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  1. I would advise getting some money ready to bid on the equipment. Auctions are hit and miss. You never know how it’s going to turn out. Sounds like the auction company will be anticipating that huge buyers premium on the land. They may drop the ball with the equipment. If they advertise it wrong or hold the auction at harvest time it may be a buying opportunity. I got lucky like that once buying pecan equipment during the harvest season. I still can’t believe the deals I got.
  2. Use the coolant Cummins currently recommends. It was found that some additives, hard water, and sometimes low temperatures could cause silicates to precipitate and plug radiators and coolant passages. The stuff Cummins currently recommends takes care of this problem.
  3. Don’t take it personal. A few weeks ago a guy posted a picture of an IH with a freightliner emblem on it. People were not happy. 🤣🤣
  4. I was told corn is a grass.
  5. Didn’t the tri stripes have a one piece metric front bolster?
  6. This is probably bigger than you are looking for but if you have the M18 Milwaukee tools this thing is awesome. Just looked like a brick to me until my coworker bought one. This thing is bright!!! It’s magnetic with swivel head and lights up things so even I can see them.
  7. 16,000 lbs on wheels should require much less than 16,000 lbs of force to pull up the ramp but things like a small bump at the ramp can drastically increase the force needed. I would suggest getting the largest 12 volt winch available ( 12000 lbs I think ) and you may still need a snatch block to double the force.
  8. The oil filter adapter is to catch the oil as it runs out of the barrel. You clean the gun and use as much oil as you like then put the filter on and put the gun in your safe with the barrel pointed down. Excess oil does not spill in your safe. just sayin what I was told.
  9. I like denim jeans so when I saw the price of Rural King’s line of jeans I bought a few pair. Unfortunately they are cut for the Chinese body type or possibly just cut incorrectly. Unwearable.
  10. Good looking truck. I’ll trade you a 966 gear drive. And I’ll throw in a factory 2 post canopy for it.
  11. MarkG

    24-D max mixture

    2,4-D is volital. The wind can carry it to the neighbors place. Not a big problem unless your neighbors grow award winning roses or such.
  12. Wow, I did not know there were check points between provinces. I always thought it would be great to cross into New Brunswick and drive to British Columbia. Not so great if you have to go through that many check points.
  13. Electrician friend told me he tried one of the new F-150’s that have a 7.5 kw inverter. He said it was awesome. Capable of powering most of the house if you alternate ac, stove, and hot water.
  14. I just thought they were at your place. ??
  15. There were some minor changes to the transmission between 966/1066 hydro and the hydro 100 but basically the same. The 3488 in the 88 series was the last hydro. comparison between the gear drive and hydro was not favorable to pulling power on a hydro so IH changed the numbers. The 666 hydro became the hydro 70 and 966/1066 hydro became hydro 100. The hydro is the greatest tractor ever for pto work or just riding around.
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