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  1. Good memory Doug! Thanks for the tip. I will check it out.
  2. Well, I'm still not sure whether adding the Hytran is a good idea but I do appreciate the feedback from everyone. Yes, it does have a working T/a. That's a great idea, at least it'll give me some confidence I'm not screwing things up.
  3. I've been using Hytran in my 300 Utility since i purchased it and changed all the fluids and repairs almost 5 years ago. I've added about 8 gallons over that period and am coming to the end of a 5 gallon bucket. A leak from the hydraulic pump has gotten worse over time and I'll be reparing that in the spring but I'm not going to make it through plowing this winter without needing more then I have left. In the meantime is there any harm mixing the tractor supply premium fluid in with the hytran. I used that stuff briefly in my 350 before i began repairs on the power steering. My nearest case
  4. Thanks! Hope to get it done this weekend.
  5. I'm still working to restore the power steering on my 350U and have a quick question. My steering sector pin was badly worn and is one of the parts that need replacing. The old pin is loose in its place. It does not rotate but i cannot tell whether it was supposed to rotate as it moves up and down the steering cam. The instructions that come with the pin say it needs to be welded in place. My question is whether it should be welded fixed in place or does it need to be welded so it can rotate. I don't weld so I have to have it done. Thanks for the help.
  6. Hi. I've posted many times on RP and have often attached pictures. I haven't been on in several weeks but went to post yesterday and can't "add files' When i click the add files box below the border highlights in orange but nothing happens. When i click the "other media" box it is functional. Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. Here's a pic of the loader on my 350. It says International on the side. My remotes are not attached to the loader frame but rather to the right of my seat.
  8. I was in a similar position looking for a loader for my 300 U. After over a year of looking and hoping that the loader i was looking at would fit while not paying an outrageous price. Following the above advice, I bit the bullet and bought a pretty rough 350 U with a nice IH loader. I figured I'd remove the loader and just get rid of the 350. Of course now I can't part with the 350 especially since I'm concerned I'll damage the power steering on my 300. Now it's time to find the parts I need to fix the 350 while building my argument that i need to buy a 3rd tractor to fix the 350!
  9. Thank you. I've got to still pull apart the cylinder valve to remove the destroyed bearing. I will also have a better idea of what else I need. Here's a pic of what i can see. I don't own the tool to install and remove race but it seems like a good purchase. Thanks for the reply Moodnacreek. I'm not experienced here but was curious about the valves early on and they might still be a problem. I don't know how to determine???Finding the metal bits and damaged bearings gives me a concrete 1st step. Stay tuned and thanks. That's pretty cool Saj1000. My knowledge ba
  10. I have a 300 utility with 2 remotes. The hydraulic fluid port is under the seat behind the gear shifter. It looks like a pipe plug. There should be a dip stick with level indicator marks. This is also the reservoir that holds the transmission fluid. I also have a 350 utility (very similar to the 300) with a loader and a 3rd remote, the hydraulic reservoir is in the same place. It does not have a separate reservoir for the loader athough some loaders do. !At the advice of this group I use the IH brand Hytran transmission and hydraulic fluid. I've gotten a lot of great advice f
  11. Thanks again snoshoe. Can you please assist in identifying the bearings and race I need to find? I've never seen them intact so it makes it more difficult to understand the exploded parts view. (See pics attached) I'm assuming you mean 2 each of part #'s 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19? I'd hate to spend hours trying to find the wrong part! Additionally. Where is the bearing believe is still intact? And... yes anyone who can supply these parts or add insight please chime in. I'd like to keep this tractor in one piece of feasible. please let me know. Sorry, one more thing. I was able to
  12. Thanks for the reply snoshoe. World that explain why it would turn in only one direction? Can that bearing be replaced? If so Is there an aftermarket source for the part? Paul
  13. My 350 U power steering only turned right not left. Got lots of good advice on my previous post but bottom line was I needed to remove and disassemble the steering assembly to find the real problem. I took that advice and tore it down. I'm not sure what I'm looking at but I do have parts and service manuals. I've also searched this site and others and have learned certain (power)steering parts for these tractors are almost impossible to locate. The worst as I understand is a shaft that is built with the bearings already in place. I'm sure I'm not explaining that correctly but some here m
  14. Thank you all. Sounds like I'll be ok in the short run by draining a few quarts then adding new 30 wt. The tractor is in a very small unheated barn. I'm barely able to squeeze it in with plow on but i can get under it. The 350 is in the semi heared garage. The plan was to fix the 350 loader ram and steering and use that for snow this winter. Looks now I'll be removing entire power steering in the 350 to figure out problem and i need room in garage. I'll be posting more on that soon. Appreciate the help! Paul
  15. I've not had the time to install the hydraulic pump seal kit I purchased almost a year ago for my 300 utility. The kit was purchased because it appears that my hydraulic fluid is making its way into the engine oil via the hydraulic pump. I suspect this because my engine is "making oil". I've put in in a gallon of hytran (it leaks as well) since I last changed oil in the tractor. The oil keeps rising on the dip stick. The tractor runs 50 or so hours a year. Otherwise the pump works great and oil pressure is seems ok. I've been putting my spare time in getting my 350 fixed and out of my g
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