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  1. Could that be one of those computer editing tricks where you click on a picture and change a color. Surely anyone who owns it wouldn’t be stupid enough to do that.
  2. I’m looking at a 255 millermatic also. It does pulsed mig with recommended settings. I’ve been watching videos about pulsed mig and it can do vertical spray. They say it’s easier for a novice. ( that’s me ). If you buy one let us know how you like it.
  3. Does the loader add much to the price?
  4. I would rechamber in a rifle and fire it. The primer material may not have been distributed evenly around the rim. A 22 is relatively harmless outside a chamber. I saw a kid hold the bullet and heat the cartridge with a lighter until it popped. The case comes off the projectile and the gasses vent easily.
  5. MarkG


    Would heating the spot red hot with a torch then letting it cool take the hardness out?
  6. MarkG

    Wright Tools

    I went to the website you provided and it says Williams is owned by snap-on.
  7. The speed transmission that contains the TA is very heavy. To change the TA it needs to be rotated up 90 degrees. I bought a TA stand that allows you to swivel it up. Makes life much easier.
  8. In the second video they flash the specs on screen as 8,0kv. That’s 8000 volts. Yea 8000 volts is ok for farm labor to handle. 🤬 sometimes management needs to step in and tell the engineers they are idiots!!!
  9. No new diesel tractors or no diesel tractors period? If they ban them all it will be a buying opportunity for everyone else. Not sure my truck would be allowed in though. Might have to pay someone to bring the tractor to the border for me.
  10. My 1973 966 Hydro. It’s a parts tractor but I’m considering repairing her because of how rare she is.
  11. MarkG


    I’ve got a 666 hydro. Great tractor. The diesel 666 had the 312 diesel. That’s the American made 300 series engines that were great. Also easier to get rebuild parts for the 312.
  12. Praying for your family.
  13. Praying for you. I have no experience or advice to give dealing with that monster but know we are all pulling for you.
  14. That looks serious. Like your pulling the lever on a guillotine or engaging the warp drive. I like it.
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