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  1. If you like red wings, try their boots with wire laces. I'm on my third pair and love them. The boots wear out before the lacing system. You can slip them on and go to the truck for something without tightening laces and without dragging standard laces in the dirt.
  2. The customers power it by pedaling. The bar tender stears it. At the red light the bar tender locks the brakes and serves drinks. Good times!!! 😄
  3. MarkG

    1066 Hydro

    I'm sure you know but I have to ask. You did put the high\low gear selector in neutral before pulling it right? Major damage can occur if pulled while in gear. Not to worry though, if you did damage it severely there is a line of people on here that would still like to buy it from you. My self included.
  4. Great suggestion. Ruby falls is amazing. It's an under ground water fall. You take an elevator down into the earth to get there. On the way to Chattanooga on Interstate 24 is the Barrett factory store. I think it's at exit 89 on i24. Large retail gun store and yes you can buy a Barrett 50 cal there.
  5. I second Tootsies orchid lounge and a couple doors down from Tootsies is Jacks BBQ. Best BBQ in Nashville. If you are old enough to remember the Dukes of Hazard tv show, you will like cooters. It's owned by the guy who played cooter. It's a museum with all things Dukes of Hazard. Besides the General Lee, they have cooters tow truck, Daiseys jeep and other vehicles. Google Cooters Nashville.
  6. MarkG

    1066 Hydro

    That is a beautiful tractor!
  7. MarkG

    1066 Hydro

    We need photos of this Hydro. Diagnosis goes better when you can visualize the machine. 😀
  8. MarkG

    Mea Culpa...

    Yea, some things said to you were unfair. But you have multiple threads on here discussing your problems and dilemmas without one post in any other thread. And when you have a great opportunity to contribute to the community by doing a tutorial on rebuilding a pto unit. Nothing. You obviously got quite a bit of experience. You did it what, four times. And it looks like typing is not a problem for you. So I don’t feel you have been gravely wronged by the sharp comments. Suck it up buttercup.
  9. Sounds like a good seminar. What is the topic for discussion?
  10. Take a good, clear photo of the instructions in the manual and post it here. I'm sure there are seasoned mechanics on here that can interpret what the manual is saying and explain it to you.
  11. MarkG

    Ammeter Question

    Don’t feel bad. Someone on here said they had beet juice in their tires and I thought they were serious. 😳
  12. I understand now. He got me on that one.
  13. You have beet juice in your tires? Never heard of that. Guess if your thirsty while out on the tractor you could depress the schrader valve and it would be like a beet juice water fountain.
  14. She’s waiting for you to fix everything then she’ll inform you it’s her tractor.😀
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