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  1. What was the record time for the liberty ships back in ww2? If everyone is completely committed to a goal it’s amazing what can get accomplished.
  2. They said China is trying to beat their own record of building a hospital in seven days. Did it back in early 2000’s for the sars epidemic. Used pre cast buildings. Single story I assume.
  3. I would bet there not flint at all. Name the softest stone known to mankind that is also that color. That is what I would bet money on.
  4. I think I got three mistakes if your counting comas.
  5. Once they are pregnant it's too late. So it would have to be a license to have sex. what if you were really good at something but could not pass a test on it? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  6. Two confirmed cases in us. Both people were recently in China. One case in Chicago and the other in Washington state I think. Problem is it's a virus like the common cold. No known cure. If you can avoid large population centers do so. Not just for this but for all the human diseases found there!
  7. Alberta, Canada in January. Yea I'd just live with the leak until August. It's will not hurt anything. Hope you get your hydro fixed.
  8. What happened to your finger nail? I though electricians had soft hands with manicured nails. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  9. Watch the k rating on the led's. I think 5000k is natural light. I think some have a more yellow tint. Maybe VTFireman can give better answer.
  10. MarkG

    Need Bigger Balls

    I've always been told not to load a Diesel engine heavy below 1500 rpm.
  11. 18 years? Time to get it running.
  12. MarkG

    1066 mcv and pump

    Tractor has multiple pumps. They draw from same filter and suction tube. The MCV pump is in the speed transmission but the suction passage goes to the range transmission. There is an o-ring between the speed and range transmission that seals the suction passage. Pump can suck air here. Has to be split to change o-ring. Many people with this problem overfill hydraulic oil by 5 gallons. This brings oil level above o-ring. Also if MCV pump is weak the 3 point pump can suck the oil out of it when oil is cold. Post some pictures of your rebuild.
  13. MarkG

    Gun Storage

    How about a bed safe? Drawback is you have to flip mattress up and dump your wife in the floor to access your gun. On the plus side the words coming out of your wife's mouth will scare off any intruder. πŸ˜€
  14. I dislike harbor freight tools but I was in a pinch and bought a set of snap ring pliers from there. Worked great for me. Only use them occasionally. I know knipex are German made and the best pliers money can buy in my opinion.
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