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  1. Do you need to drain hydraulic oil from drain plug beneath the clutch brake shaft in order to replace the clutch brake on a 72 1466?
  2. Does anyone have pictures, dimensions, or prints of the filler plates that fill the gap in front of the two post ROPS and between the platform and fender. Haven't been able to purchase so I'm looking for info to build my own or if someone knows of a pair lying around and wants to sell them I would be interested.
  3. Looking for a good used IH combine for small acreage malting barley harvest. Any thoughts/ideas on what a good IH pull type combine would be for this type of grain. Less than 20 acres to harvest.
  4. What are the general pros/cons for the IH model 435/445 balers with #10 thrower? What is a fair price for one of these balers if in good condition?
  5. I have purchased a set of split wheel weights for my 1466 however they do not line up with the bolt holes on the top set when installed due to the casting sprue holding the weight proud of the wheel. See attached. Can anyone tell me if there is a unique part number or does this set up require the use of longer bolts with a jam nut behind them to hold them away from the wheel and allowing them to clear the wedge lock hubs. Not clear in the parts diagram what the jam nut is used for but the is my guess. Bottom weight fits perfectly with no issues. Only the top creates interference issues. Any suggestions or is a very specific part number required for this application
  6. Part #366109R1 on casting. As you said won't work/fit on wedge lock wheels
  7. Thanks Yes they are wedge lock wheels. Ordered via caseih.com part number 366107R93 will double check part number identified in casting
  8. Bought a used set of IH Split Rear Wheel Weights. Question: Markings on back side of the weights has a L1, L2, and I have 2 marked L3. Are these matched sets or will any weight fit with another? In addition, when I did try to mount, the mounting holes did not align when I assembled over the hub. Some appeared to have interference between the casting sprue and the cast wheel hub so I switched set and still haven't been able to align holes.
  9. What's the going opinion on a Model 80 vs an IH Model 82 combine. What should one be wary of wrt condition e.g auger flighting, cylinder/concave, straw walkers). I plan on harvesting a small plot of malting barley and I'm considering on purchasing a small pull type combine to control the quality of harvest and timing. Seen a model 82 come up at $2900 and a model 80 coming up for auction next month. What's a fair price for these model of combines in good condition? Thanks
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