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  1. Thanks Snoshoe. After a bit of wrestling, I was able to free them up and get the steering straight. Much appreciated!
  2. Hi Plugging away on the 350 steering when I can get the time. I am doing the reassembly and setting the front wheels straight using the technique in the manual. Per the manual I need to turn the center tube. I need advice on how to go about this. Do I somehow loosen the end nuts first? Neither the tubes nor the nuts want to turn and before I start really putting stress on these I'd check here first. Also as you can see these center tubes appear different from each other. First 2 pics are left. 2nd 2 addre right side if that makes a difference. Do they look correct? Thanks
  3. I've cross posted this in another forum and reposting here under a new heading. I've been rebuilding the steering assembly on my 350 utility. I'm close to getting it reassembled but I've hit another snag on what is pretty much the last part to assemble, the upper steering tube. There is a needle bearing at the inside top of the tube, the steering wheel shaft passes through this bearing. I removed the oil seal at the top of the tube, the needle bearing beneath it is worn, the needles in the bearing are leaning. I purchased a new (and expensive!!!) bearing. The problem now is that th
  4. (350 U one way steering issues continued...) I got back home after being away for a week and was happy to see that my steering bearing for the upper tube had arrived. Unfortunately I've hit another snag. It looks too small. There is a gap of about 1/16 inch around the circumference between the outside edge of the bearing and the inside edge of the steering tube. The bearing does seem to fit comfortably over the steering shaft. I've attached some pictures that hopefully help show the problem. I also included a picture looking up from the bottom of the tube up towards the bearin
  5. I don't know. Hope not. Tractor only turned one way when i bought it so i couldn't test drive too much. All gears did work and the TA appeared to engage. I might be in for lots of surprises. Lol and good advice! That's what I'll probably end up doing. Thanks!!
  6. I'm away from my 350 u for a week but when I return i hope my steering, needle bearing has arrived and I can get to reassembling the tractor. I'm taking care of a few items that NEED to get done before I try and get this tractor useful. In it's present state it runs with a little encouragement and I'm determining how much money it's gonna take to get it and it's loader functional. Today's question... From what I can determine, this opening is where a (clutch??) cover should be. Is that correct? If so it looks like it should have a gasket. If so, what's the purpose of the gasket. Is
  7. Thanks Maynard. I looked for awhile today and no luck finding the bearing. I'll keep looking, maybe I can buy it used. I appreciate you beginning the search. Thanks again Snoshoe. I did as you suggested and was able to remove the ring. Funny/sad thing is that I meticulously removed the cracked hard rubber that I assumed was the seal. Turns out it was just a part of the seal. Having never seen one before, I assumed it was all rubber or plastic just like the replacement. Thanks Dan. Started with a metal pic to open a small gap then worked it out with a screwdriver.
  8. Thanks for the advice in how to go about getting the parts and protecting the seal. You all probably made it crystal clear but it's just not sinking into my thick head. Can you tell me what you are all looking at when you say "part of the old seal is still in there" and how do I get it out. Thanks Paul
  9. Thank you all for the replies. A couple of questions so I get it right. When you say part of the old seal is still in place are you referring to what looks to me be a metal collar or bushing that begins at the top of the tube then extends over the bearing that says Made in the USA? (The blue green colored material you see is bits of the new seal. ) If so, do I just carefully pry that metal ring out? How difficult should it be to seat that new seal in place? Should it drop in place or does it need to be worked into place and what's a good technique. Lastly,
  10. I'm hoping this is another one of those situations where the answer is obvious but I just can't see it. The oil seal for the the upper cover (Jacket tube) of the steering assembly seems to big. It is also is a different style then the dry, cracked ring I extracted. I ordered the part from CIH. I did have some concern because the part number 366142R91 was superceded by part number 368057R91. (Line 8 in the pic below) The CIH package did have the correct number. As always thanks for the help!
  11. Jmech thank you for these suggestions. I don't weld so I weld try and find the correct wrench. Filling via the side hole makes sense. If I have no luck with the removing the drain plug I might try removing as much of the old oil as possible (siphon ???) then refilling. Thanks snoshoe and rustred. I appreciate the help! Paul
  12. J Mech. Yes the stripped plug is #1 in the picture. It's not completely stripped, i stopped before i did anymore damage. The upper plug came out easy. As for the breather cap, I was able to turn the top portion of that breather cap. It just continues to turn but doesn't unscrew. I'm not near the tractor right now but is there bolt head somewhere I'm missing? Thanks for the reply. Paul
  13. I'm draining the hydraulic fluids from the 350 as I prepare to get it started following steering issues. I've opened and drained the 2 plugs under the tractor. The 3rd plug by the PTO is stripped pretty badly. I'm looking for advice on either how to either proceed with trying to remove that plug or alternatives to getting the fluid out of that section without removing that plug. (The upper plug for checking the fill level came out just fine) My second question is the breather cap that is above the PTO. It's the same style as on my 300 which was torn up pretty badly when i bought tha
  14. Geeze!! After reading your responses and looking at another couple of videos I see what a rookie question this was. I'll make myself feel better by saying "you don't know what you don't know". MMI. To answer your good question, no, there was no plug there to begin with. Snoshoe actually referenced it early on in the process when discussing removing my steering wheel. Like so much of this I didn't know what he was referencing. I just took the advice to use a puller to avoid damaging anything and figured I'd figure it out as I went along. Thanks as always! Paul
  15. Thank you IH Red Ryan. Much appreciated.
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