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  1. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Gotcha I will have to doo some research. Loving the old pictures though thanks for sharing history!
  2. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Nice ! what did they call those binder combines? Hillside something??
  3. What's for sale

    What's out there for sale for a International Cabover Medium duty, 1950s - mid 70s
  4. 72 and 7488 First Serial Number

    Indeed, it is! defiantly a Once and a lifetime look at history! they mentioned Tenco? bought out IHC or the Super 70s 2+2 while production, I was wonder what that was for?
  5. 72 and 7488 First Serial Number

    Oh I did not know he got paid! well that takes care of his expenses.
  6. 72 and 7488 First Serial Number

    Has anyone seen this video by Machinery Pete, showing Jerry Kuster's FIRST Serial Number 72 and 7488? as well for the infamous 4366 aswell for this amazing amount of other tractors like the 1568 with M&W Twin-Air Breathers and Turbo's! truly a unique collection!
  7. Before pics of the R200

    Yes, indeed thanks Andy. I'd say I'm pretty lucky myself only being 18 to get my hands onto one of these, here in Michigan they are very scarce... I found one just a couple days ago with a 12" flat bed on it complete but not running and it SOLD 3 hours later, while this one was on craigslist since last September...Doesn't make sense right? Anyhow the track for the parts I need is what I'm after now, just getting some odd-end parts like the Mirrors, IH hood badge etc. but I think I'm going to keep it looking like is it until Next Autumn, I like its patina... Just have to get it running next spring... Oh and if you know anybody around here who knows where I can get parts or has them let me know! Thanks Kyle.
  8. Before pics of the R200

    Mines Gas, 220 Silver Diamond 6 Cylinder.. but my plans are to do a "Twin Stick Jimmy" Conversion.. if it's possible.
  9. Before pics of the R200

    Very nice truck always like those 200s. Here is a picture of my truck a 55 RC180.
  10. International by MTD

    If it has this type of front grill then its a Farm king.. Very Heavy duty tractors, the Transaxles and frames are MADE like TANKS. my Montgomery Wards when I bought I had to have 4 guys help me load it. and that doesn't include the PTO Driven Rototiller by itself it weight bout 300 Lbs
  11. International by MTD

    No I don't think they made these with the international emblem on them.. the model is a MTD 990 most likely a Farm King.
  12. 1950s International COE Help/Info.

    Ahh ok I read online the LC ended in 52 and the RC started in 53, so mines early 54 or 55... if I'm right? also someone told me those rims where Bud man's, I think that's another brand. I got in contact with the owner of this 52 LC160 he sold 5 months ago, so he is putting a whole list of the people/websites and company's he had made or got for his truck, I alos sent him photos of mine, and he said that I have the "Extra Side Tank" which apparently is a whole lota rare I also did not notice but I have the original front bumper and hood hinges too.. Which I heard from a bunch of people VERY hard to find.
  13. W-9 value

  14. W-9 value

    Sad.... thought the 3 ones you If you do get in contact with the owner. give him the pros and cons I bet you'll own all 5 of them pretty easily. lol, anyhow if there truck put some oil in the cylinders let them set over night then try.
  15. 1950s International COE Help/Info.

    I think you are right about the Straight 6! here is a video I have been eyeing for sometime now. this model in the video I think is a RC-180. literally the same as mine except heavier model I love the older 6 Sounds so Cheesy... seems most of these trucks are in the Western Hemisphere.