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  1. I changed the hydraulic pump on a 966 and the new pump had an extra port. When I asked about it I was told the same pump fits multiple applications. Some applications piggy back two pumps and this is what the other port is for. The extra port was blocked by the mounting plate in my application.
  2. As far as generators not providing clean power that would be the inverter machines or the tiny pieces of crap that have poor speed control and poor voltage regulation. The inverter machines have evolved tremendously over the years and are quite good today. I would definitely buy the 540 pto driven and hook it up to the 1000 rpm pto. The engine speed at rated pto speed is about 2100 rpm. So if you used the 1000 rpm shaft you would only need about 1000 engine rpm. Assuming you live in a normal size house. 20kw should be plenty of power. 20kw is about 27 horse power. 27 horse power at 1000 engine rpm is nothing for a 1066. The formula is 1.34 horsepower for 1 kw. They use the 2 to 1 formula to oversized the engine. 2 to 1 is generally used for gasoline engines.
  3. The replacements are oversized to compensate for the wear caused by the old one. But the hole must be drilled to the proper size. I couldn’t find any info on what size the hole should be so I searched the internet for press fit clearance in cast iron and calculated the size needed.
  4. The Milwaukee battery die grinders are phenomenal for rolock applications.
  5. Thanks for the videos. I love the Hydros. I bought a 1066 Hydro that has Hydro problems. I plan on repairing it myself. I need all the help I can get. I’ve been studying the manual but a video helps me visualize the system.
  6. Mid-South salvage in Decatur Alabama is fairly close to you. Call and ask to speak to the owner. The guy has lots of parts and is very knowledgeable about all tractors. His workers who also answer the phone and try to help people with parts only have a fraction of his knowledge.
  7. You had that hydraulic drive setup on your mower. With that, the length of the drawbar is not as important. I think there is different length adjustments on the drawbar for using 540 or 1000 rpm pto. The shorter the drawbar the less leverage the mower has on the tractor.
  8. Can you see the splines from the bottom? If the splines stripped out would there be debris in the cavity?
  9. The hydro is perfect for pecan harvesting. My 966 is too fast in low first TA back.
  10. MarkG

    scam ads

    Some of those scams want your email address. I don’t know why. No request for money or to meet up. They say give them an email address so they can send you more pictures of the item. Then you never hear from them. I don’t know what their angle is.
  11. The 282 does sip fuel. Mine dropped a valve and I miss it. The 282 is quiet also. That would make a great generator tractor!
  12. Yea I’ve got some work shirts and a pair of their blue jeans. Over priced in my opinion but very good quality and very durable.
  13. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s tragic when the good ones are taken too soon.
  14. I would assume the steel parts would rust eventually. The pump stays submerged in hytran when installed in tractor. Might be a good idea to find a small sealable container and put pump inside then fill with oil and seal it up.
  15. If the company forces someone to take it to the family I would wrap it in black plastic or shrink wrap cardboard to it. That way it’s not as much a jarring reminder to them.
  16. Could that be one of those computer editing tricks where you click on a picture and change a color. Surely anyone who owns it wouldn’t be stupid enough to do that.
  17. I’m looking at a 255 millermatic also. It does pulsed mig with recommended settings. I’ve been watching videos about pulsed mig and it can do vertical spray. They say it’s easier for a novice. ( that’s me ). If you buy one let us know how you like it.
  18. Does the loader add much to the price?
  19. I would rechamber in a rifle and fire it. The primer material may not have been distributed evenly around the rim. A 22 is relatively harmless outside a chamber. I saw a kid hold the bullet and heat the cartridge with a lighter until it popped. The case comes off the projectile and the gasses vent easily.
  20. MarkG


    Would heating the spot red hot with a torch then letting it cool take the hardness out?
  21. MarkG

    Wright Tools

    I went to the website you provided and it says Williams is owned by snap-on.
  22. The speed transmission that contains the TA is very heavy. To change the TA it needs to be rotated up 90 degrees. I bought a TA stand that allows you to swivel it up. Makes life much easier.
  23. In the second video they flash the specs on screen as 8,0kv. That’s 8000 volts. Yea 8000 volts is ok for farm labor to handle. 🤬 sometimes management needs to step in and tell the engineers they are idiots!!!
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