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  1. Super M clutch problem

    sounds good, i will call them monday, can i use the same clutch disk?
  2. Super M clutch problem

    do you have a picture of it?
  3. Super M clutch problem

    yes i put the ED in it now, the EE was in it before and hit
  4. Super M clutch problem

    I have a 52 super m, it is the early style with the belly pump and the spring seat. Clutch in it was bad so i ordered a new clutch. It is a hycapacity clutch. The 12 in clutch that i took out had the hub in the center of the pressure plate for the later 400 to hook up the pto. There was some scraping on the belly pump from the release fingers nuts on the belly bump where they were hitting. i ordered the clutch for the super m and put it in. then i could not turn the engine over. The adjustment nuts on the fingers were hitting the belly pump and it could not turn. pulled the belly pump and put the 5027ed style tank on it and put it back together. Started reading and the 5027 EE is the one that is supposed to clear the clutch, but it does not. ANY IDEA WHAT I CAN DO WITH THIS THING???
  5. 806 steering

    My 806 has a problem with the steering. When moving you constantly have to be turning it to the left to keep it straight. I pulled the front steering line and cranked it to the left and oil came out of the line and not out of the front bolster. So it looks Lille the front end is ok but the hand pump will need a rebuild. Can a guy rebuild it himself or is it best to leave it and get a reman? Will that take care of my steering problem?
  6. IH 806 RD pump help

    i got 2 RD pumps forsale if you do need parts, both of mine are cores for rebuild
  7. 1256 heat sheild

    Is there a new heat sheild being made for the 1206/1256 hood? i just bought a 1206/56 hood and it is missing the heat sheild that separates the fuel tank from the exhaust elbo. or does anyone have a junk hood they would be willing to sell it out of? thanks
  8. 1206 Hood Needed

    search "all of craigslist" that is how i found my 1206 hood
  9. 806 speed transmission help

    thanks Pete I checked all the gear tooth angles and they are correct for what they ride on, i talked with a few people and the ag parts who i got the TA from and told them what you me and was recomended to shim the second gear forward what i shimmed the TA to i then asked about doing that as it would throw the first gear off by pushing it to far forward, it lined up perfect before it was shimmed, so they told me to chuck it up in my lathe and turn off of it what i had added to the other with a shim. assembled it all and bothe gears rid in the middle now. Hope to assemble tommorow and see how it works out
  10. 806 speed transmission help

    so here is what i found The bottom shaft first gear (ta driven gear, lines up good with the TA, The first spacer (3 13/16) is .060 short (3.752 long) The 3rd gear DD constant mesh, by sight is not lined up, there is at least .075-.1 teeth showing to the front. question is if i shim behind the DD constant mesh gear (like the assembly instructions i got with it) to push it forward it will throw the first gear off. What should be done?
  11. 806 speed transmission help

    Thank you! that is what i am finding, i did just put a new TA in, the shims to take the endplay for the torque i put in but i did not shim the bottom shaft
  12. 806 speed transmission help

    no it did not, to get the bottom shaft tight i had to put a shim on the shaft after the gear and before the bearing, could that throw the gears alignment off?
  13. 806 speed transmission help

    it has a new heavy duty clutch
  14. 806 speed transmission help

    my 806 has a clatter noise in the speed transmission. push the clutch in it goes away, pull the TA to the low side and it goes away, push the dump valve in and it goes away, i split it in two behind the speed transmission and pulled the shift cover off and cannot find anything. the nut on the bottom shaft is still tight. this guy had the same problem i am having but there is no follow up, Any ideas?
  15. hood

    been looking for a 1206/1256 hood turned up none. i have an 806 hood, just want to use one that is already setup with the heat shield inside