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  1. MarkG

    In search of

    Could you foam fill the tires you have?
  2. The tool truck guys can be terrible people sometimes. I would contact Matco directly and see if they could help. Lost the key to my MAC box and contacted MAC directly for help. Wasn’t easy though. They wanted the box serial number and my drivers license. Plus had to fill out a form swearing I was the owner. Good luck.
  3. On second thought, I might be wrong about the remote. Try it anyway. It's a simple test. I'm sure the experts on here can clarify.
  4. You say the loader is hooked to one of the remotes. Does that mean you have a joystick or some type of valve to control the loader. If so you need to bring the hydraulic handle back to the neutral position so you can build pressure in the 3 point.
  5. All the Coke you can drink anytime you want it. I love Coke. For me a soda stream would be like an alcoholic trying to work in a liquor store. 😀
  6. Do they grow watermelons that far north? Not trying to be a smart a##. Just thought all melon production was here in the deep south
  7. MarkG

    966 vs 1486

    That's a good looking tractor !
  8. MarkG

    966 vs 1486

    That's a good looking tractor !
  9. This is my first TA job. Not sure if I did it correctly but this is what I did.
  10. MarkG

    Fountain parts

    You know your good when you get jobs from that far away !! 👍
  11. MarkG

    Fountain parts

    Me too. If that's the water nozzle then it's got to be a water fountain for an elephant ! 😆
  12. MarkG

    966 vs 1486

    I always feel like I've been " taken " if I over pay for something but in this case I wouldn't feel bad at all. Bid that tractor up if you can.
  13. MarkG

    966 vs 1486

    The tires on the trailer make me nervous. I bought a nice dual tandem gooseneck but it came with Chinese tires. There is a reason trailer tires say " for trailer use only ". They are not manufactured to the same standards as LT truck tires. I think the trailer rated tires dry rot and crack much faster than truck tires. How old are the tires on your trailer?
  14. I've got one. Works great. $10 is very cheap. I'm reminded of the old saying " you get what you pay for ". If it works for you it will be money well spent.
  15. Stanley is a trusted name in the US but apparently they didn’t trade mark their name globally. Stay away from Stanley mufflers !!
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