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    Why does that need wifi? Sorry if it's a dumb question. I have no knowledge about those devices. My experience with electronics is that when you connect them to Internet they get viruses, cookies, and what-not. All using processor power, until the device slows down or won't function at all. I think some are designed this way so you'll have to buy a new one.
  2. Did you agree on a price before or after you got it cranked?
  3. The stay rod ( I think that's the name ) appears to be square and welded to the axle tube. I thought all 56 series tractors had the round rod that was threaded and bolted to the axle tube.
  4. Pecan is a slow growing tree. I would bet that tree is 20 years old. It looks like they hit the tree with the right side of the wide front and it broke the front bolster. Wish I could have found it. Congratulations on an awesome find. Please post pics of how you move it.
  5. If your using a joystick with valve, then you only need the one remote to run it. Make sure the joystick valve is for an open center system. If you want the second remote buy a set-up from a scrap yard. You need the levers, valve open on both sides, pipes, and coupler. Purchased seperately they will be very expensive. Lots of scrap yards will make you one price for all the parts you need.
  6. From what I've read the small frame tractor rear end was maxed out with a naturally aspirated 312. Why in the world you would go to the trouble to install a dt466 is beyond me. I can only guess you are building some sort of competition tractor. In any case, do a google search for 312 turbo 666. Some of the pullers have encountered the same issue installing a turbo on the 312. They took pictures and posted them on this forum.
  7. I love the hydros. That 186 looks phenomenal. Only problem I see is its too nice to use now. ?
  8. Some squirrel is going to starve this winter because you took his stash of pecans.? If that's a rat nest, then good riddance.
  9. Why did you remove the cab before hauling it home?
  10. I'm no expert but are you sure it's not a blown head gasket or a cracked head? Just thinking out loud. It would be a shame to swap an engine when it's only the head. The 312 is an awesome engine in a 666. Where I live the Diesel engine is always the best option but I have spoken with people who live where it gets really cold and they like the gas engine for cranking in the winter. Do you use this tractor for winter feeding or snow plow duty? Has the gas engine served you well in the past? May be better to stay with the gas engine if it gets cold enough to freeze antifreeze. Wish you the best of luck. Mark
  11. Very nice. I bought one from Coffer sales and I'm happy with it. But the rails would make reassembly much easier.
  12. Need a wide load sign on the back. Reminds me of an ex-girlfriend I had once. My buddies said "If someone tells her to haul azz, it will take her two trips".?
  13. What was the price for a reman 466 from cih if you don't mind me asking?
  14. Nice, open country land there. You said your doing improvements : bore, water reticulation, plant lots of trees. What is bore and what is water reticulation? Nice tractors also. I like the wide, fat tires. Mark
  15. The 1066 hydro stoped in 1973 I think. They changed the name to Hydro 100 and cat II 3 point.
  16. That will be a nice tractor. Looks like a 282 diesel. That 282 is a smooth running engine. What size rear tires are those?
  17. Nice tractor. Looks to have a hydraulic seat. Were hydraulic seats available on the black stripes? Also did the hydraulic seat have any up and down shock absorbing action? Thanks for info.
  18. Went to Texas to buy this Hydro 1066. Bought it for $2000. Did not run so this is how the dealership had to load it on my trailer. I was asking everyone what the condition was and no one knew very much because it had been sitting for so long. Finally talked to a Mexican-American who told me in broken English that the motor ran great but the hydro transmission had problems. He said a mechanic at the dealership rebuilt the transmission twice but it still didn’t work. He said the farmer refused to pay the bill so they took the tractor. I got upset after hearing this. I didn’t say anything because it’s not my business. But if it had been my tractor, I would have been hopping mad about a bill for bad mechanic work. We definitely would have been in court. Got the tractor home and sure enough the engine fired right up and ran great. Put some parts back on the s/r lever and the tractor drives. It does slip under load so I’ll have to go into the hydro to see what the problem is. The tractor is very rough but I’m going to repair it and use it. The front tires had tire plugs sticking out of the tread every where. Looked like someone had stabbed the tire with an ice pick repeatedly. They must have some type of wicked cactus or something down there in San Antonio.
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