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  1. 300 Utility Power Steering Line

    Hi. Hope this helps. I had hydraulic issues but the power steering works fine. Paul
  2. Anyone Recognize These Women?

    Exactly what i thought!
  3. Super bowl add

    Yes unfortunately people drink and do stupid things especially when you get that many together. (No proof that that the horse bleep eater was a local, but it makes for a sensational, fairly disgusting story.) Research a college fraternity and you will probably hear much worse. I'm not surprised by what you heard and that's exactly my point. I live 15 minutes from center city and have family & freinds that live there. Im often in the city for work. Check the police record it's public information. Per the mayor this morning, 4 arrests, 2-3 torn down light poles, a collapsed awning, toppled planters, broken windows at a Macy's. I'm sure every major city had burglaries that night though completely unrelated. Ideally everyone behaves but that's not reality. My point is that the reputation of the city where i was born has a really distorted, unfair reputation, (knuckle heads aside). Make no mistake, there are some very rough parts like any major city. The parade will have about 2 million people and I'm sure there will be more stupidity especially since Budweiser is giving away free beer!!!! Just hoping it doesn't tarnish a great game. Paul
  4. Super bowl add

    Yes i admit i was born in the city of brotherly love and am a long suffering eagles fan. You'd be surprised how the press often distorts the truth about Philadelphia. There were no "riots" after the eagles win. (Actually only 4 arrests yet Amherst MA had many more.) like many papers reported. Over 100,000 people in the street and the damage was relatively minor. (Albeit if you had the one car that was tipped over it wouldn't be minor!!) The city has its share of knuckle heads for sure but mostly hard working people looking to do the best to raise their family. I'm most proud that the first words from our quarterback Nick Foles were "all for the glory of God" and from our coach Doug Peterson, I give thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ". It's more impressive if you see it. They weren't saying God helped them win the super bowl but acknowledging the power of God in their lives. A really great game regardless of your stance. Lots of fun to watch! Paul
  5. Happy or sad state of affairs

    Lot's of great advice and knowledge here as always!! Probably will have to go with the "cold weather package" however. Inevitably the next time it won't start i will be out of town. I can see me trying to tell my wife she needs to put a little fire to the tanks!!
  6. Happy or sad state of affairs

    I had 3, 100 gallon propane tanks installed, just for the generator for now. I want to get some sort of heat into the garage, just enough so it's tolerable. I've got oil heat for the house The installer said it's gonna need a "winter package". It's apparently a cover for the oil filter and an electric warmer of sorts. Thanks!
  7. Happy or sad state of affairs

    Hi Sid Yes, my wife and I just met the lady who runs the store last year. I think her husband does outside landscaping and plumbing. (fountains etc.) nice person. They have an old mf tractor, she gave me the name of a mechanic who works on it. Like i said, beautiful area up here. We plan to retire here. Are you from around this area? Paul
  8. Happy or sad state of affairs

    We have a place in Minerva (Olmstedville). Beautiful and best off all peaceful. It's an old farmhouse built in 1860. Although I'm not a farmer (and don't have a clue how so many of you manage) it still amazes me, how many farms there used to be aground here. Some of the older folks tell me farming was never very good in these parts. Rocky soil and a short growing season???were the main issue I gather. My hat's off to those who tried to make it a go of it.
  9. Happy or sad state of affairs

    My wife and I come up to the Adirondack mountains in upstate New York every year around this time. Wasn't expecting this kind of cold,( -2 ). Figured I'd see for the heck of it if the tractor would start. Hasn't run since October. I put the charger on the 4 plus year old battery, bundled up and put the battery in and added some stabilizer to the tank. My wife was giving me the "your crazy to be out here playing with a tractor and more crazy if you think that thing is going to start, look". I thought she might be right as the motor cranked very,very slowly. Wouldn't you know, after 2 try's and a long 5 seconds, she started up! Now 20 minutes later, not so happy that my 2 year old fully automated, propane Generac house generator won't start. Followed the problem codes and finally called the tech who said i have to keep in mind its extremely cold. He will be out on Monday to take a look at it. Why will a mid 50's so-so maintained tractor start in this weather but not a machine designed to work in emergencies!! Sorry, had to vent!
  10. Tinnitus

    I've had it for years. Kind of a high pitch squeal and a whoosh combined together. Too much of that 70's classic rock up real loud is my guess. Didn't notice it until after 40 or so. seems to get worse as I get older. Yes, I hear it the most when it's quiet. Usually just try to ignore it but it does get annoying at times. They say it's not really an ear problem but a neurologic problem. That's why you can plug your ears and still hear it.
  11. 300 u Hydraulic part search

    Thanks FarmallFan. I checked with 4 or 5 different places but not tractor house. Nice guy, reasonable price so it's on it's way. Art, I appreciate the offer, let's see if the right part shows up! I may still need your services. Thanks again everybody!
  12. 300 u Hydraulic part search

    Thank you Matt and Tony. The problem is I don't have the tube now. Another gentlemen on the forum noticed that the hydraulics are not plumbed correctly to account for 2 hydraulic remotes and power steering. This is one of 3 parts I need to correct. The other two are a "ported cover" and a tee both of which I found. He identified the parts and part numbers. Is there a way to get the exact dimensions of the tube? And, if I could obtain the correct length, how do I technically describe the "ends" I need so the hydraulic shop would understand what to give me. Thank you! Paul
  13. Tractor Model Question

    Hi Mel. I'm no expert on tractors but grew up in an area where most every one had between 4 and 10 acres and a small tractor, most were red. We had a farmall cub. About a year ago I bought a 300 utility and am really happy with how it fits my needs. Live pto. power steering, torque amplifier and all the power I need to plow snow, cut grass, haul logs etc. I think it's a good looking tractor although I haven't had a chance to clean her up. Some parts have been a little hard to find. Good luck with your search!
  14. 300 u Hydraulic part search

    Following up on some advice to make some alterations to my hydraulics. I've been able to source most of the parts I need but can't find this tube. Hoping someone on this site may have one for sale or no where I can find one. Thanks for the help! Paul
  15. 300 u hydraulics post for real this time

    Nice catch Ray. Thanks ! Learning alot and would have never caught that. I will be visiting my tractor in about 3 weeks and it will be the first thing I check as I prepare to make the other repairs discussed. Start with the easy fixes first! Paul Thanks again gordon 76. Don't know how you all manage to diagnose from pics. Do you have experience with this mode tractor if you don't mind me asking. Paul