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  1. MarkG

    Extra Fuel Tank Plumbing

    If you use a T where the pump can suck fuel from either tank then the two tanks have to be the same level. If the internal tank is higher then it will drain into the external tank and the tractor will suck air, shut down, and need to be primed. It's best to completely move suction and return to the external tank. With a tee in the suction line you could shut fuel valve on tractor tank to make pump pull fuel from external tank but you still have to move return line to external tank.
  2. MarkG

    Extra Fuel Tank Plumbing

    If your running a pto generator I assume the tractor is stationary. If so you could plumb in any size tank you like sitting on the ground next to tractor. You could install quick connect couplings on supply and return fuel lines so you could easily go back to tractor tank so you can use tractor for other things.
  3. MarkG

    Help with 1066 & Hydraulic Flexwing

    Check for extreme wear on the stearing cylinder and linkage before getting on the road. Some get so worn out that it's dangerous / impossible to drive at high speed.
  4. MarkG

    89 Ford 250 gauge trouble

    I’ve got a 92 model like yours. My speedo bounces around and I just rebuilt the transmission. (2 wheel drive). The fuel gauge works but when it gets to 1/4 you are actually empty. I think it would cost too much money and time to fix everything so I just drive it. Engine will run forever. Automatic transmission was the weak link on these trucks. Also need to rebuild the injection pump every 100 to 150 thousand miles. Great trucks.
  5. MarkG

    Why weld down gooseneck are bad...

    I had a professional outfitter install a B&W turnover ball hitch in my F250. They installed it without taking the bed off. The adapters bolt to existing holes in the frame. Only modification is the hole you cut in the bed. It's expensive but considering you don't have to remove the bed it's well worth the extra money.
  6. MarkG

    1066 Blackstripe FWA

    The 1066 hydro stoped in 1973 I think. They changed the name to Hydro 100 and cat II 3 point.
  7. MarkG

    Wife’s first tractor

    That will be a nice tractor. Looks like a 282 diesel. That 282 is a smooth running engine. What size rear tires are those?
  8. MarkG

    56 Series Wide Front End Questions

    I think the 06 and 56 series have a wet bolster. The steering cylinder is inside the front bolster. The wide front on the 1456 looks to have a heavier stay bar. The 66 series has an external steering cylinder and all have the heavier stay bar. To install a 66 series I think you would need to change the bolster also.
  9. MarkG

    XM radio question

    They turn on all radios for free during holidays (4th of July, thanks giving, Christmas). They give you a sample so you’ll sign up.
  10. MarkG


    Put a heater under the gen end and warm up the generator before you crank it the first time. A little heat will drive any water off the windings.
  11. MarkG

    New to us grain cart

    That is some nice welding. If the farming thing doesn’t work out you got a second career!!
  12. MarkG

    IH 856 TERP

    Get a freeze plug that’s close and JB Weld it in.
  13. MarkG

    D310 overhaul

    I have never saw bolt on crankshaft counter weights. Thanks for posting.
  14. MarkG

    1066 Blackstripe FWA

    Nice tractor. Looks to have a hydraulic seat. Were hydraulic seats available on the black stripes? Also did the hydraulic seat have any up and down shock absorbing action? Thanks for info.
  15. MarkG

    IH 856 TERP

    Thanks for posting this. I was looking on line at a salvage yard in Texas that showed the engine block with holes drilled in it and a pie shape taken out of the frame rail. Kadatz auctioneering. Now it makes sense. What a shame. Who are buying these tractors overseas?