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  1. MarkG

    Err....Interesting 86 series cab

    We should pray for the person. He's obviously on drugs!!
  2. MarkG

    Err....Interesting 86 series cab

    For something that ugly, the price should be cheap!!
  3. MarkG

    666 turbo

    From what I've read the small frame tractor rear end was maxed out with a naturally aspirated 312. Why in the world you would go to the trouble to install a dt466 is beyond me. I can only guess you are building some sort of competition tractor. In any case, do a google search for 312 turbo 666. Some of the pullers have encountered the same issue installing a turbo on the 312. They took pictures and posted them on this forum.
  4. MarkG

    IH 1456 official winter project

    Looks great! The gauges look like they have an emerald green tint. Is that what factory gauges look like? Is it just the photo that's giving that effect? I've followed a few of your builds and I would guess you do not install upgrades that were not factory. I've got a few of the 66 series tractors but the lights do not work on any of them and I've never seen IH gauges lit up. Thanks for any info.
  5. Trained in cpr and ready to give mouth to mouth.
  6. MarkG

    Case 580 K jerky hydraulics

    I think the case backhoes use open center hydraulics. The old Deere hoes use closed center hydraulics. I've got an old deere and recently replaced it with a 580L. They do operate very differently. The case is much faster and is difficult to control if you want to do delicate work. For digging, the case is an amazing machine. For doing delicate work try running the engine as slow as possible.
  7. MarkG

    Anyone else see this new Ford commercial?

    Isn't the Big Boy and Shonys the same restaurant? I think I misspelled Shonys.
  8. MarkG

    Opinion on saying.

    Get the shirt made exactly like you want. And also get a shirt that says "I'm not a gynecologist but I'll take a look". Then let your wife pick which one to keep. You gotta play mind games with women to get anything.
  9. MarkG

    2011 Chevy door will not open

    Could the door lock be stuck somehow? With door locked the outside handle will not open. Does the truck have electric locks? On some trucks the electric lock is a solenoid with a rod that is connected to latch also. If solenoid got stuck or jammed it may be keeping it locked. If you can actuate latch at same place that inside lever cable does, then door should come open. If there is no solution but to cut into door, I would recommend consulting a body repair shop first. They can give you info on the type and location of hole that is easiest to fix.
  10. MarkG

    New joke

    It first I thought it was a falling rocks sign. Then I noticed the upside down cow over the car. I have never saw a falling cow sign.
  11. MarkG

    756 german diesel high/low shift lever

    There is multiple post on this forum about this problem on machines just like yours. The large frame 56 series and 66 series have the same shifter. Multiple people have taken the time to photograph their progress as they repaired their shifters. Do a google search for 1066 shifter problems. I think one of the good post here was titled 1066 sloppy shifter.
  12. MarkG

    Remind your kids "NEVER SWALLOW BUBBLE GUM"

    Hall pass was made famous by some movie where the wives gave their men a “hall pass” to do whatever they wanted to for one weekend only. I don’t know what hall pass five is.
  13. I love the hydros. That 186 looks phenomenal. Only problem I see is its too nice to use now. 😃
  14. MarkG


    Wow. Didn't know you were putting it on an 86 series. It will look good when your done and will be unique.
  15. MarkG

    scraper/pan hitch repair

    What process (stick, mig) for the fill passes? If stick, how many amps and what size rod?