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  1. i've turned curved stacks to the rear to slide under light tree limbs and branches (hay and rotary cutter tractors)... not saying its' right or wrong, but it works. lol
  2. I could never choose one or two... I'm a bit partial to the 986 and 1486, but a 2WD 5488 is definitely my bucket list tractor. I love big hp 2wd.
  3. I'd agree... that's what i would call it anyway with the narrow shank and points.
  4. Contact @Injpumped I got my S2E from him a few years ago for my 1486. Great guy to deal with and can help you make sure you're getting exactly what you need.
  5. Owner of this 986 always said the IH doors were the only ones that truly made sense... after all, when you get out, you're typically going to the rear of the tractor. I tend to agree; we can shimmy in and out of the IH cabs much faster than any other, even if the cab is lower and fewer steps. lol
  6. That's what I interpreted too. lol. I hear scrap and think cut up with a torch and melted down... and salvage yard where it can be dismantled for usable parts
  7. I'm 28, so I typically get lumped into this group. I'm one of those who grew up around the farm and want to be prepared for as many situations as possible and not rely on someone coming to my aid. All spare tires are checked regularly, fluids, and wear points. Common failure parts are kept in the older trucks(7.3 F250 and Excursion... CPS, neutral safety switch, relays, fuel bowl drain valve O-rings, fuses) along with nearly full sets of tools to not only help myself but others who may need help along the road. The trucks ('00 F250 and '15 F350) have a few more tools than my wife's Excursion s
  8. Thankfully I don't have to worry about many obstructions... an occasional small tree limb at most. Everything I would be doing is basic grooming that's been done for years.
  9. Thank you! Pulls TATPA Div. II with the original 113. One day I hope to give it some more upgrades.
  10. My old man had a 4' 3-pt mounted Sidewinder on his 8N forever; it was a good shredder. All we did was rebuild the deck after it rusted out. However, I don't see many of their pull type for sale around me with the exception of a few 8 footers. Good point with checking PTO shaft length; I'm familiar with the over-running clutch and all the joys of forgetting to use one. lol. I have access to a Ford 4000 and 5' shredder if I want, but I'd like to be able to put the Farmall to work sometimes as well.
  11. I'm looking for a pull-type shredder for use behind my Farmall C. I've seen some 5' Rotocycles for sale. Were these good quality and are parts still available? I'm hoping I can pull a 5 footer as long as it's not a jungle. Probably see the most use shredding ditches and around the trees and shop at my grandmother's property. I appreciate the help and input. Hoping to be in the $250-$300 range... I don't mind doing some work to anything so long as the shaft and gearbox are good.
  12. Triple 7K axles on your trailer I assume and I believe you mentioned your truck is a 1-ton DRW Cummins. You should be good. How far do you have to haul? I believe I've been able to get my 1486 down to about 13K-14K-ish completely stripped of weights and no fluid in the tires. I've towed it with my '00 F250 7.3 on my 8700# tandem dual trailer and never have any issues; just watch my weight placement. Even hauled it home when I bought it with that same truck. tossed a couple thousand pounds of weights up at the neck and the tractor's duals on the tail. Rear axle of the tractor centered over the
  13. I'd sure appreciate it! Thank you! I'm needing to scale one up to Cat III for my 1486 and the darn spikes are about the only thing holding me up. ?
  14. Where did you source your spikes and sleeves from? The ones i've found lately seem on the expensive side.
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