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  1. Would you remove the duals to transport it? That’s quite a load for a 3/4 ton and gooseneck rig.
  2. How steep was the incline and were you low on fuel? Could it have sucked air because of the incline?
  3. So what tractor is that under the elevator?
  4. That did cheer me up. Thank you sir.
  5. I learned on this forum that s means the tractor had a TA. And Y means it has a certain hydraulic flow. 12 gpm I think.
  6. Sorry if this is a stupid comment I don’t know anything about pulling. But I would thing the connection point would be critical. Height, distance from back axle. If your spinning you have the power but no traction.
  7. I’m pretty sure that’s a gear drive model. The small frame hydro had the mcv valve and pump on the right side. The open square on the left in the pic is where the mcv and pump go on a gear drive.
  8. If you buy a new tractor it will come with lots of electronic sensors, wiring, computer, etc. Just like an automobile that stuff starts giving problems after a few years. If you don’t use the tractor often rats will make nest under the hood and chew all the wiring. Your 706 technically doesn’t need any wires to run. The wiring it has is just for lights, battery charging and minor things that are not absolutely required. Taking into consideration the service cost related to new tractors it may be cheaper to build a shed for that tractor. If the tractor is in great shap it could give another 20 years of trouble free service.
  9. The scrap price on aluminum pipe should make it very valuable. If it’s cheap buy all you can.
  10. I agree. That’s a 50kw generator. That’s large enough to run 3 or 4 houses. The read out on the gen should come before the breaker on the gen if it has one. Is the generator breaker closed? Check voltage coming out of breaker and at transfer switch. Transfer switch operating properly? If there is a loose connection it will be getting hot. With the lights flickering there is a voltage problem somewhere. Do not try to run ac or any appliances with this condition. The low voltage will burn up your appliances.
  11. The screen shots you sent look great. On them there is 0 amperage. Meaning no load. With everything perfect at no load I would guess there is a problem with the engine when you put a load on it. If this thing is diesel then change the fuel filters first and try it again. On most generators the voltage regulator will reduce the voltage when the speed drops off. This could be your problem. Everything is great until you put a load on it. Diesel is bad to grow algae if it sits in a tank unused for long periods of time. The algae will plug the fuel filters and cause the engine to slow under load causing the voltage to drop off. Hence the lights flickering. im suggesting you change the fuel filters and figure out how to force the transfer switch to put the house on the generator to test it. If you call for warranty work and the guy comes out to find the filters stopped up he might charge you a service call because filters are your responsibility. good luck.
  12. Something is not right. Voltage looks good. What does voltage do when you apply a small load? If the lights are flickering then the voltage is not fine. The display may not be able to show rapid fluctuations in voltage. Put a good meter on it and look for fluctuations in voltage.
  13. Is there space left in the slot at shifting handle in high or low? Is the space equal? You can adjust the linkage where it goes completely in one range with space left but it doesn’t go in the other range. Some people cut the slots out farther to compensate for the slop in the linkage. Not the proper way to fix the problem but it works.
  14. You mean you read them all right?
  15. I have read on here that you need to pull the top 3 point mounting bracket and look in the rear end. It’s very easy to unbolt and remove. Some people take it off just to fill the tractor with fluid. From there you can look at the ring and pinion gear. The gear had some sort of heat treat to the surface. Once that is worn down the pieces start flaking off. It’s a good indication of how hard the tractor was pulled. An advantage of the 966 is without a turbo the amount of extra hp from turning up the pump is limited. Non turbo can save the life of the tractor from people abusing the fuel screw. The disadvantage of the 966 is cat 2 3 point. It’s much weaker in my opinion.
  16. If your looking for a cab tractor most people agree the 86 series had a much better cab with the same basic components as the 66 series. There was a change in the 66 series where the pto was geared a little slower. This allowed the engine to run faster at 540 rpm pto. This gave a little more hp at pto speed. I prefer the faster pto/slower engine speed. Easier on the engine in my opinion. Also less of a hassle to replace the mcv valve and pump because you don’t have the extra spacer to deal with. But if I was buying this would not factor into my decision.
  17. If the hydraulic system on your mower is bypassing the oil temps will be extremely high. The physics law about conservation of energy whatchamacallit. The high temps can cause damage to the system.
  18. Any concern with the metallurgy of the pin? Heat treat? McMaster Carr may be cheaper but their Chinese man making it likes to work with soft steels.
  19. MarkG

    A/C Help

    If you could find out the type of Freon it has it would help. Assuming it’s 134a then 400 psi is screaming high. 400 psi equates to 183 degrees f. On a 100 degree day your passing 100 degree air across the condenser. With 100 degree air you should be able to cool the Freon to 130 or 140 degrees. That would correspond to 200 to 230 psi on the high side. 400 psi on r134a should be the high limit safety. As Searcyfarms said run a water hose on it. Also just look at the condenser and see if it’s packed with debris. good luck.
  20. Use the coolant Cummins currently recommends. It was found that some additives, hard water, and sometimes low temperatures could cause silicates to precipitate and plug radiators and coolant passages. The stuff Cummins currently recommends takes care of this problem.
  21. Don’t take it personal. A few weeks ago a guy posted a picture of an IH with a freightliner emblem on it. People were not happy. ??
  22. Different manufacturers used different length top links. Also different implements need different length top links on the same tractor. Some of the mowers we use need longer top links. I adjust the top link out until it holds the front of the mower up when the three point is set to the lowest setting. This allows the tractor and mower to float over dips and rises without lifting the mower up.
  23. What does wide leg mean?
  24. The new one is larger than the original. If the old one flopped around it would wallow out the hole. As stated they need to be tight in the hole. You have to drill the hole bigger for the new ball. Not too big because it needs to be a press fit. I searched the internet for specs about press fit in cast iron and ordered the appropriate drill bit.
  25. Slow down! when a hydro gets worn out it will still move but will not pull under load. If it will not move at all there is another issue. Might be cheap to fix. One easy test is to cap the lines that go to the control valve and foot and inch valve. If it will not move at all I would suspect the control valve or flex plate. If the flex plate is stripped out you will not have pto, steering, aux hydraulics or anything else. Easy to check. The small lines going to the control valve are also easy. They are small ( 1/4 inch maybe ). Take them off the transmission and cap the transmission side. The hydro lever makes kind of a Z pattern with the middle of the Z being neutral. In forward hold the lever to the right and put extra pressure on it towards the steering wheel. In reverse put extra pressure away from the steering wheel. If the lever doesn’t go far enough in or out then it’s still in neutral even as you push it forward or backward. The Z gate on the small frame machines is in a fiberglass piece that can get broke. If you could do these test before you buy you might get a cheap tractor that is easy to fix. good luck.
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