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  1. Was a diesel mechanic in a past life and played with a fair share of Roosa and stanadyne pumps. I just put the pump from my TD6-62 back together and it seems that the governor arm tangs are able to come out of the slots of the thrust collar. I seem to remember there was something special about this. Did I forget to do something? On the bench If I let the linkage go to shut off position I can look down thru housing and see the tangs come out of slots
  2. Louie, thanks for that info. I too never found that number anywhere, but this pump tag appears to be original. I bought the dozer barely running so I dont know whether it was a recalibrated pump or if one of the previous owners just threw a used pump on from a dt282. Would you suggest just setting it for the non turbo application?
  3. I have a 1964 TD6 with D282 . I am replacing a broken governor cage (using solid unit) and unfortunately according to the tag on the pump it can off a DT282 . Can one of you pump guys suggest a roller to roller measurement that would work well for this motor? I wouldnt mind turning it up a bit but have no interest in "rolling coal" The tag numbers are DBGFC 631-117AE 610502-C91 Thanks Brett
  4. Good morning all. I have a 65 td6-62 that I bought with a bad injection pump. I parked it on some property I'm working on and have been traveling back and forth to work on it. I have a few questions that after searching this site I'm still a bit unsure about or confused. 1. I have been looking online at service manuals. I'm I correct that I must buy different manuals for the engine, the undercarriage and the rest of the machine? It seem all I see are IH manuals for each separate part. Any recommendations on what manual to buy? 2. Are these machines 12v negative ground? 3. The fuel lines on this machine seem to be cobbed up. There seems to be 3 lines coming from the fuel tank, two on bottom and one on top. I know one goes to the filters and one is return from pump. Does anyone have a routing schematic? 4. I've run into some confusion in regards to fuel filters. I think I read somewhere napa 3147 and 3148 but napa catalog lists two or a 3080? 5. What is the oil capacity when doing an oil change? 6. My tracksxare in very nice shape with the exception of 2 of the cleats. Is there still anywhere they can be bought new? If not, a good source for used ones? The ones I've found are parts of complete tracks that they dont want to break up.
  5. Awesome. It's what I thought but have never attempted. I used a light wire spring to take up the gap and will just pull the top off later and replace with the proper one. Thanks!
  6. Good morning. I have a 64 TD6 with a D282. I pulled the pump to replace the fiber ring about a year ago and life happened. I'm putting it back together and discovered I lost the idle spring. Part number is 11966. Does anyone happen to know if I can get away with a hardware store spring? Anyone happen to have one apart that could give me the length and wire size of a spring? After over a year now all of a sudden I want to get this machine moved this weekend. If this is a bad move, is there a parts dealer who I can get this from fast? Thank Brett Baker
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