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  1. Everyone at the roundup will love to see those cute critters. 😂
  2. Get in the shower with your shoes on and make sure your head doesn’t touch the ceiling. Don’t ask how I know about that.
  3. He’s not the guy in charge of the 737 max8 fiasco is he?😳 sorry couldn’t help it. I know everyone at Boeing is feeling the pain.
  4. It's my understanding that def is injected into the exhaust pipe after the engine. Def does not touch the fuel injection system or the engine moving components. {Pistons, valves, ect.]. The urea reacts with the NOX gasses in the exhaust and saves the earth. I'm not sure if def works with a catalyst. { like the platinum that is used in the catalyst converter on many exhaust systems ]. I don't think def has anything to do with the DPF filter that is on newer diesels. please correct me if anything i said is wrong. While we're all learning, if anyone has more info on tier 4f exhaust systems please share.
  5. Just wanted to say “nice tractor” tractor that nice deserves only the best!
  6. MarkG

    Metal treatments

  7. This is the reason why everyone wants a black stripe.
  8. MarkG

    I want to just quit

    I understand servicing things makes em run better. does your wife run better (and further away) when you try to service her?😆 Sorry, couldn't help it. Im glad your still working and having that much work is a testament to the quality of work you do.
  9. I know how you feel about wanting to drink a beer made famous somehow. For decades now I've wanted to try "Pearl" beer because of the David Allen Coe song where he said "Dad drank Pearl in the can". Can't find it anywhere. I think it's from Texas.
  10. Those Ram trucks with the knob shifter will put it in park if you open the door to look back while in reverse. On the good side, it will not put transmission in park if your going 65 on the freeway and try to turn ac off but grab shifter knob by mistake.
  11. That's just wrong!😆
  12. Be glad she's not watching QVC. You'd have a house full of crap. That show where they sell knives is funny for about 5 minutes. Every other knife has a genuine stag horn handle.😀
  13. Wow that is a long cab over.
  14. X4. People on this forum said the gear pump that pumps fuel through the final filter and to the “main” part of the injection pump will cause pressure pulses in the lines which causes havoc on the injection pump. The proper rubber line absorbes these pressure pulses.
  15. MarkG

    IHC HT-340

    I recall a photo of that tractor with the driver wearing a space suit. Complete with helmet.
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