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  1. Large Auction with lots of RED coming up in Perryville, MO on December 2nd. featuring 1st SN 1486. Also: 1586 x 2 1456 (nice straight tractor) 1086 886 826 706 narrow w/IH diesel 706 WF, clean, German diesel, loader 350 x 2 Assorted IH weights, suitcase, wheel, slab, frame. IH cylinders. And more. Please contact Matt Sullivan for more info.
  2. Saw this on Mecum's page. Were there actually factory-built narrow front '86 Series? Wouldn't this tractor have had a cab or at least an ROPS structure from factory? I know the 786's came without a cab but thought that was the only fully "open station" model. Thank You. Chris
  3. 1486 Serial number one?

    Hi. I am looking for some advice. I have located a 1486 with the following serial number: 2650138008601 According to that is the beginning serial number. Would that be correct that this could be the first 1486 built? Thank You. Chris
  4. Harvest Pictures

    Nice looking, well kept equipment. The yield monitor system is a nice upgrade for the older combine.
  5. 1486 Serial number one?

    Thanks for the info guys! I will recheck the serial over the Thanksgiving weekend and get some more detailed pictures of the tractor.
  6. Amazing work!!! Truck will be a thing of beauty.