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  1. First roller assembled. Decided after much back and forth that the 4140 shafts are going to outlast most of us since the crawler will only see very occasional use. So, not hardening them.
  2. Summer seems to slip away quickly and projects get slowed. The rollers axles are taking shape. Should be getting the feet back on the old beast before Christmas…not going to say what year though.
  3. SShhhh....We won't say anything to them...likely go unnoticed. We shoveled and scrapped up all we could afterwards.
  4. Wondering if this had anything to do with the nice oil coating? The bottom of the air-cleaner was worn threw by the parts inside that got loose and wore out.
  5. Still needs more cleaning, but it is looking a bit better.
  6. Checking out the head. Everything looks good.
  7. Checking over the dash and electrical components to make sure there are no extra holes where they shouldn’t be. Waiting for the pistons and rods to come back from the engine shop since we needed new bushings.
  8. That is probably because they are new.
  9. My aunt gifted me her late husbands WD9. My son and I picked it up a few weeks ago. We had never seen it until pickup day. We are happy with what we see. Time will tell what kind of shape it is in. It is heavily coated in oil and dirt. Hoping it is just evidence of small leaks and never having had a bath. The paint work was done during its working life and is in remarkable condition. It appears that not one piece is missing as the drain plugs/ caps and pipes are all with the tractor. Cleaning has started!
  10. Sleeves are in, water pump and various other components are attached!
  11. The engine crank was sent out for grinding. All the other parts rebuilt in house. Parts are checked carefully and only rebuilt as necessary. Some NOS parts, always the best we can find. So far so good!
  12. The carburetor was also rebuilt during the wait as well.
  13. While waiting for the final engine pieces, the governor was rebuilt.
  14. Parts for the engine are finally all here. Now it begins to go together.
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