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  1. Large Auction with lots of RED coming up in Perryville, MO on December 2nd. featuring 1st SN 1486. Also: 1586 x 2 1456 (nice straight tractor) 1086 886 826 706 narrow w/IH diesel 706 WF, clean, German diesel, loader 350 x 2 Assorted IH weights, suitcase, wheel, slab, frame. IH cylinders. And more. Please contact Matt Sullivan for more info.
  2. Saw this on Mecum's page. Were there actually factory-built narrow front '86 Series? Wouldn't this tractor have had a cab or at least an ROPS structure from factory? I know the 786's came without a cab but thought that was the only fully "open station" model. Thank You. Chris
  3. Harvest Pictures

    Nice looking, well kept equipment. The yield monitor system is a nice upgrade for the older combine.
  4. 1486 Serial number one?

    Thanks for the info guys! I will recheck the serial over the Thanksgiving weekend and get some more detailed pictures of the tractor.
  5. Amazing work!!! Truck will be a thing of beauty.
  6. 1486 Serial number one?

    Hi. I am looking for some advice. I have located a 1486 with the following serial number: 2650138008601 According to that is the beginning serial number. Would that be correct that this could be the first 1486 built? Thank You. Chris