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  1. The stay rod ( I think that's the name ) appears to be square and welded to the axle tube. I thought all 56 series tractors had the round rod that was threaded and bolted to the axle tube.
  2. Is that a Pinto station wagon? That would be an eye catcher wherever you drove. 😀
  3. Great looking tractor. What's the story with taking 10 years to get it bought?
  4. MarkG

    New joke

    I thought it would be a good joke to put pin holes in my best friends condoms. It backfired on me when my wife turned up pregnant. 😳
  5. Pecan is a slow growing tree. I would bet that tree is 20 years old. It looks like they hit the tree with the right side of the wide front and it broke the front bolster. Wish I could have found it. Congratulations on an awesome find. Please post pics of how you move it.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Do the yellow tractors bring less money? I'm trying to compare it to other tractors for sale but I don't know how much to discount for bad TA and was thinking industrial tractors might be cheaper.
  7. Please tell me what you guys think this tractor is worth. Engine runs great. TA is out. Will barely move. Single remote. 23.1-30 rear tires in good shape. thanks for all replies.
  8. Wow. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hope you have friends and family sneaking in food for you! I'm not very hi-tech or modern but I've heard Uber eats will deliver food to you anywhere. You could have them bring you a steak. 😀
  9. Double check the machine shops work. Even great machine shops have new employees that need to "learn" with on the job training. Check the head and block with a straight edge if possible. Even more important is liner protrusion. I'm guessing there was an issue if your pulling a head on an engine you had rebuilt two years ago. i don't think the factory required any type of hi tech sealant for the head. While it will not hurt to use a high tech sealant, if there is an issue I would check the measurements on the head, block and liners. Just my opinion. Good luck.
  10. If your using a joystick with valve, then you only need the one remote to run it. Make sure the joystick valve is for an open center system. If you want the second remote buy a set-up from a scrap yard. You need the levers, valve open on both sides, pipes, and coupler. Purchased seperately they will be very expensive. Lots of scrap yards will make you one price for all the parts you need.
  11. Intercooler normally goes before radiator so you need to take into account extra heat on radiator. although intercooler will drop temp of engine also. You may be ok, but if engine temps rise too much under load you will need to cool engine better with better radiator or more air flow through stock radiator. Let us know how it turnes out. What tractor are you planning to install this in?
  12. Sorry, we don't have large rocks in South Georgia. It's mostly sand with a little red clay here and there. I'm not so sure how the rotovator would work with large rocks.
  13. I've got one of those lely tillage implements that stirs the soil with steel shanks that are vertical and go round and round. It's pretty good for filling in ruts after the ground has been harrowed.
  14. MarkG

    Ides of March

    You talking bout the rock band that released "vehicle" in the early 70s?😀
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