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  1. Is the expedition 4x4?
  2. Great tractor. I’ve got one with the 282 diesel. I think the 656 was the very first hydro. They had some hydros even smaller than the 656.
  3. Saws like this are why that safety gear was invented. 😂 as far as the zip up sweater. Who does mechanic work in long sleeves inside? Turn up the heat and go bare armed so you don’t get your sleeves nasty.
  4. I was expecting to see some Indian corn.😂 nice harvest.
  5. College is good. It’s not all about the classes. You get to meet people from many different parts of the world. It’s difficult to study different societies from a book and have an understanding. You ponder on it longer when your having beers with a Korean buddy who’s parents have arranged a marriage for him but he is in love with another girl whom his parents forbid him to see.
  6. Make sure the return line is not plugged. In fact take the top cover off and try it. It will run with the top cover off. The return fuel will spill out onto the ground. With the cover off you should be able to check if the metering valve is stuck.
  7. MarkG

    John Deere SUV

    If you can repair that you got skills!!
  8. I’m sure you know but don’t drag a hydro while it’s in gear. whats the status so far?
  9. Free market works because the people making decisions stand to loose money or their job if they are wrong. This economic adventurism where big government wastes money with no consequences is a major problem with the left.
  10. I use the star torque method. Pull until you see stars. 🤣
  11. Ups had lots of trucks with the 466 international. I know a retired ups mechanic that loves the 466. Says it’s the toughest engine made.
  12. Isn’t there something in the marriage vows about clinging to each other and forsaking all others? Your wife needs to forsake all her friends!
  13. Does this version come with the government tracking software so we can track down Tilla and OT? 😂😂
  14. Here’s a pic of my 966 right after I put the TA in. It wouldn’t move when I bought it. Didn’t have time to put the hood on. I had to see how those 23.1 x 30’s would stand up in wet ground.
  15. I like post from mto, Lorenzo , sandhiller. But I don’t want anyone to think I follow those crazy people. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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