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  1. Wow, a lot of great info here provided by JMech and others, this would make a great sticky. I think this convo would have been easier in a diner or bar though. Every thing you have said is spot on and stuff that I have long been aware of. For instance I understand the entire function of a precombustion chamber, I didn't feel the need to elaborate or prove I knew, I only pointed some of how it effected atomization of a crappy spraying injector. I am also aware that turning an IP by hand is not going to give me any kind of accuracy but it is a hydraulic pump and turning by hand gives me the appl
  2. Rustled, you and and your instructor are right, it does make a difference but I think it is negligible on a used fuel system. If you were designing a fuel system it would make sense. In this case there wouldn't be a reason to change lengths, just change the fitting nut and reswage the flare on the end of the line. I have a pretty complete machine shop so making new adapters would be simple. I want to pop test and record spray patterns of various injectors to find one that would best suit the pre combustion chamber. As I type I'm thinking it might be smart to look at various pre combustio
  3. I usually avoid websites for advice. First problem is usually everyone just repeats things they have heard and don't actually have any experience themselves. Second, they have no idea the knowledge or experience the poster has and there is always someone looking to call a poster an idiot. I came here to toss an idea around because it seemed to have grown ups with knowledge. I guess I should have spelled things out a bit more, and took out any opportunity to fault in everything before k ow the whole story. I was in the heavy and medium duty truck diesel business for 30ish years and owned
  4. That makes sense, but I doubt a 1/4 or 1/2" difference would make much difference. That being said, all the injectors I would replace would be the same height, so if I shortened or lengthened the lines they would be all the same amount. All I would actually need to do is change the ends and solder new flares on. Could also just machine male/female threaded adapters.
  5. Red rust, they do spray in a round mist (on a perfect day!) but most IDI injectors spray in a round pattern, albeit some are in a number or jets. The volume of the lines does not play in to anything. The injector pump sends a metered amount of fuel toward the injector and because fuel does not compress, just displaces the existing fuel in the line and the injector sprays the amount the same amount of fuel the pump delivered
  6. J-Mech, I am aware of the available reman injectors. Here are a few reasons I'm considering this. First, I can buy a complete set of 6.9/7.3 IDI injectors for just over the cost of one d282 injector. Second, I believe the d282 injector design is less than ideal. Third, while trying to buy replacement nozzles to rebuild the injectors myself I found new nozzles to be almost unobtainable and extremely expensive leading me to believe the rebuilders are honing or lapping used ones as the nozzles I've found were more expensive than they charge for their rebuilt injectors. Machining the adapte
  7. Having lurked on this site a long time and it being the destination of many search queries, I know there are some knowledgeable fuel guys here. Whit the cost and the scarcity of injectors for the d282 I've considered playing with using a more modern idi injector, maybe from a 7.3? I would likely make slugs duplicating the original injectors but drilled and tapped to accept the modern injectors. Obviously I would also make sure the depth was right. My primary concern it with spray pattern. Has anyone done anything like this? Any ideas on a modern idi injector that would have an acceptable spray
  8. Thanks r190. The water outlet and even length didn't concern me, but engine plate and flywheel can be an expensive consideration
  9. Will a d310 bolt in where a d282 lived? TD6 dozer. I have a backhoe, dozer and dump truck. Can fab mounts and linkages, primarily working about the big items items like flywheel and housing
  10. I have an opportunity to buy a d310 reasonably and I have a 64 td6 with a fairly tired engine. The 310 was from a backhoe. Has anyone here done this swap and if so, how much work/expense was involved? Thanks guys
  11. If it helps someone else, I found literature. Its a model A series 3 Paccar has a pdf
  12. I found another tag on top of the winch and it is a Carco Model A-3 . Does anyone have any knowledge of the A-3 ? I have found nothing with Google
  13. I can't seem to find a pic that looks like this one anywhere. I sure wish someone hadn't removed the tag
  14. No, just the 2 levers to left of the operator
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