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  1. Your describing problems on 3 completely seperate hydraulic systems. The steering works off a pump mounted on the mcv valve close to the clutch. The 3 point works off a pump mounted farther back in the rear end. The pto is a self contained unit that has its own hydraulic pump. you got problems brother!
  2. Looks like a nice paint job. You got any more pictures of her?
  3. What’s with the cage? Does a dog lay next to it for a block heater?
  4. Hey Hey! Georgia is a solid conservative state outside Atlanta. 😃
  5. I worked with some guys who couldn’t afford waterproof work boots. Their solution was one sock, bread bag, another sock, then boot.
  6. If they show up, tell them about a relative that has passed away from some disease. You did not have any money to give them to pay their bills so you gave them your guns to sell so they could pay medical bills. Wheather they believe it or not doesn’t matter. Done.
  7. It’s my understanding that China devalued their currency so their products would still be competitively priced here in the US. If that is the case then China did pay the tariffs and the US consumer was able to purchase the products at the same prices. I heard this on tv so who knows if it’s true or not. There is no where you can go to get an in depth honest explanation of any subject today. I hope they don’t poof this thread. Lots of different views but lots of honesty also.
  8. I purchased a sprayer with that engine. Guy said it ran great. Only issue was injector cups leaked fuel and he just had a shop replace them. I tested it out when I got home. Went about 300 feet down a row and the engine blew. I’m not a fan.
  9. Along the same lines, I’ve noticed that if someone says they know about something that’s a red flag that they know nothing about the subject. My first experience with this was riding with my cousin. I suggested he slow down a bit. His response was “ shut up, I know how to drive”. On the very next curve he lost control and we wound up upside down in the ditch! I can’t count how many times I’ve heard someone say they know what they are doing just before they screwed it up. I’ve come to the conclusion that if someone is knowledgeable about a subject they will never utter the words “ I know _____”
  10. Is that a soil stabilizer on the back? And is that a concrete pump on the front?
  11. Found it. Cheech and Chong up in smoke. I was going to post a link but there’s a lot of bad language.
  12. Which cheech and Chong movie had that at the start of the movie? Opening scene all you see is chrome grill with the rolls Royce logo. The car fires up. Then the camera angle backs up and you see it’s a bug.
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