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  1. What’s the name in front of Mitsubishi? Looks like Sanyo. Does that mean it has a stereo installed? 🤣
  2. Thanks for pointing out fake news. But let’s be honest. There is no media today that doesn’t cherry pick facts to twist the truth. Be it TV, radio, newspapers, social media. Thankfully Red Power is one of the most honest sites I know of. Mark.
  3. Could of been your lucky day if you had rubbed it.
  4. BBC reported they are likely in Russia or a former USSR country because they attack companies all over the globe except those operating in Russia or those former ussr countries. I think we had gasoline cars and pipelines in the 1970’s. How did they operate these pipelines without computers back then? If it’s such a national security issue maybe we need to go back to the old system!
  5. Wow. James Earl Jones was the voice of Darth Vader. I just assumed he was the guy in the costume. Learn something new every day.
  6. Different manufacturers used different length top links. Also different implements need different length top links on the same tractor. Some of the mowers we use need longer top links. I adjust the top link out until it holds the front of the mower up when the three point is set to the lowest setting. This allows the tractor and mower to float over dips and rises without lifting the mower up.
  7. You need to run them off if possible. You know how much yield is lost when they start doing crop circles. 😂
  8. Sounds like you have covered everything. Time to get an expert. Does MTO do service calls? Have you checked the backlash in the differential? Google Chevy shake.
  9. All the measurements your taking are static. When the vehicle is in motion what could change these measurements? Is the engine too big for the frame and it flexes out of alignment? Is the frame cracked anywhere? Any of the springs or hangers broken or cracked? could the tires be severely out of balance or flat spots from lock ups? Proper rims for the axle? ( hub centered vs nut centered ).
  10. I did not think any of the 66 series cabs were rops rated. Hopefully some of the experts can clarify.
  11. 966 does have both 540 and 1000 pto. It has a non turbo 414 engine. I’m not familiar with cold starting ability. The 66 series had a diamond cab for the first year or so then went to the red cabs. I think there was a white cab also. Someone more knowledgeable can speak to the cab progression on the 66 series. Many people think the 86 series cab was a major improvement.
  12. What’s the problem with vehicles that come from Texas? I would think the absence of snow melter on the roads would be a plus.
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