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  1. MarkG

    656 Hydro issue

    The sheet metal Jacka talks about is called the Z-plate. If it's worn or installed incorrectly it will cause you problems. To check if this is the problem when moving foreword pull the lever sideways toward the stearing wheel. I don't think the stiffness of moving the lever is related to your problem. I had a hydro 70 rebuilt by Herrs Hydro and it was very stiff after they rebuilt it.
  2. MarkG

    IH 966 Hydraulic Leak

    Flashlight and mirror are great tools. Clean everything the best you can. Hot water pressure washer is best but a good degreaser and a garden hose work also. Crank tractor and immediately look with flashlight. Use mirror if necessary.
  3. MarkG

    Fuel Filter ?

    Some racor filters are designed as suction only. If you try to pump through them you will have loads of problems.
  4. MarkG

    IH 966 3 pt jerk/rough going down

    Going up is pressure from the pump raising the 3 point. Going down is gravity pushing the fluid out of the cylinder. There is some type of metering device which regulates the flow out of the cylinder so the 3 point will drop slowly. Other wise it would slam down way too fast. If it's jerky going down I would think there is a problem with the metering device for lowering. I know these are adjustable some how. Sorry, that's all the info I have. Hopefully the experts will come along and explain things to us.
  5. MarkG

    How hot should a DTI466 block be

    The block will be different temperatures in different locations. Because it has piston cooling jets that spray oil onto the bottom of the Pistons to keep them cool. The oil will get very hot. The oil is cooled by the oil cooler on the side of the engine. The oil cooler uses coolant [antifreeze] to cool the oil. The coolant temp is regulated by the thermostat at 180 if you have a 180 thermostat. At full load the oil temp could reach 230. In this situation the oil pan and the bottom of the block will be at 230 while the top end of the block could be 190. Also, if your using one of those infrared guns to measure temps. Keep in mind that the laser dot is just a pointer, not exactly where the gun is measuring at. The instructions will explain it measures temp in a cone that gets larger the farther away it is. I've seen people stand 10 feet away, put the laser dot on a small part and think they are measuring only on that dot!
  6. MarkG

    Pumping hydraulic oil from tractor

    I've heard of farmers keeping a rebuilt pto at the shop. When the pto quits on them in the field they take the tractor to a road with ditches alongside and drive the front wheeles into the ditch so the tractor is pointed down hill at a steep angle. Then they go get the spare pto unit and a strong friend and change the pto by hand right there at the field. No draining or refilling fluid. Back to work in a couple hours. I've never witnessed this personally but I think the key to the story is a very strong friend. Those things are not light!
  7. MarkG

    10 hole hubs

    That would be sacrilegious! Call Johnathan at T&H salvage in Pavo, Ga. He probably has some IH duals laying around.
  8. MarkG

    806 hydro control levers

    I think the lever swap is on gear drive tractors. I think the lever on the left which controls forward and reverse speeds is unchanged through the 56 and 66 series tractors. I'm not certain about this. Hopefully the experts will chime in and give us a definite answer.
  9. MarkG

    My new addition

    That's a good looking tractor. Did you get the duals to go with it?
  10. MarkG

    186 hydro

    I don't think you need to isolate anything to check pressures. I think you isolate the foot-n-inch valve or the drive control valve to find a possible problem with them. Look on face book for Herrs hydrostatics. They have videos showing how to check drive pressure, charge pressure and other things. You can also call them. They are great people who specialize in IH hydro tractors.
  11. MarkG

    Combine engines - update

    Does the combine motors have the same front cover as a tractor engine? I remember someone saying truck engines have a different front cover. Also what about the bell housing.
  12. MarkG

    886 No Hydraulic Float

    The hydraulic bar rake you are talking about. Does that thing have a hydraulic motor on it? If you are putting the hydraulics into "float" to drive a hydraulic motor then you are not putting the hydraulics into float. You are putting the hydraulics in a detent which supplies fluid for ever or until the pressure rises from a cylinder reaching the end of stroke. I think some hydraulic spools had more than one detent. The experts on this forum should be able to tell us more.
  13. MarkG

    706 hydraulic issue

    Are you pushing the lever too far? Some valves have a float position which is past where the valve supplies hydraulic fluid under pressure. When in float, the valve will pop or thud when pulled back to the neutral position.
  14. MarkG

    656 hydro - no neutral

    the left and right movement of the handle.[the middle part of the Z pattern] engages a hydraulic spool which puts the transmission in gear. With the shifter in the middle of the Z pattern there should be no creep because of this spool. There are multiple capsules on this spool which could be stuck or worn. Contact the people at Herrs Hydrostatics in Washington KS. They are the IH hydro experts. Very nice people. They can ask a few questions on the phone and give you an amazing amount of info about your problem. All free of charge. They also sell all the parts you will need to repair your machine. I called once and they were able to diagnose my problem to a $30 part. Other shops would have told me I needed it rebuilt !!
  15. MarkG

    3588 Hydro pump help

    While hydro is short for hydraulic, when talking international tractors hydro is their name for the infinitely variable transmission. sorry for being rude. It's just that I got excited that someone was starting a hydro thread and maybe mis-typed 3588 instead of 3488 only to realize it's someone else with internationals poorly designed closed center hydraulic pressure compensated fail. Best of luck with your tractor. From what I hear there is a kit to convert it to the old gear pump but it's not a true open center setup. The experts will be along shortly to give advice on the pfc system.