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  1. Folks, FYI - I contacted the Original Poster, "HCEA member RHA" in September, 2020 via email. He replied. He has sold the 500C. No parts are available.
  2. I replaced the starter on my 1973 IH 500C. If you can get sockets on the bolts as others suggested, that would be easiest. I had trouble removing the starter bolts with a socket, extensions, and a ratchet. There were collars on the starter that prevented the sockets from attaching to the bolts. I eventually got the bolts removed using small box wrenches. Each of the 3 bolts required gaining access from completely different angles. Smaller wrenches work better. There is a gap behind my track that let me access the starter bolts from a lower angle to get to
  3. Maybe there is another truck just like that one and they are jousting under the red light.
  4. What are you using for coolant now ? Any idea what the normal operating temperature is for the machine ? If coolant mixture is 100% water it will boil at 212 degrees. If it is 50% ethylene glycol (antifreeze) it will boil at 226 or so degrees. The higher the antifreeze content, the higher the boiling point. Since it takes an hour of running to cause it to steam, you may be able to add enough antifreeze to the mixture to get it to stop altogether. Any luck with your gauges ? Mine don't work. I think I have an alternator issue but the ba
  5. I had trouble with the linkage on my power reverser after the machine sat for 17 years. I had to lube the linkage with penetrating oil. I removed the filter cover located under my left foot (while seated) and it exposed the final rods for the power reverser linkage. Removing that cover gave me access to lube a couple linkage joints and also allowed me to see if the linkage was actually moving it into gear.
  6. I spent 5 minutes trying to move the hydraulic clutches and couldn't get them to budge. So I installed the link belt. It took a while to convince the link belt that the wide side needed to be on the outside, not the inside. I took off a bolt for a track roller and it looked like it was full of new, silver grease. I had some trouble with the Power Reverser linkage and could not get the machine to move. Once I sprayed it with Blaster it worked better. I used the dozer to clear about 150 years of an old railroad bed. It had a lot of brush and fallen trees.
  7. Hello, I will be working on my 1973 IH 500C Bullgrader again soon. After sitting for 15+ years, the engine runs good now. I will start inspecting the rest of the machine and lubricating it. I have the operators manual which covers the lube guide. Over the years I have greased the easy to reach zerks so now I need to dig into the machine a little bit. I am wondering about the Track Rollers and Idlers. The operators manual says “The roller fittings are located under the roller center bolts on the outer side of the track frame. Remove one bolt at a time to lubricate.
  8. Hello, I started a thread here in 2016 called "500C with a Seized Engine". I finally have an update for the thread but it has been archived. Here is the old thread: https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/103960-500c-with-a-seized-engine/ Here is my first update in 3 years: I was recently able to get the engine running on this 1973 500C dozer which has the "bull grader" blade. It had not ran since around 2003. The dozer is located at my farmstead which is over 100 miles away from where I live so I don't get to work on it very often and if
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