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  1. Hello. I thought now would be a good time to update. On the one way power steering on my 350 u. After completing the above mentioned repairs on my 300, I did get back to once again rebuilding the steering assembly and yesterday was actually able to drive the tractor any meaningful distance for the first time. Bottom line, after several starts and stops for advice and readjustments the tractor now turns both ways. It's not perfect. When sitting on pavement I get about 1 full turn from center with full power steering. Turning right does feels a bit choppy. Turning the last revolution is still tight. When the tractor is moving it's difficult to tell there is a problem although it's not perfect. This job was definitely a learning process and thanks to those here for the help! I've uncovered some other potentially serious issues which I'm hoping are adjustments between clutch/ta/transmission which I need to investigate further before I post. Thanks Paul
  2. I don't have a technical answer but I commend the OP for his concern. I was the last of 6 kids, 5 boys in a row. My pop clearly told us what not to do, why were shouldn't do it and wasn't afraid to use his belt to back it up! That said we easily forgot the warnings and the whoopings as soon as he went to work. My brothers always tried to figure out a way to get any motorized vehicle to go. If we couldn't get our cub tractor to go we'd sneak across the road and "play" with our uncles. Made sure we parked them exactly where we found them and usually got away with it. Bottom line, multiple roadblocks so it's just too difficult and increase the chances they'll get caught.
  3. In the Adirondack mountains of new York
  4. Thanks for the reply. I was hoping for a "wow, what a great deal, it's a must have" . Short of that, I don't need the vehicle or a new project. Thanks. Paul
  5. Thank you for the information. I don't need another project at this time and there's no financial upside so I will pass. I appreciate the info. Thanks!
  6. Hi. I'm on the tractor forum a good bit, I've got a couple of late 50s IH Utility tractors. I came across this morning. I'm considering it because it looks too good to pass up. Of course that always the case isn't it!! It's a 1973. The ad says it ran recently, new brake system and rebuilt trans. 85k miles. I contacted the owner says it has or had rust in the gas tank and old gas. Otherwise it runs. Looks clean from these pics. $1000. What do you all think? I know nothing about these trucks or there value.
  7. Thank you. I've learned that there are seal removal tools that might make extraction a bit easier. I've also learned a way to make a small pilot hole in the sheet metal of the seal, insert a #6 screw then gently pry out using the diamond opening on the flat end of a flat pry bar. Combining with your technique should get the job done correctly. If you have any other thoughts please let me know. Thanks!
  8. Hello. Back again with more hydraulic leaks!. Both my 300 and 350 are leaking fairly significantly from the steering arms. Can I replace these seals from the outside? If so any advice on the best technique. I wished I'd noticed when I had my 350 apart as it seems it would have been much easier to drive the seal out from the inside versus the wrestling match I had from trying to remove it from the outside. I did get a new seal in but it appeared there was still some seal bits lodged in the back. It still has a slower leak. Thanks for the help. Paul
  9. Stoney 1918. That did the trick!! Thank you for the help! Paul
  10. So as not cause confusion I'm currently working on the steering for both my 350 u (one way steering) and 300 u (leaking from to of steering column upper cover). I've posted recently on each topic. This question concerns the 350 u. How do I remove the piston from the cylinder in order to replace the oring? I've inserted pictures below and the instructions from the manual. The shaft moves freely in and out of the cylinder and there is certainly suction inside the cylinder as i move the shaft. Please let me know if there are questions out if further information is needed. Thanks as always. Paul
  11. Thank you. Fyi this is where all of my parts and repair info come from. They were a good investment.
  12. Got it. Will remove seal from the top. Dumb question of the day... I originally thought I could use the seals i just bought for the 350. I purchased new ones after my last unsuccessful rebuild of the 350 steering that resulted in leaks. When I look at my parts list and diagram, which seals am I buying for the 300? The foot notes for the seals I need are based on the production order of 350's. I've been buying from foot note C for my 350 since my 350 tractor # is 11473. If I had to guess, I should order from those marked footnote B for my 300 assuming that they used the same parts for the last of the 300 u and into the early 350's. Hate to order, install and reassemble with wrong parts. Thanks.
  13. Thank you Snoshoe. I just purchased some of the orings you mentioned so i can get back to work on the 350. Guess I'll use them for the 300 since it's my "working" tractor. I did purchase a new seal for the top of the column for the 300 to replace what i thought was the problem. Do I still need to replace that? If "yes", that's ok but I'd rather not take apart more than necessary. I'm concerned about driving out that seal and the needle bearing beneath it from the underside. I did that with 350 and it went ok but since that needle bearing is over 115.00 and hard to find i don't want to risk damaging unless it's the right thing to do. I've noticed some additional leaks in the 300 and will discuss them in a separate post. The assistance is much appreciated. Thanks Paul
  14. I was cutting grass with my 300 u when i noticed liquid on the top of my battery. At first i thought it was battery fluid but realized it was hydraulic oil. After awhile i also noticed oil seeping out of the very top of the steering column where the steering wheel attaches. I just replaced that seal in my 350 u so i did the necessary disassembly on my 300 in order to remove the upper cover of the the steering assembly where that seal is located. I hooked the ignition etc backup and ran the tractor and sure enough i could see oil starting to bubble up. (See the circled area on the picture below.) It then occurred to me that maybe that partucular seal might not be the problem but rather some other oring further down the assembly. I'm not certain hydraulic fluid is supposed to be traveling up that high in the assembly. I thought I'd check with you all to see whose had the problem and how it was corrected. Thanks! Paul
  15. My 300U was my first of two tractors. Had it for about 4 years now I use its for cutting grass and snow plowing. It has its share of little leaks that I try to keep up with but it runs great and the 60 year old power steering still works like a charm. My 350u (very similar to the 300) also runs like a top, the power steering on the other hand has been a challenge. The problem there I believe is think is is more a matter of the guy working on it then serious parts damage!! Good luck!
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