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  1. I think CIH tractors are better engineered/better quality so they charge a premium for the name, even if the parts are identical.
  2. MarkG


    I’ve seen the show. It’s pretty funny. The search fail or fail army produces good results on YouTube.
  3. These older tractors are extremely cheap for what you get. Get what you need and in good shape. Much cheaper paying a little extra up front.
  4. Way back, Dickey-John was what everyone used.
  5. There would be lots of people I would have to block on my phone.😁
  6. In the distillation process gasoline is lighter and comes off first. Then kerosene. Then diesel. Someone told me no.1 diesel is just kerosene. Kerosene would be lighter and less likely to freeze. I don't know if this is true or not.
  7. I'm not a fan of tattoos. It's my understanding the tattoo on the back, just above the butt is called a tramp stamp. Let's guys know they are good to go. Best not to have one in my opinion.
  8. Flush the system good and refill with new. What ever is recommended. There was an issue with antifreeze a few years ago. The manufacturers came up with some new additive formulation that would precipitate out at very low temps. They have corrected the problem now. So if you use new antifreeze you shouldn’t have any problems. Besides, if you go to all that work put some new fluid back in anyway.
  9. That’s awesome. They need to take the tractor with the forks on the front end loader so they can relocate the barriers instead of running over them.🤣
  10. Great job! I see your smarter than me and use the proper material in your sand blaster. I bought a cheap sand blaster once and ran play sand through it. Then someone told me you can’t use sand for health reasons. They need to change the name!! if the outside rails are that rusty, you know the inside is also. Flip it over with your backhoe and do every thing.
  11. We bought a new Nissan truck in 1992. I did all oil changes with full synthetic. Front seal started leaking at 30k miles. Replaced seal under warranty and new seal started leaking also. Changed to conventional oil and the leak stopped. We still have the truck and it does not leak a drop with conventional oil. Someone told me that the synthetic oil is so slick it can go past seals and rings. Might be why yours is burning oil.
  12. That’s some beautiful property you have. You making some hard apple cider? Don’t make your mother do all the hard work.
  13. Does it run? Be a shame to part it out. I see the 3 point controls. Does it have a 540 or 1000 pto? Tires look to be ok. A gas hydro would be an awesome snow blower.
  14. Please post some pics.
  15. That was fast. You discuss the purchase with your wife like you discussed it with us? Just wandering if we'll be seeing another picture of your face swelled up. 😂 But seriously, that's a nice trailer. Congratulations.
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