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  1. Check out the Gen-Y hitch. You said you were concerned about the torque if you raised the hitch on your truck but I think these hitches can withstand it. I assume you can flip it over for rise instead of drop. They are expensive though.
  2. MarkG

    Old IH trinket

    That is cool!!! What is the first word of the saying on the back?
  3. FPT is Fiat Power Technologies. Fiat is a massive Italian company. I think they own part of Case IH now. They licensed some Cummins engines and they build a copy that is just as good as the original in my opinion. They also build their own engines which are very good.
  4. Are you putting the tractor valve in a detent position to constantly supply pressure to the boom control valve? I don’t think that will work with a pfc system. The system would always be on pressure and over heat your oil. I think you need to use a power beyond port to power another control block and the control block needs to be set up for pfc with a signal line that runs back to the signal line on the tractor. And the signal line needs a check valve in it. Hopefully someone with more knowledge than me can respond.
  5. I bought some IH splitting stands from a dealer at his going out of business auction. They’re taking up space in my shop. If anyone is interested let me know.
  6. I have a 656 with the 282. It cranked and ran great until I let it sit over the winter. Then it would not crank up. My solution was to put an electric pump in line supplying fuel to the injection pump. Yes I changed the fuel filters first and verified that I had good fuel flow to the pump first. But for some reason the injection pump would not pump properly. After I put the electric pump on the supply fuel line I would run it to get the tractor cranked then switch it off and the injection pump would suck the fuel through the pump with the pump off and run fine. Mine was a rebuilt pump with very few hours on it. Not sure why the injection pump had such a hard time starting. Maybe the injection pump shop did something wrong when they rebuilt it. I’m not sure if this applies to your situation or not. But it’s relatively cheap to try. I used a couple ends I cut off another steel line to adapt rubber hose to and run the hose to a cheap 12 volt pump. @Injpumped will have better info for you. Good luck. Mark
  7. I have never seen a 4 wheel steer tractor before. Pivot in the middle yes. But not one with rear tires that steer.
  8. Guess they made it. I took the photo in Port St. Lucie Florida.
  9. Facebook market place is good for selling your things. Also specific groups on Facebook that your items have relevance to. The old days where you hold up your hand then count out the cash and load it up are almost over.
  10. I’m still interested in this project. Would love to see the tractor repaired. Or just pictures of the tractor.
  11. Pto drivelines need to be “timed”. Some only go together one way and they are always correct. If the pto shaft can slide apart and go back together clocked different then you have to make sure you put it back together in the correct timing. Out of time pto shafts will cause severe chatter in a turn.
  12. Thanks for that info. I did not know that. Will greasing that help stop a leaking seal? Or slow the leak a bit?
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