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  1. Chuck1225

    New joke

    Not sure if I shared this here or not.. reguardless, it’s hilarious! I’ve watched it so many times now that I can quote it word-for-word.
  2. Chuck1225

    Help me start my channel!

    Welcome, from another budding youtuber! I haven’t had time to watch the whole video yet, but the little bit I’ve seen so far this morning looks good! Keep it up! as far as editing software goes, I use Movavi Video Suite 16; it’s probably not the best, and you have to pay for it (but there is a free trial or something like that.), but it works well for me. A day of fiddling around, and I was able to figure out most things on my own without needing a tutorial. If you’re in the market for a camera like a GoPro, check out eBay, and do some research. I got an Olympus TG Tracker, and love it.
  3. Chuck1225

    I want to know more about IH??????????????

    That’s cool
  4. Chuck1225

    I want to know more about IH??????????????

    Do you have a picture? I want to see that combine.. haven’t heard about it..
  5. Chuck1225

    Ruby Red's IH Equipment at Work

    Looks great!! My heart got really happy when I saw this thread pop up again.. I always love looking at your red equipment!
  6. Chuck1225

    New joke

    I saw that! I was going to get it out of morbid curiosity, but not with a price like that! Maybe it’s on Kindle or something..
  7. Chuck1225

    IH-McCormick Model MF(?) drill,

    Thanks for the pictures! I’m sure those’ll come in handy! Yeah, loading/unloading is my biggest worry. We’ll have a 16 foot car trailer to haul them on, he’ll have his Bobcat to load with, and my friend has one to unload with, I’m just trying to go over the best lifting points in my mind.. Granted, this isn’t his first time doing this, so I probably shouldn’t be too worried
  8. Chuck1225

    IH-McCormick Model MF(?) drill,

    Yep, mine’s double disc. No hydraulic lift, unfortunately, but maybe I can find a parts drill with one if I get lucky. Thanks for the replies guys!
  9. Chuck1225

    IH-McCormick Model MF(?) drill,

    First off, my apologies for having disappeared for so long.. (Unless you were getting used to me not asking random, annoying questions, in which case, I’m sorry I’m back.) 😂 I could never remember my password, and tonight I finally reset it. I’ve been around, usually popping in at least once every week or two just to see what was going on.. but I digress. The other week while scrolling through Facebook, I came upon an ad a guy had selling some random equipment for an older lady. We talked, and I agreed to drive to Findlay, OH to take a look.. I grabbed a friend, hopped in my Jeep, and made the trek down. Well, admittedly my phone was my GPS on the way down and, due to a charger cord error, was nearly dead when I got there. So sadly, I didint get to take any pictures, and instead I just have what had been posted to the ad. What I did find, in addition to a menagerie of Ford, Massey, and a few other brands, was a very nice condition IH-McCormick grain drill, last used and serviced in 2005, ready to go for the ‘06 season, and stored since, due to a death in the family. (my amateur detective work has led me to believe it is a model MF, with the optional grass seeder on the back) Nothing appears broken, bent, seized, or worn out (though the bottom of the fertilizer hopper is.. interesting. Could you pull it out piece by piece or something? It looked sorta like a jigsaw puzzle in the dim lighting. I don’t plan on spreading fertilizer with it anyway, but it would be nice if it worked, just so I had the option.) There was also a lime drop-spreader, which was covered with so much dust and dirt it was hard to see anything other than the red paint. I’m hoping it was IH, because of the white wheel rim, but I know that’s a long shot. It was in a hard-to see, hard-to-get-around area of the barn, but I took a chance anyway, since everything else had been so well cared for. I put a down payment of $60 on the two, and will be heading back down in a week to pay the rest and bring them back on a trailer. (I had full intention of taking a trailer last weekend, but it fell through.. which is actually a happy coincidence, because otherwise I wouldn’t have had enough with me to cover the lime spreader, not to mention the guy helping sell the stuff would have had to spend a few hours trying to get the two Massey combines parked in front of it running.) They’re some good people, and we talked for quite awhile.. The actual owner came out and grilled me for a bit on who I was and where I was from, and what was I going to do with it.. She made me promise not to scrap it, and wished me the best of luck with my ambitions to start farming.
  10. Chuck1225

    ih 460 fast hitch adaptors

    This site was recommended to me; they might have what you need.
  11. Chuck1225

    Couple of random Farmall 340 questions.

    Update: (sorry for the delay), New plugs, wires, cap, and rotor. On the plus side, I don't have the issue in fifth gear with it taking forever to take off/get up to speed/throttle up/however you want to say it. On the negative side, still have a slight miss. Next plan is to borrow a timing light and double check that the timing is actually correct. tractor has some leaks; bad one out of the rear end somewhere, I think diff cover maybe? Haven't had time to clean it up and verify, but I don't see anything actually busted, like I saw on someone'a old archived thread here on the forum. Minorly leaky engine oil pan (already have a gasket to fix it), and *maybe* one or two others.. I'll probably just buckle down and do the T/A sooner than I'd planned, and fix the leak then, I'll also check my engine bearing tolerances while I've got the oil pan off.. among other things.
  12. Chuck1225

    706 loader attachment, making cheap look better.

    The Shadow knows.. idk how I didn't see this before, but from what I've read/seen, it looks great!
  13. Chuck1225

    Couple of random Farmall 340 questions.

    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind! I realized I hadn't uploaded any pictures, and, well.. I'd better rectify that situation, yes?