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  1. Is a 560 distributor the same as a 706?
  2. Been told by many people to go get head bolts for my d361 from Cat, do I ask for a specific head bolt or is it just a grade 8 bolt that gets used?
  3. sounds good, i will call them monday, can i use the same clutch disk?
  4. yes i put the ED in it now, the EE was in it before and hit
  5. I have a 52 super m, it is the early style with the belly pump and the spring seat. Clutch in it was bad so i ordered a new clutch. It is a hycapacity clutch. The 12 in clutch that i took out had the hub in the center of the pressure plate for the later 400 to hook up the pto. There was some scraping on the belly pump from the release fingers nuts on the belly bump where they were hitting. i ordered the clutch for the super m and put it in. then i could not turn the engine over. The adjustment nuts on the fingers were hitting the belly pump and it could not turn. pulled the belly pump and put the 5027ed style tank on it and put it back together. Started reading and the 5027 EE is the one that is supposed to clear the clutch, but it does not. ANY IDEA WHAT I CAN DO WITH THIS THING???
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