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  1. I haven't received my manual yet so maybe one of you could answer another question. I just pulled the liners and am cleaning up the block face and discovered cylinders 1&2 have an L stamped next to them and an H next to 3 thru 6. Might this be differences in bore or in height of liners?
  2. thanks for all the help. I ordered a manual . I will machine it at .040
  3. Thanks Binderiod, will do. Snoshoe, can you point me to a good source for a manual?
  4. Posted 20 hours ago I have a late d282 without the wide flange on top. From what I read there is a tool that is used to draw the liner in and stop it at the required height. I have a machine shop and could quickly make one of these plates if I had a bit of information from someone that had one or had used one. Can I assume that it is a round plate slightly larger diameter than the liner and is recessed so that there is a lip around the liner that would bottom out on the block leaving the liner protruding the required amount? if so, how may thousands of an inch?
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