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  1. Been a while since my last update, but I've been getting things done, I swear! haha I had gotten brand new rear rims for the old girl, and mounted the original dishes into them. Got new tubes as well, but used the tires that were on it for now. Got my brakes cleaned up, new actuator balls, and new boots fitted into the housing. Also, got a new internally regulated alternator for it. It's an alternator off an L-series Kubota. Had to weld a new mount to the existing bracket, but looks decent I think. Also put on new fuel filters. Got Bosch glow plugs for it as well.
  2. I also got the brake actuators apart. The right side one is pretty rough, and several of the balls looked pitted. The left side has better balls, but somebody definitely put grease in there at one point, and it's pretty gunked up. Here's a pic of the right side which is worse than the left.
  3. I took some WD40 and the wire cup to the brake surfaces on the tractor. And used some WD40 and sandpaper on the bar that the pedals go on. They cleaned up pretty nice.
  4. I've now gotten off both brake enclosures, and I can now understand why the brakes "weren't working very well". Understatement of the year!
  5. Took a bit of hammering, and lots of penetrant, but got the park brake arm off, and the right pedal. I will clean it all up with a wire brush, get some new grease zerks in there and it should be good. I also took the right side rear wheel and fender off for easier access, so now the whole back of the tractor is on stands. I'll get some more pics soon.
  6. I finally got the brake pedals freed up so I can move them up and down. Also the left side brakes don't seem to be seized like the right side. The grease zerks came out easily, but none would take an grease, so I suppose that explains why everything was seized up. Does anyone know if the brake pedals just slide off? I took off the snap ring and washer, and I assumed that once freed off I can remove them by sliding them off the shaft?
  7. Good to know, maybe I will have to make a trip over some time and gather some up!
  8. Got a rear wheel off today so I could start working on the brakes. I found out why they were seized, the boot was torn, and there had been water in the housing. I flipped it over on the concrete and a good bit of crud came out of it. Also got a hose made up to replace the pipe that was leaking hydraulic fluid due to a crappy brazing job.
  9. The steering is actually pretty tight. Even the tie rod ends are tight except for one. My immediate plans are to fix a leak in hydraulic pump caused by a crap brazing job, replace all fluids and filters, rewire lights and starter and add Bosch glow plugs. After all that I'm going to look at some body work, maybe try for new fenders and fix up some sloppy joint in the 3pt arms. My rear rimes have some small dust hole so may try to find some replacements. It really doesn't need much to be functional, but i want it to run and look like new! Would love to be able to find parts or parts
  10. I started getting the old wires out, since most were cut anyway. Even the starter had to be jumped with a screwdriver. Also got started removing 3 pt hitch arms and rear fenders so I could works on getting brake pedals unseized and likely put new brakes on as well. The rear work light looked like it's probably original, still has the glass lens, sadly it is cracked though.
  11. This is a beautiful project! I will be honest, I didn't know they made gas versions of tractors that are this size, I guess I just assumed they were all diesel.
  12. Hey nice tractor! I had no idea you could get a mower to go under these! Here's a few pics of mine after I took off the body panels, just getting some gunk cleaned off the engine, pumps etc to see what's what.
  13. No, I'm in Canada. I'll have to update my info on my profile so it's more obvious.
  14. I was recently looking for an older small diesel tractor to do some garden tilling, blow some snow, and just other general work around the property. I stumbled upon a IH 276. It's just the size I was looking for, would run and drive with no smoking from the engine. The gears crap ok, PTO, 3PH all seemed to work. Body needs some freshening up, and a few little hydraulic leaks etc, but for $1000 I was sold! I plan on fixing things up over the winter and having it ready for use in the spring. The reason I call it a resto-mod is because, while I do want to restore it, I will update a few thin
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