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    1. Stods


      Just an update on my project. I used the machine for some landscaping work around our house last week and it worked like a charm. The only piece of fuel pipe I didn't replace sprung a leak and a hydraulic hose needed to be replaced but otherwise it ran smoothly. Thanks so much to everyone on the forum for the advice provided. Next month the machine heads up on a barge to our cabin to clear some trails. I'll have the ROPS back on before I go into the woods.



  2. Thanks guys, Amazon delivered them today!!
  3. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement grease fitting for the track tensioner on my 1973 500c?
  4. I have an 500c with a tired undercarriage. Do 500e rollers,idler and sprockets fit on a 500c?. I believe the rails and pads are the same. Thanks Nathan
  5. Looking for advice on a 500C

    I am going to make the linkages, based on acbjohn's drawing. Does anyone know the nominal overall length of the linkages on a 500C? The 500 linkage looks to have an overall length of 6.2 inches fully retracted to a maximum of 7.575 inches fully extended. Thanks Nathan
  6. Looking for advice on a 500C

    acbjohn Thanks, did you have an online source for the ends of the rods? Cheers Nathan
  7. Looking for advice on a 500C

    We've got the final drives on, we chose to replace the seals and thrust bearings. The good folks at General Gear sent me the fiber clutch discs and 3 new steel discs that I needed. Comparing the 9 old steel discs with the 3 new ones made me realize how badly pitted they were. I think I am going to buy another 9 new ones. Before I place the order I want to see if they have 2 steering links. They are shown on page 12-11 of the service manual and mine are missing. Does anyone have a part number? As always all help is much appreciated. Thanks Nathan PS The camera angle makes the wood cribbing look really shonkey. It is actually quite solid and stable!!
  8. Looking for advice on a 500C

    Kevin The sprocket is off the left side. I just put the picture up to give folks some idea of the undercarriage issues. Thx Nathan
  9. Looking for advice on a 500C

    I have spent the last few months pulling apart the machine. No big surprises except for the brazed repair on the left hand final drive. It seems to have held up pretty well but looks like it has locked in the cup for the oil seal. A couple of questions: Should I leave the existing cup in there? Does the repair indicate that something very bad has happened to the machine and there are other demons lurking under the hood? Should I replace the inner and outer bearings in the final drive even though the ones that came out look fine? Ditto the needle bearings for the pinion shaft? My plan is to go ahead and get the fibre discs for the clutches, reassemble the final drives and get the sprocket shafts turning. Then get to grips with the track conversion. As always, advice is most welcome. Thanks Nathan
  10. Looking for advice on a 500C

    So we have it in the garage and have started taking it apart. We took the left side track frame off and pulled the rollers out. You can see their condition. I am thinking of either: Turning down the rollers to 6'' and pressing on a piece of 6" ID pipe with a flange welded around one end. Or Converting the track frame to take a more available roller such as one off a JD 350 or D2. As always, any advice is welcome. Thanks Nathan
  11. We've got the machine in the garage. Now the fun begins!!.  We live in a bit of a retirement community and lots of our neighbors are really interested in the project. 

    14 reduced.jpg



    1. Stods


      I used acbjohn's sketch to fab up my own linkages and they seem to work fine. It took a few attempts to install the clutch covers/linkages at the same time but I got so good at it I decided to drop a socket into the housing when I was finished so that I could do it one more time!!

      Changed the fluids and filters, put on a new battery, the engine started right away and the hubs turned and stopped just like they were supposed to. I am starting to think that I might actually get this thing going. Just to reiterate what others have said there is no way I could have got this far without the advice of everyone here.







  12. Looking for advice on a 500C

    Are undercarriage parts interchangeable between the different series of the 500 model. Ie will 500 track and rollers fit on a 500C?
  13. Looking for advice on a 500C

    I am hoping to get it winched onto a tilt trailer in the next few weeks. To do so the right hand track will need to go back on. As you can see from the pics, the track and front idler are completely off the machine. I hope to pull the track under the frame and over the sprocket, then use a come along to hold the front of the track up whilst I slide the idler back in. By greasing the idler fork out it should tension the track enough to make it winchable. Is this the right approach or do I need to split the track? Thanks in advance. Nathan
  14. Looking for advice on a 500C

    Curly Thanks very much. My couch hasn't seen much of me these last couple of days. !! Right now I am trying to get the idler tension fork to retract so we can get the track back on temporarily. Once I get the machine home I'll post some more pics.