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  1. I think the last joke thread is still on here. It's just closed. The first had some incidents that needed to be ghosted.
  2. Looks like sprayer nozzles in front of the tiller. One of my neighbors would spray chemicals in front of the tiller and used I-beams welded in a V behind the tiller to push the loose dirt into beds. Incorporates chemicals and makes nice beds in one pass.
  3. MarkG


    Choot em, choot em, choot em.
  4. MarkG

    McCormick tractors

    I’ve got a cx75. Great tractor. The story I heard was that CIH sold the plant in the UK along with all tooling to make the tractors. New owners resumed making the same tractors that were great. Over time the new company started making changes to the design and they have went down hill. I’ve heard that the fancy new transmissions are problematic.
  5. MarkG

    Wife's new rig.

    I like your guard dogs on duty guarding the new rig.
  6. Are you able to install a pto drive on the transmission of the pickup you have? The pto could drive a hydraulic pump. Might be expensive to install but it could be used for other things also.
  7. MarkG


    Since this thread is already off the rails I’ll offer a fun fact. Water Mellon’s do not Ripen after they are picked. Mellon’s are picked on the green side to provide longer shelf life. Grow your own Mellon’s for a truly great taste.
  8. Very nice. Looks like you got the one for using with a vacuum pump.
  9. Reminds me of the George Jones song " The One I Loved Back Then ". 👍
  10. We need to know the serial number of the tractor to determine what type of hydraulic system your tractor has. Are you using the remote hydraulic couplers to feed another valve block? Does the mower have separate hydraulic controls that mount in the cab? Please post a picture of the mower.
  11. Someone said the reason for overfilling the hytran by 5 gallons was to completely cover the o-ring that seals the suction tube between the rear housing and the transmission.
  12. Check out Agri Supply. Huge mail order agricultural supplier.
  13. Question. When you say you have no remote pressure are you talking about the hydraulic connections on the rear for operating implements and such? The 3 point and the remotes run off one hydraulic pump in the rear end driven by the pto drive line. The steering, brakes, TA run off a different hydraulic pump in the transmission mounted on the back of the MCV valve and geared to the pto driven gear. If you have pto function but no steering or pressure at the remotes the the common denominator is the suction side of the two pumps. There is an o-ring between transmission and rear that can suck air and prevent priming. The filter could be plugged but it has an emergency relief valve. Unless relief has been altered. After filter change rev the engine to see if you can get the pumps to prime. Overfill hytran by 5 gallons to get level above o-ring.
  14. What’s the two puffs of smoke down the track? Was that gear shifts? He got an air shifter on that monster?
  15. MarkG

    Where`d he go?

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