have all the gauges and fittings I need but I am unsure what lines I am suppose to cap off to eliminate external components before I check pressures. Has anyone on here ever ran a test and could tell me where to start?
  2. Benski

    TA questions

    So I removed the back side of the coil, found it to only be slightly more than hand tight, snugged it up a little and it works now but it slow to shift into low found this on the end that comes out of the coil, are there suppose to be 2 o-rings on this or just the one?
  3. Benski

    1486 ac

    Could be the thermostat switch, perhaps the mice have pulled something loose up on top of the cab over the winter?
  4. Benski

    1486 ac

    what is the outside air temp? high side should be twice the temperature +50
  5. Benski

    TA questions

    I have switched power at the solenoid under the cab, that is when the leaver is ahead, there is power to the solenoid, when the leaver is back there is nothing... where is this poppet? Do I need to remove the solenoid from the hydraulic valve?
  6. Benski

    TA questions

    Sounds like going back to the cable will be my best bet, what kind or a linkage is needed under the cab above the plunger? Are those parts still available from a dealer or is that salvage yard only parts?
  7. Benski

    TA questions

    I’m looking for help on our 1086 with what I believe is an electronic diod TA actuator? There is no TA cable anymore, there is some sort of hydraulic valve with a couple wires on top of the TA plunger. The tractor seems to be stuck on the high side. If I shut the tractor off I can lift the plunger up manually and it will stay up until I start the tractor and shift the ta leaver ahead but the plunger won’t come back up when I pull the ta back, the plunger will only come up if I shut the tractor off.
  8. Benski

    1440 expansion valve

    where is/ what is the best way to access the expansion valve on a 1440 combine? I've done the replacement on a 1086 easily before but the top of the cab comes off on the tractors, the combine cab doesn't have an access panel to remove up there...
  9. Benski

    766 fuel sending unit

    I have a 766 diesel with a qr1 year round cab on that needs a fuel sending unit, question is do I need to tip the cab up to get the hood off to replace the sending unit or is there another trick to getting the top tin off under the cab?
  10. Benski

    3388 flashers

    had the same issue on our 186 ended up being the electrical connection under the cab that powers blower fan, radio, dome light, and flashers, ours was melted so I just cut the connection out and spliced everything together with weather proof connectors
  11. Benski

    Tilt steering wheel 66 series

    I may be wrong but I don't think tilt steering was even an option on the 66 series, not even sure if it was an option on the 86's but it can be put in an 86 series from an 88 series
  12. Benski

    Year round dash cover for 766

    I know there was something originally because I still have the remains of the original, minus the padding on the back side thanks to the mice.
  13. Benski

    Year round dash cover for 766

    Im looking for a dash cover for a 766 with a year round QT1 cab, Ive found lots of places to find a dash cover for a factory cab but none for a year round cab, question is are they the same or is there some place that I can get a dash cover specifically made for a 66 series with a year round cab? Thanks
  14. Benski

    1086 shifting

    Using our 1086 this fall for pulling wagons I noticed that I can't pull it into 1st gear, I tried slowly letting the clutch out to get it to go like I've been able to do other times but this time nothing. After messing with it for a while I did manage to get it to go in once and everything was sounded good in the transmission and it shifted back into 2nd just fine but it wouldn't go back into first after that and I haven't been able to get it in since. Is this something internal or is it just a linkage that needs to be lubed somewhere? Ben
  15. Benski

    cab kit for 3x88

    I've installed 2 headliners, both from SHOUP, perfect fit, didn't have to do any trimming, but I would recommend watching a youtube video, they give some good tips if you've never done one before.