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  1. I remember years ago the insurance company gave out “ deer whistles” to mount on your vehicle. Don’t know if they were effective or not.
  2. Not sure about the best fluid to use. We have a 5603. Do yourself a favor and remove the plug below the pto clutch. They plug it at the factory and the cavity will get water inside. The pto is a dry clutch and if water sits on it for an extended time it seizes up. You have to split the tractor to fix it.
  3. Adding automation should not be very difficult for someone with your skill set. Get an automatic transfer switch. That’s what gives the run and stop signals. On old school engines auto-start is easy to add. There’s a multitude of aftermarket controllers available. The component most use for speed sensing is a mag pickup. You drill and tap a hole in the bell housing perpendicular to the flywheel right over the teeth. The rest is pretty simple wiring. I would be happy to help if you have any questions. Also there are a few other guys on this forum that have extensive knowledge on this subject.
  4. I’ve never rebuilt a gearbox for a rotary mower. The bearings on the lower shaft are tapered bearings like a wheel bearing. Should I try to tighten them until there is some rotational drag like a wheel bearing? Or just enough to take the play out of the shaft? The box goes on a 315 bat wing bush hog that is probably 50 years old. Thanks for all replies.
  5. Welcome to the forum. Always enjoy hearing from people who love country living. Everyone here loves pictures so if you’ve got any crops or animals please post some pictures.
  6. MarkG


    The double drops can be very handy hauling tall loads but they will bottom out going over high humps like some rail road crossings. The double drop has smaller tires and might have tires that are rated for much less weight than a standard tire. Definitely get a 102 wide no matter what you get unless you plan to go to a state where they are not allowed.
  7. Would adding an aftermarket filter housing extender help in cold weather? It’s my understanding the housing extender allows you to stack two stock hydraulic filters.
  8. Happy birthday!🎂
  9. I thought the 66 series were being made by 1972.
  10. Just thought it was funny.
  11. If I’m not mistaken those two lines go to the control valve. People have replaced them with hoses but I was told this is a bad practice because of the expansion factor of hoses. The guys at Herrs Hydro in Washington Kansas make the lines to replace them.
  12. The Patent expired years ago and there are generic brands. Why are all of them going up this much? Something doesn’t feel right about this. Does this have to do with the glyphosphate lawsuit? Did some generic manufacturers quit making it?
  13. That is what I found on the internet for a Belarus cmd-62 injection pump. I’ve never saw anything like it. It looks to have two hydraulic pumping heads. One for each bank of the engine I guess. Try to bleed the bank that’s not pumping by running on the other bank. Funky design. Only good news I have is there under 500 dollars on eBay. No clue how you would time that thing. @Injpumped
  14. Starving for fuel or getting air would be my guess. Post a picture of the injection pump. If it’s a common type pump you will get many suggestions and good advice.
  15. Starving for fuel or getting air would be my guess. Post a picture of the injection pump. If it’s a common type pump you will get many suggestions and good advice.
  16. I would like to know how you did it.
  17. I changed the hydraulic pump on a 966 and the new pump had an extra port. When I asked about it I was told the same pump fits multiple applications. Some applications piggy back two pumps and this is what the other port is for. The extra port was blocked by the mounting plate in my application.
  18. As far as generators not providing clean power that would be the inverter machines or the tiny pieces of crap that have poor speed control and poor voltage regulation. The inverter machines have evolved tremendously over the years and are quite good today. I would definitely buy the 540 pto driven and hook it up to the 1000 rpm pto. The engine speed at rated pto speed is about 2100 rpm. So if you used the 1000 rpm shaft you would only need about 1000 engine rpm. Assuming you live in a normal size house. 20kw should be plenty of power. 20kw is about 27 horse power. 27 horse power at 1000 engine rpm is nothing for a 1066. The formula is 1.34 horsepower for 1 kw. They use the 2 to 1 formula to oversized the engine. 2 to 1 is generally used for gasoline engines.
  19. The replacements are oversized to compensate for the wear caused by the old one. But the hole must be drilled to the proper size. I couldn’t find any info on what size the hole should be so I searched the internet for press fit clearance in cast iron and calculated the size needed.
  20. The Milwaukee battery die grinders are phenomenal for rolock applications.
  21. Thanks for the videos. I love the Hydros. I bought a 1066 Hydro that has Hydro problems. I plan on repairing it myself. I need all the help I can get. I’ve been studying the manual but a video helps me visualize the system.
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