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  1. https://youtube.com/shorts/Hc9VwfhR2i4?feature=share Well guys, she is finally running correctly. We checked the valves, they ALL needed adjustment. Then we started looking over the book (the original book I might add, super cool that my great grandpa kept it) and we noticed that we actually had spark plug wires mixed up, we fixed that (which was a stupid issue to have we should have seen that but whatever) and we rotated the rotor 180 degrees because it fired on exhaust, gave it another tug and she took off like a rocket. thanks for the help, Phil
  2. Okay I’ll check that out as well thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Ok guys, thanks for all the suggestions. I’m going to replace my wires, get a compression tester, set all the valves and then see where I’m at. I’ll check back in a week or so after we get that figured out and see where I’m at. Thanks again, Phil
  4. Hey guys, My great grandfathers farmall M hasn’t been ran since 1995 and a buddy and I have recently resurrected the old girl. I have attached a YouTube video link for you guys to look at and see if you could tell me why she is refusing to run like a champ. We have done the following: Brand new spark plugs, wires, completely rebuilt magneto by Brillman Co., and completely cleaned and gone through carb. https://youtube.com/shorts/OoaZroZKy2U?feature=share Thanks!
  5. Has any body ever done an engine rebuild kit on an ih 656 diesel?
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