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  1. if you've never saw an ocean and plan to go here are a few tips that might help you decide where to go. The closer you are to the north or South Pole of the earth the greater the tide change. At the equator there is almost no tide change. If your close to a large land mass the water will look dirty from the rivers carring silt from the land. The clearest water close to shore is in the islands that have little run off from land. If you get a chance to see a bioluminescent bay or beach go for it. It's one of the most incredible things I have ever saw. { But I'm easily impressed ]. These plankton that live in the water give off a neon blue light when they are disturbed. It's the same principle as fire flys. They live in the open ocean also and sometimes you can see them from the back of a cruise ship.
  2. Only a farmer would go on vacation and get up before sunrise! 😀
  3. I'm in the same boat. Got one that will not come loose. You have given me an idea about how to apply more pressure. I may look in scrap yard for another center section. I can see in the picture that you have the long one that is jammed all the way in. The replacements I bought are not as long and do not cover the holes next to the pivot pin.
  4. Is that what they are calling it now? What happened to bumping uglies? 😂
  5. That's what I'm putting in my 966. There are a couple options with a 14" clutch. You can get a pressure plate with 12 springs in light spring pressure or heavy spring pressure. Then there is a 15 spring pressure plate.
  6. What is the connection with Versatile and Russia? what is your opinion of the German tractors. Fendt is the name, I think.
  7. I’m ordering a new flywheel, clutch, and pressure plate for my 966. The gentleman I’m ordering the parts from told me if you put in a heavy duty clutch and have a clutch booster. You will still be pressing the clutch manually to close the clutch switch to crank the tractor. It’s only once while you crank the tractor but if your older it may be a problem.
  8. MarkG

    966 TA replacement

    I'm making slow progress with the transmission. I'm putting together a list of parts I need. In addition to a new 14 inch flywheel, clutch, and pressure plate I want to change the pto gears. My tractor has the 2600 rpm engine and 26 tooth drive/59 tooth driven gears. I want to install the 28 tooth drive/58 tooth driven gear set so engine speed doesn't need to be as high to get rated pto speed. Hy-Capacity sells the gears but state that the 58 tooth driven gear must be used with clutch housing OE# 68143C93. So I look for my transmission housing casting number. I can't find it. Check another 966 gear drive and see where the casting number should be. Go back to my transmission and scrape some paint. There is a number there but it is [ 65X ]. Nothing else. Anybody know why my transmission does not have a proper casting number? Anybody know what 65X means? Anybody know if a 58 tooth pto driven gear will work in a 65X housing?
  9. Local farmer told the story of a young kid riding a 4 wheeler through his crop. Said he knew who it was so he stopped him on the dirt road one day and asked the kid to keep an eye out for whoever was riding through his field destroying his crop. Farmer said the problem immediately stopped.
  10. Do research or consult a machinist before drilling it out. I had no info about what size hole I needed to drill. I searched on the Internet for 'press fit in cast iron'. I measured the shank of the new ball with a caliper. Then corrected this measurement by the thousandths of an inch for press fit in cast iron. This gave me the size of drill I needed to buy. The metal drills really easy. The most important thing is to drill it square to the pivot pin. Mine worked out really well but I feel I should have consulted a machinist.
  11. I want one. Could you loan me the money? 😃
  12. I'm not sure about the small frame tractors. On the 966 tractor I did the shank of the ball was larger also. It it made that way so if yours is sloppy you can drill it out and hammer in the new one for a perfect press fit that will last a long time. If the original is not loose then it's an unnecessary step that is aggravating.
  13. MarkG

    1256 on ice

    Cool off? If 35 degrees isn't cooled off I don't know what is. I thought you were in the states but you have to be Canadian with that attitude.😀
  14. If your patient and search I think you could buy a parts tractor with a good engine and transmission cheaper than you could get a whole transmission out of a scrap yard. I believe the 14's had problems with the rear end when people turned up the fuel.
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