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  1. Source depends on the effort you are willing to go to to find what you need. For this project, time is on our side and we will dig and follow every lead until we have what we need. So far, so good. Finding the lamps was following each lead, finding the grill emblem same thing. We have tackled projects that are far more difficult to source parts, but won’t give in easily. I would have to check on the outboard bearing, but every bearing was sourced to match or cross reference to the original.
  2. Some of the new bearings came in tins!
  3. The final bearings have been acquired, a couple on back order, but assembly will begin!
  4. Does anyone have photos or details of the armrests for the T/TD-6? I would really like to know whether the originals had piping on them, how long and thick they might be...even the dimensions and shape of the angle iron that I think is used to mount them. Thanks!
  5. 79vking, which bearing are you looking for? Your part number doesn’t line up with our parts book. Which is it in this photo?
  6. Have not had to resort to that yet. We may have just located the last two bearings…if not, we will look at our options. The machinist will sort it all out.
  7. There is one pair that we have not located. That is still on going. The majority should arrive quite quickly through the supplier as the numbers were all good number. Unfortunately, the pair we cannot find are some of the first needed for the assembly process.
  8. Can I arrange to buy one of those decals?  We will be investigating the development of the other two decals soon.  Thanks!


    1. td-18


      Send me an address , I’m pretty sure I have an extra 

    2. Mogulman


      Thanks!!  More than willing to pay any costs associated with it!


      Randy Kvill

      Box 227 

      New Norway, Alberta, Canada

      T0B 3L0

  9. Well, most of the new bearings and seals are on order. Hopefully we can start posting reassembly photos soon!
  10. These are the bearings for the T-6. They will all be replaced.
  11. Nice! It does look similar to the lower one of the two. The upper one is still a mystery.
  12. Look forward to seeing it. As I have studied this further, there are two decals for patent information. Any idea on the second?
  13. An appropriate coating for the sealing of internal surfaces. More baby steps.
  14. Cleaned the dash decals a bit. Is anyone making the Patent decals? Not enough here to work out the actual decals. We can recreate the IHC Canada decal easy enough from this original.
  15. One link at a time, work through it and see what can be done, initially they look pretty good.
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