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  1. Anyone ever get a replacement bolt? Mine is pretty toast.
  2. Thanks everyone, yep the owner found a HD3 Manual in the shed to confirm.
  3. This is the ad https://abbotsford.craigslist.org/hvo/d/chilliwack-small-dozer-to-rebuild/6782215304.html
  4. 21.thumb.jpg.299ec6124df3531a5dae221f55b0f136.jpg22.thumb.jpg.b677a1664229bdbb4752519e81103d39.jpg23.thumb.jpg.7c4055c3e3aaa1e5aff657b5d980a11b.jpg24.thumb.JPG.7f2d7322e973956fe957dc60dead9aa5.JPG26.thumb.JPG.82f31bc74c5f4c59867993f969dbeb01.JPG27.thumb.JPG.7ed7d970c9e8b36b9a4c57f2f3bcb0f0.JPG28).thumb.JPG.ff95a12a243b5d2a28ad02b504bd4578.JPG30.thumb.JPG.c51577ff6c3c3b9d5e81ff58aa6a6da6.JPG31.thumb.JPG.8c9fae3449c58c01a931b086edb66440.JPG


    1. Stods


      Just an update on my project. I used the machine for some landscaping work around our house last week and it worked like a charm. The only piece of fuel pipe I didn't replace sprung a leak and a hydraulic hose needed to be replaced but otherwise it ran smoothly. Thanks so much to everyone on the forum for the advice provided. Next month the machine heads up on a barge to our cabin to clear some trails. I'll have the ROPS back on before I go into the woods.



  5. We've got the machine in the garage. Now the fun begins!!.  We live in a bit of a retirement community and lots of our neighbors are really interested in the project. 

    14 reduced.jpg



    1. Stods


      I used acbjohn's sketch to fab up my own linkages and they seem to work fine. It took a few attempts to install the clutch covers/linkages at the same time but I got so good at it I decided to drop a socket into the housing when I was finished so that I could do it one more time!!

      Changed the fluids and filters, put on a new battery, the engine started right away and the hubs turned and stopped just like they were supposed to. I am starting to think that I might actually get this thing going. Just to reiterate what others have said there is no way I could have got this far without the advice of everyone here.







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