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  1. MarkG

    Hydros - School Me On Them...

    The IH hydro is a great tractor to drive. Bring the engine just above idle and use S/R lever (hydro lever) to start, stop, go forward, reverse. No clutch needed and adjust the Ground speed as you go. Very enjoyable to cruise the farm! Pallet forks on the 3 point work great. You can zoom up to something then creep to make sure you don't stab whatever is on the pallet. I have a 3 point trenching attachment. Hydro will creep slow enough to trench. I installed 40 acres of solid set pvc irrigation with a 656 hydro.
  2. MarkG

    1086 Rear end hot when running discbine.

    Sorry. After I wrote that I searched hydraulic oil temps on tractors and saw multiple quotes on the ambient plus 100 degrees like you said. That seams screaming hot to me, but I'm no tractor tech. I dug out my book on the 656 and it has no thermostat like I thought. It's a pressure bypass to warm up the oil.
  3. MarkG

    1086 Rear end hot when running discbine.

    I'm no expert, but I have to strongly disagree. I think the Hydro tractors have a thermostat which regulates oil temp by directing oil to the cooler or back to resivoir [rear end]. If the experts on here could tell us what temp thermostat is in the tractor then we would know what temp the oil runs at normally until the system is overloaded by running a hydraulic motor or continuously hitting the relief or something else. I think the gear drive tractors have the thermostat also in any case I think the engineers like to keep hydraulic oil temp below 150 to prevent oil breakdown im no expert on this, so if I'm wrong let me have it.
  4. MarkG

    Believe it or not, you know who this is

    She didn't look nearly as manly back then!
  5. MarkG


    North of the border they go to the tire store to buy milk and bread. I thought my coworkers were joking when they told me we were stopping at Canadian Tire for a gallon of milk.
  6. MarkG

    466 Thermostats

    Put thermostat in a pot of water on your stove. Use candy thermometer to check temperature and bring pot to a boil. You can watch thermostat open just before water boils. When thermostat begins opening check candy thermometer to see temperature reading.
  7. MarkG

    Changing brakes 06-66 with pics.

    Thanks for posting this. I have to do this on a 1066 and I have never taken one apart.
  8. MarkG

    Dumb stuff that cost money

    X2. Or better yet, write surgery your getting on your chest with marker. If they confuse you with patient that has testicular cancer you may wake up missing some vital parts!
  9. MarkG

    Winter Project: IH 1026 Hydro

    Very nice! I love to see a hydro. Is that a hydraulic seat?
  10. MarkG

    As Seen at Tractor Supply

    I did that to get my new trailer ( 10 ton ) home when I was in a truck without a goose neck hitch. The trailer was empty. I was using a B&W bumper hitch and it bent it real bad. I was lucky to get home without problems. I will not be doing that again!!!
  11. MarkG

    Haven`t seen one of these in decades

    That heater is awesome!! What are the two knobs on the bottom?
  12. MarkG

    Haven`t seen one of these in decades

    I was reading that the top drum gave lots of extra heat. I think the barrel design was great for maximum heat but a safety hazard because drum sheet metal is too thin. You need thick steel or cast iron to safely handle the heat.
  13. MarkG

    Winter Project: IH 1026 Hydro

    Looking good! Will running it without coolant hurt the seals in the water pump?
  14. MarkG

    706 and 756 Retirement

    Nice, open country land there. You said your doing improvements : bore, water reticulation, plant lots of trees. What is bore and what is water reticulation? Nice tractors also. I like the wide, fat tires. Mark
  15. MarkG

    How to register?

    You've got some bad luck. Don't know if you did horrendous things in a past life, built your house on an Indian burial ground, or what. But you've got bad luck! Don't ever, ever, EVER go gambling in Vegas.