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  1. Thanks r190. The water outlet and even length didn't concern me, but engine plate and flywheel can be an expensive consideration
  2. Will a d310 bolt in where a d282 lived? TD6 dozer. I have a backhoe, dozer and dump truck. Can fab mounts and linkages, primarily working about the big items items like flywheel and housing
  3. I have an opportunity to buy a d310 reasonably and I have a 64 td6 with a fairly tired engine. The 310 was from a backhoe. Has anyone here done this swap and if so, how much work/expense was involved? Thanks guys
  4. If it helps someone else, I found literature. Its a model A series 3 Paccar has a pdf
  5. I found another tag on top of the winch and it is a Carco Model A-3 . Does anyone have any knowledge of the A-3 ? I have found nothing with Google
  6. I can't seem to find a pic that looks like this one anywhere. I sure wish someone hadn't removed the tag
  7. No, just the 2 levers to left of the operator
  8. Captain Crunch, thanks. Any idea what model number that would be called or other info that may help locate info? Google searches have gotten me nowhere yet.
  9. I bought the dozer not running a few years ago. I now have it running but cant get the main clutch to release. I pulled the cover and didnt have good light with me but could see that the throwout bearing is moving in and out. Is this a common problem when they sit? What is the best order of things to try?
  10. Btw, this is bolted directly to pto, the welded portions in the pics are where the previous owner added a ROPS and a tow link
  11. I have a 64 td6 62 with a winch. I am just getting it running and the winch is stuck in retract and I can't get it to shift into neutral, and by the broken shift handle, I think the last owner may have had the same problem. I'm not sure if it is the cable or an internal problem and before I take it apart I'd like to locate some literature but the tag has been removed and I don't know what winch this is. Can anyone Identify this, and/or can point me toward literature?
  12. The wealth of experience here has been a godsend.
  13. Thanks to everyone for the replies.
  14. So is neutral between F and R? Is the brake used when it is in neutral?
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