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  1. 454 pto doesn't work

    Hey cadam99,. Check pricing on those valves carefully. If it's the same valve I priced out I believe they were ~$220 new from Case IH. ASAP had them new for maybe $120? And rebuilt for ~$85. Please don't hold my feet to the fire on those prices but I'm sure I'm close. To answer your question as to whether the valve is the issue I can't speak to that as I really haven't studied that. My hitch won't lift and that's where I need to do my trouble shooting. That pilot relief valve is suspect in the case of the hitch issue as well so that's on my radar too. Back burner for now with weather and health issues. Recovering from a surgery. Takes a little time. So that project may wait till after the Daytona 500. ( my official beginning of spring) . Kinda works for coastal CT. Good luck. I'm following and rooting for you. Best, Peter
  2. 454 pto doesn't work

    However it seems to have improved your steering you say when you installed the new pump. If the pickup system were damaged would a fresh pump make the difference in your steering? Actually it probably would.
  3. 454 pto doesn't work

    Excellent thought cardamom but I'm sorry I have no answer. I'd look at parts manual for a clearer visual of the pick up system.
  4. Rejuvenating 2400A Hydraulics

    Morning all. Hi oldihdsl. We're stuck hard in first gear. And th hitch will not operate with the position control lever. It appears the hitch will some how decide to raise on its own. I was really as clear as I could be with my previous posts. I haven't had a chance to get back to it lately as I unexpectedly ended up in the hospital with a hiatal hernia. Life is going to be about recovery for a while. Nothing like falling further behind... But I can still bounce ideas back and forth. Thanks for staying in touch. Best, Peter
  5. Rejuvenating 2400A Hydraulics

    My BIL's garage in VT where we spent Thanksgiving. Wish I could get that tractor in here to work on. Problem is he doesn't do his own hydraulics. Just got his Kabota back from the shop for a hydraulic "tune up". Scarey price. I'm still studying fold outs in the service manual and reading every hydraulic thread I can find. With the FEL and steering working as well as they do I'm guessing I should go to that system check valve in the MCV and make sure that is operating properly. And I'm thinking the draft control sensing mechanism may have gotten shaken badly in that mowing incident and I should look into that next. Still haven't got the hitch to lift again by operating the loader or just driving along but it's happened more than once when no one was paying attention to the "disabled" hitch. We'll keep plugging along.
  6. 454 pto doesn't work

    Good morning cadam99, I'm following your thread because I have a 2400A which is the i"industrial" version of the 454 and I have hydraulic. Issues. Hitch won't lift. Steering and front loader work well so oldihdsl has said to me if they are working my pump and filter shouldn't be the issue. I have yet to pull check valves looking for clogs broken springs or stuck poppets. I am like you here for help because this is my first foray into hydraulics and I know I need guidance. My reason for posting is over the new pump you've ordered. Are you sure that's the correct path if you steering is working? Seems that replacing an expensive pump that's operating your steering fine would be ill advised until you could do some more testing. Is the steering a lower pressure system than the hitch or auxiliary valves? I suppose the pump could be strong enough to run the steering yet too weak to run the other systems? I am waiting to hear from oldihdsl myself as he has begun to advise me as well and I value his imput. We do not have a lot to spend on this project so we will be doing this swamp Yankee style. Around here that's considered a virtuous attribute! Good luck and I am following. Best, Peter
  7. Rejuvenating 2400A Hydraulics

    Just moving back towards the front here . Hoping to hear from oldihdsl. Happy Thankgiving to all!. Have any of you resolved either of the problems I've detailed? Love some ideas. Best, Peter
  8. Rejuvenating 2400A Hydraulics

    More details have come out about how these issues came to be. Sis said she had hit a rock that stopped the tractor Dead while bush hogging. I gotta admit I know nothing of that machine either but I would think there were shear pins or something that would give before all that force got through tto the pto but that's what happened sounds like a heck of a wack to me and I'd think this may give us a clue on possible consequences of such a hit. Ouch. Spent some more time cleaning checking and tracing. There are disconnected wiring everywhere. No idiot lights. Safety switch on clutch jumped. Lotta work there. There was also a different noise coming from the tranny yesterday. It seemed like a light "grinding" but not really.! More fast vibrating maybe. If I put my hand on the tranny tunnel cover I can feel it just barely like a vibrator. Could this be the relief valve " squeal " that I've read of giving us more hints or is this something more sinister.
  9. Rejuvenating 2400A Hydraulics

    Got up to work on tractor yesterday. We need a lot of work. Lotsa spray cans, grease and oil and cleaning. Getting stuff moving nicely. You know the drill. To the point. We finally ran her at the end of the day and got her all warmed up. Starts a runs nicely. Haven't gone through the motor at all but all seems good. I felt that the steering was a bit " chattery" at low rpm but at operating rpm (tach's dead) it seems smoother but sloppy. Two different issues. The loader operates well. Lifts the front of the machine no problem. Didn't get over to the manure pile to check lift capabilities but it went through full travel and hit the stops hard so I'm guessing it's good. There are no remote valves on this machine under the right side hitch controls. Just two slots in that side cover where the levers would set I believe.i didn't trace out the feed and return for the loader, but I though they must be from the auxiliary valve connection at the rear hitch where the auxiliaries would be connected. I will confirm that. I drove the tractor around a bit and then went to try out the hitch controls. Low and behold the hitch was up. It was not up when I started the machine and we NEVER operated any of the hitch controls. The draft control was set on light ( all the way back) and the position control was set up ( all the way back). We pondered it, thought about it, all of which got us nowhere so I pushed the DRAFT control lever forward (heavier) and the hitch lowered. I pulled the lever back but the hitch didn't lift. So we put all control levers in the same positions they had been and drove off doing everything the same as before yet the hitch didn't show signs of wanting to lift again. If we could get the hitch to move by setting one of the remotes to demand I saw somewhere that would give us a clue to the problem but I can't replicate the behavior!!! I'm headed back there today, so if you have any thoughts oldihdsl please chime in. I will be posting a new thread about that jammed speed transmission. Range tranny seems fine. Gear shift jammed HARD in 1st gear. Linkage is fine. Lever on top of tranny will NOT even wiggle. Seems real hard on something down inside. Scarey.
  10. Rejuvenating 2400A Hydraulics

    Started searching parts suppliers. Registered with my local Case IH dealer so I can access the online parts catalog and I've used the 454 and that covers the 484 as well I see. I see the fluid capacity of the 2400 is 13.5 gal vs 10 for the 454. Is this because the machine was designed for the hoe with outriggers hanging off the rear I'm guessing? We have only the hitch as I've stated. I also priced a new system relief valve from Case IH just for fun. $385 vs. $117 at ASAP new and a rebuilt for $80. Now I guess we may not need one but I'm seeing how the Stealer works. They have gaskets listed for the top cover which I'm guessing is the whole hitch top cover, an access cover which may be the inspection plate I'm thinking of. And they have MCV gaskets listed. They actually refer to the Multiple Valve Body. Is the the same as the MCV? Or is that a hydro transmission part? If I call for the access plate gasket,( to confirm its the correct gasket) should I order any other parts, gaskets, o-rings, etc. to have on hand? Seems o-rings are everywhere and a spares selection of the correct sizes would be a handy and inexpensive item. I have yet to get the numbers off the tractor and I see a lot of before this number and after that number so I'll record all these next visit. So your post on the pto issue and the reversed poppet syndrome and I like that hydraulics graphic. I have the multiple fold outs, but the overall view is great. Will be following that thread.
  11. Rejuvenating 2400A Hydraulics

    The tranny is the gear not hydro. Have not gotten up there yet. Sister said loader and steering worked great. Brakes may be in need of work she said. Roger on the relief valve. Will check the remotes for engine loading. Will not pull MCV but was planning on doing the filter/screen. All I saw about checking hydraulic fluid was to make sure breather (vent?) is clear of debris as that can affect measured levels. Was there something I missed? Who is your supplier of choice for parts or perhaps I should say where do you get a gasket for the hitch cover. I have not searched yet though I've found All State Ag Parts. Some one recommended Hoober in PA. Will check those two. Thank you oldihdsl.
  12. Rejuvenating 2400A Hydraulics

    Good morning and thank you for your response oldihdsl, I was hoping our yellow tractor wouldn't put you guys off too much! I prefer red myself. To business, my operators manual for the 2400A came yesterday and I spent time on it last night. A little disappointed in that I personally could use more photos with circles and arrows. Drain plugs and fills are usually obvious but these large machines have a lot going on with plugs and inspection plates and on and on. I've been staring at the service manual for days getting familiar with the lay of the land as they say. Problem is it's my sister's tractor on her property 50 min away. We pulled the starter and had that rebuilt a couple weeks age and we're now moving on to the 3pt hitch which stopped functioning however she said nothing about the steering or loader or brakes so I ASSUMED they are working. I need to get up there now that I've done some studying and get my eyes on the machine. We know first off it needs "love". She's under cover but gets out not too often and really as we all know they thrive with use. (Cause then we work on them! At least I do) I personally only own a small garden tractor, Gravely 814, but we have a lot of small yard equipment from chippers, mowers, tillers, snowblower, etc I keep going. Plus some old cars and trucks AND a 1967 IH Palmer MarinePower M-265 in my old bass boat,(saltwater). Yeah we're coastal CT. Tractors with hydraulics is a whole new world though so I'm easing into it. I did note in the service manual under "Massive confusion valve" the first step is "drain the Hy-Tran from all compartments.". The reason I asked if that was necessary is it seems a number of guys talk about pulling them and swapping them out with other tractors like its no huge thing, which it might be if you didn't have to drain the oil every time. Having a pump out or holding tank system with a remote filter system might be nice if you're maintaining a working farm full of equipment. I 'll be using buckets and dishpans. I assume that any side mounted inspection plates will be below fluid level as well so only the top mounted inspection plates can be removed. I guess I may need to check the draft control linkage as a possible issue with the hitch and that is under the seat next to the unloading and flow control valve assy. And do I need or make a new gasket for that or is RTV gasket goo the way to go on those covers. I like gaskets.i imagine chunks of RTV falling into the compartment while cleaning up is not good. So first I will carefully check fluid levels. I see a lot of talk about intentionally overfilling. Is this to help with priming old weak pumps? Then I saw that the fluids should be warm before attempting troubleshooting. Should I just change the filter anyway since nobody knows how long that's been or if the steering and all are working ok just go to work on the hitch. If the oil looked particularly ugly and I were going to change it I was thinking of going with value fluid for a short time with a new filter to flush the system somewhat then go to the Hy-Tran. And one more question on the MCV, can I remove the system relief valve to check operation without loosing too much fluid? Can the oil be put back in if it is clean or filtered particularly if we're going to change it any way? Thanx so much and I will be back. Peter
  13. Hydraulics 101

    Hey Easy Money, sorry to see your thread go cold! I'm in the process of trying to learn hydraulics so I can dive into an issue with my sister's 2400A. Hitch won't lift. Wil require a full hydraulic maintenance, change filter, fluid level and condition, I haven't even done that yet. Look for clogged relief valves and screens, where ever they are. I have a service manual and my new operators manual arrives tomorrow which I assume has all of the maintenance procedures clearly laid out ( I hope) because I'm in a whole new world here. And I've been reading through every hydraulics post on this board. Seems everyone has fun with hydraulics at some point. I've read of this sensorlinkage on the draft control before so I'm guessing it's an occasional issue and I'm very curious as to how you've resolved it. I will be inspecting under that cover my self one day. How scary is it in there? Hope it all worked out for you .
  14. Hello all, I've just been let in finally but that's good because it gave me time to read many appropriate posts about my issue before I go spouting off questions I should try to answer myself first. I have the service manual for the 454,464, 484, 574, etc., and though it says nothing of the 2400A on the cover it came with the tractor and I believe the 2400A is basically the 454 with the hefty straight front axle for the loader and provision for the hoe of some sort? Am I close? And I've ordered an operators manual which should arrive Wednesday. I will be studying whatever hydraulics sections it has and plan on a full going through. The hitch has shopped lifting and we need to check fluid level and condition and change filter and clean out these screens I keep reading about. So I'm waiting to study my new manual and then I'll be back with questions, like where are these screens located and can I remove the MCV without draining the fluid.? I'll do more reading. Hope to get to know some of you. Best with your projects, Peter