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  1. 1980 IH Cargostar 1850B with boom

    I like that picture, Everett Dale. I think converting that chasis to a diesel pusher would be great so that engine noide would be minimal and the camper body could extend over the cab. Air ride too, while I'm fantasizing.
  2. 1980 IH Cargostar 1850B with boom

    I recently got this 1981 Cargostar 1850B. It is surplus from the Navy. Mostly it is going to be a general work truck and hobby welding rig. There are lots of little things to do on it, but the body, chassis, and work bed are in good shape. Transmission is Allison MT643 and it works well so far. I have not gotten into the crane yet except to see that it works. Overall, the wet kit is in very good condition. The first thing I will do is repair the leaking seal on the steering gearbox. This is my fist posting on this board. I will be looking for tips and advice from guys who know this kind of rig. I have some mods in mind and I plan to post them here to see if they generate any comments.